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William Cross' Diaries
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January 1, 1887 Saturday/22 below zero and clear, clear and very cold, air full of frost all day, six below zero was the warmest today, drifting a little, 1887 has commenced with a vengeance for cold, hope it won't stay so very long

January 2, 1887 Sunday/20 below, clear and cold North West wind, Billy came from town to day, Ada and Louisa visiting at Ralph's this evening, 14 below zero at bed time

January 3, 1887 Monday/4 above 0, cold South wind, very dull day, Billy went to town at noon, boys got load of wood, Ralph and Cora here in the evening, snowing at bed time

January 4, 1887 Tuesday/0 degrees, Frost the and clear, got 2 loads of wood, Billy here today, Anna gone to school this afternoon, staying all night with Anna Hill, clear and cold tonight at bed time

January 5, 1887 Wednesday/3 degrees below,air full of frost and cold, snowed little, got fish house on lake

January 6, 1887 Thursday/26 below, clear and cold, no wind, very cold all day, averaged about 18 below zero all day, the coldest day of the season so far, Ralph went to town, Louisa visiting at Ralph's this evening

January 7, 1887 Friday/22 below, frost the and very cold, George Ellis here after Milo, got first number of Pioneer Press

January 8, 1887 Saturday/24 below, clear and cold, tried to snow a little at night

January 9, 1887 Sunday/ 6 below, clear and pleasant, Billy and Jed Stewart here, Dan Wilkins at Milo's, George shot jack rabbit, eight below 0 at bed time, very pleasant day

January 10, 1887 Monday/14 below, clear and pleasant, had biting rig on Tommy the first time, Lola Hall here tonight, Anna and George gone to school house tonight

January's 11, 1887 Tuesday/10 above, beautiful morning, Milo and Ralph went to town, sent three sacks of wheat, that groceries, Ralph took Billy's colt to town and left him to get spaven taken off, young folks gone to school house this evening, 26 above zero at bed time

January 12, 1887 Wednesday/2 above, nice pleasant day, Ralph, Milo and the girls went to town, Billy came home with a Anna, Henry and Anna Style here this afternoon, commenced on big stack of hay, Henry shot jack rabbit

January 13, 1887 Thursday/22 above, been trying to snow all day but warm, got 2 loads of wood, All hands here playing tonight, put axe helve in for James, snowing little at bed time, still warm

January 14, 1887 Friday/10 above, clear and pleasant, fixed base viol, Ralph, Anna and Milo gone to town to play to party, George and Louisa gone to school house to exhibition, wrote to Fred Style

January 15, 1887 Saturday/12 above, very  nice day, 33 above at noon, and Henry and wife here this afternoon, helped Milo cuts will treat at Billy, Herman Miller here tonight, still and warm tonight

January 16, 1887 Sunday/24 above, drifting a little and trying to snow, Herm here all day, Billy came tonight, we are having a regular blizzard, very thick but not cold

January 17, 1887 Monday/14 below, stormed all last night and still drifting and cold, Herm gone to Hill's, George and Ralph drawing wood, light blizzard all day but not very cold but disagreeable, quite badly drifted

January 18, 1887 Tuesday/24 below, clear and sunshine but cold wind, wind Southwest, drifted all day, wind South and heavy and quite cold, Ralph and George went to town, Milo here tonight, had some music

January 19, 1887 Wednesday/16 above, wind soft and warm, Dan Wilkins and wife here visiting, played 66, tonight wind south, 31 above zero at bed time

January 21, 1887 Friday/2 above, cold South wind, folks started for Madelia got as far as Fairmont and came home, George Teeter here tonight, still and warm at bed time, 36 above

January 22, 1887 Saturday/12 above, clear and cold wind North West, got cloudy and tried to snow, cleared out, Henry Style here, cut oak tree in woods, got four loads and one load of ice, George Jones here

January 23, 1887 Sunday/4 above, lovely day, the nicest day we have had this winter, Billy here, young folks gone to East Chain, Ralph brought his cow home tonight

January 24, 1887 Monday/14 above, lovely day, Billy took load of straw to town, sawed wood all afternoon, women folks gone over to the lake tonight visiting

January 25, 1887 Tuesday/4 above, light frost blizzard, large sundogs, wind north west and cold, got 2 loads of sawed wood, snowed a little white led disagreeable day, Milo got load of wood

January 26, 1887 Wednesday/10 below, cold South wind, drifted all day

January 27, 1887 Thursday/12 above, clear and pleasant, fixed sleighs, Ralph gone to take load of hay to Winnebago for Hall, Cora staying here for the night, Milo and wife here this afternoon visiting, Chauncy here

January 28, 1887 Friday/24 above, wind West, pleasant day, Ralph gone to Winnebago for Hall, Milo and I sawed wood, Truman Hall, Eddie Hill and George Teeter and Ron Leets boy here, Amy Hill stayed all night

January 29, 1887 Saturday/pleasant until 11 o'clock, from then until night it was a regular blizzard, Ralph not home yet, Amy Hill here yet, Cora here tonight, 10 below zero at bedtime

January 30, 1887 Sunday/22 blown below, clear and cold North West wind, Ralph came from Foss's this forenoon, very cold day, Amy Hill went home today

January 31, 1887 Monday/18 below, clear and pleasant but very cold

February 1, 1887 Tuesday/16 below, cold and cloudy, looks like snow, snowed of all afternoon, Ralph went to town, took ten sacks of wheat, Anna went with him, George Jones and Truman Hall here this evening

February 2, 1887 Wednesday/14 below, cloudy and cold, Milo and Ralph went to town with load of hay for Groff, Billy here a little while

February 3, 1887 Thursday/12 below, cloudy and very cold, got some straw for Milo and I, roads drifted some, wind North West

February  4, 1887 Friday/21 below, cloudy and cold north east wind, went to town with Temp and Billy, got groceries, cold as thunder, party at Billy's tonight, Groff came down with Billy and stayed all night with me

February 5, 1887 Saturday/0, mild and pleasant, Billy and Groff stayed all day and went home at night, played 66 Sound

February 6, 1887 Sunday/2 below, sunshine and pleasant, thunder last night, Louisa and Ada gone to Ruble's visiting today, Billy here this afternoon

February 7, 1887 Monday/8 above, foggy and warm, everything covered with hoar frost, stayed on all day, got to loads of ice for us and one for Milo, Ralph gone to town with James, still and warm at bed time

February  8, 1887 Tuesday/cloudy and drifting, little sunshine and warm this afternoon, cut oak tree in back of barn

February 9, 1887 Wednesday/ 4 above, nice and warm, 40 above at noon, cut and drew three loads of wood, Louisa visiting at Ralph's this afternoon, wind South east

February 10, 1887 Thursday/4 above, cloudy and cold, went to town with Milo, Dustin here with petition for dam on South Creek, McDonald here tonight, Anna gone to town with Billy to show

February 11, 1887 Friday/2 below, cold and blustering, almost a blizzard, Mr. MacDonald stayed until after dinner and then went home, Ralph and Cora here this evening, 10 below at bed time

February  12, 1887 Saturday/19 below, drifting some, Milo gone to town, George went to town and Anna came home, helped Ralph get some wood, wind South east and cold

February 13, 1887 Sunday/10 above, strong South wind and drifting badly, disagreeable all day, 34 above in afternoon, the Rome heifer had calf in evening

February 14, 1887 Monday/36 above, very nice day, thawing some, Ralph took load of hay to town for Groff, wind South changed to North West this afternoon

February 15, 1887 Tuesday/10 above, very nice day but didn't thaw much, George took four sacks of corn over to Jim's and left it

February 16, 1887 Wednesday/30 to above, cloudy but pleasant, Louisa and Ada gone to Jones is visiting

February 17, 1887 Thursday/28 above, rain most of the day, trees loaded and breaking down with ice, very bad day, snowing heavily tonight, cut oak still on lake bank, George gone to Jim's with more corn to grind

February 18, 1887 Friday/20 above, snowing yet, looks as though it had snowed all night and drifted all day, all fall weather, Milo and Ralph here, played 60 state, stormy yet badly

February 19, 1887 Saturday/10 above, very nice morning, sawed some wood, Ralph and Anna went to town, Truman Hall here, played 66 in evening

February's 20, 1887 Sunday/0, very pleasant day, took cattle to outlet to water, Billy and Greame here, Jim Burton at Ralph's visiting, Greame brought Dick Cunningham out

February  21, 1887 Monday/2 above, pleasant but cloudy, sawed some wood, averaged about 30 above every day but hasn't thawed any to speak of, Mr. Teeter sold his old grey team today

February 22, 1887 Tuesday/2 above, cloudy most of the day, still and warm, made axe helve, Milo gone to town, Louisa gone to Lawson's visiting, trees still loaded with ice and some are breaking down, Anna gone to town to party

February 23, 1887 Wednesday/28 above, cloudy and warm, when the north, drifting some, Ralph, a Ada, police said and I went to town, William Groff died this afternoon at three o'clock (this was written in much larger and bolder), Louisa stayed there all night, getting colder

February 24, 1887 Thursday/2 below, clear and cold, very pleasant day, sawed some wood, Louisa came home this afternoon, Ralph and Cora here for supper

February  25, 1887 Friday/16 above, cold South wind, went to town to Groff's funeral, Ada, Anna and I went with Milo, big snowstorm tonight but warm and still

February 26, 1887 Saturday/4 above, commenced last night at 11 o'clock and stormed all night and all day today, the worst blizzard this winter, bed time and still storming fearfully, everything all covered up with snow

February 27, 1887 Sunday/0, sunshine and pleasant, Kate Hammond came here today, Mr. Mitchell brought her over, shoveled snow almost all day

February 28, 1887 Monday/14 above/sunshine and thawing, drove cattle to collect to water today, warmest day this winter, Lawson here after butter, Billy came here and stay tonight, played 66, Brindle heifer had calf

March 1, 1887 Tuesday/warm and thawing, very nice day, 30 above, fields covered with water, got corn from Jim's

March  2, 1887 Wednesday/28 above, cold North West wind but sunshine, didn't thaw much today, Louisa said Kate to do Doyle's, Chauncy here, cloudy and looks like snow at bed time

March 3, 1887 Thursday/20 above, cold North wind, lasted two post cuts for Billy, Milo's wife here visiting, getting colder

March 4, 1887 Friday/6 below, cold sell wind, cut oak tree on lake bank, Herman Miller here, played 66, snowing some at bed time

March 5, 1887 Saturday/28 above, got some of wood, pleasant day, sold Ada's steers to Nut, George went to town, paid Ben Adams 2 dollars

March 6, 1887 Sunday/30 above, warm and pleasant, 44 above zero at noon, water and slush, Louisa at gone to Nichol's visiting, paid Milo five dollars

March 7, 1887 Monday/28 above, when the Northwest and quite warm, Anna gone to town to stay 2 days, Wilkin's moved his house today, Mrs. Fener here this afternoon

March 8, 1887 Tuesday/38 to above, cloudy with strong South wind, some want chilly, went to town with Milo to go to the town meeting, John Houston there with sick horse, bought a pair of shoes for Louisa

March 9, 1887 Wednesday/26 above, cloudy and cold and forenoon, warm and thawing in afternoon, Milo got jag of hay from Ralph, old lady Jones here visiting, George went to town with Wilkin's, changed Louisa as shoes

March 10, 1887 Thursday/ 26 above, misty with cold south wind, went to Lawsons sale, Tine and Mrs. Teeter here visiting, raining little tonight

March 11, 1887 Friday/ 38 above, clear and pleasant, warmest day this spring, 52 above zero at noon, Wilkins and Lessing here cutting wood, Ralph went to town horseback

March 12, 1887 Saturday/ 35 above, warm and thawing in forenoon, wind changed at 3 oclock to north west, getting colder, 54 degrees below zero (I believe he meant above), Henry Webber came here tonight, George went to town and got pair of boots, Anna came home tonight, Billy here, took Vick to Doyles

March 13, 1887 Sunday/ 16 above, cold north west wind, frozen hard, disagreeable day, Louisa, Anna and George down to Ralphs tonight visiting

March 14, 1887 Monday/, chilly South wind, Milo and Ralph gone to town, Ralph Bryant Mary Groff's cow home with him, sawed tiles  warns, Louisa gone over to Flenner's and Style's

March 15, 1887 Tuesday/28 above, clear and pleasant, thawed some, Milo went to town, Billy brought his colts home, Louisa went to Ackley's visiting, got my corn sheller home, bed time, looks like rain

March 16, 1887 Wednesday/15 above, clear was cold North wind, cut little wood, Mrs. Nichols here visiting, Ralph went home with them, got my wagon out of  snow drift, snow all gone but the drifts, outlet opened, George Jones and Truman Hall here

March 17, 1887 Thursday/20 above, clear with cold North wind, Milo and Anna went to town, Ada came home with them, sawed wood most of all day, Louisa went to Obermyer's visiting, warmer tonight

March 18, 1887 Friday/20 above, clear and pleasant, sawed wood all day, Ralph, Anna and George gone to Mitchell's to party

March 19, 1887 Saturday/32 above, cloudy and gloomy with light rain, went to town with Milo and Ralph, snowed part of the afternoon, got my collars fixed, roads bad, bad snow drifts in a roads yet

March 20, 1887 Sunday/32 above cloudy all day, trying to snow or rain all day, snowing quite hard act bed time, Charlie VanAlstine at Ralph's, (water spot, can't read name, may be Molly ) here tonight

March 21, 1887 Monday/missing Monday

March 22, 1887 Tuesday/25 above, clear and pleasant, bought some common Peter Lawson's folks started for Minneapolis today, Ralph took them to town, Louisa and Anna visiting at Hills, last snow all gone

March 23, 1887 Wednesday/34 above, clear and pleasant, George took four sacks of feed to mill, cut some wood, had fish for supper, Ralph got his boat, snow all gone but the drifts, warm and cloudy tonight, old Maye got car today helped him

March 24, 1887 Thursday/ 34 above, clear and pleasant, cold north west wind, cut wood most of the day, made axe helve for Chauncy, Old James got sick horse, Ralph and Cora here, had Ralph play some music, played 66

March 25, 1887 Friday/ 26 above, clear and pleasant, froze hard last night, cold this morning, warm this afternoon, Wilkins and Sessing came for wood, sawed wood for Ralph this forenoon, split wood at home in afternoon, spit snow at noon

March 26, 1887 Saturday/ 20 above, cloudy and cold south east wind, Ada gone to town with Milo, Ralph gone after his harness, cut and drew load of wood, snowing tonight, froze hard last night, didnt thaw much today

March 27, 1887 Sunday/ 22 above, cold north wind and cloudy, didnt thaw much, Louisa went to East Chain with Teeters folks, Lesty gone to teach school at East Chain, Spotty had calf last night

March 28, 1887 Monday/ 20 above, clear with cold north wind, cut and drew 2 loads of wood, filed 2 knives for Milo, Wilkins getting his wood today, got one beehive home tonight, Albert Hill left for Kansas

March 29, 1887 Tuesday/ 24 above, clear with cold East wind, south wind in afternoon, cut some wood, Louisa and Cora cleaned school house, Ralph went to town, snowed little in forenoon

March 30, 1887 Wednesday/ 24 above, warm and pleasant, warmest day we have had in 2 weeks, gave Temp three doses of medicine, sawed and split wood, Louisa went to East Chain for corn meal, got beehive home

March 31, 1887 Thursday/ 26 above, warm and pleasant, Ralph and George gone to town moving Milo, sent 3 sacks of wheat, moved Mrs. Groff down to her farm, paid personal tax, cleaned some oats, big snow drifts left yet, Lake didnt open

April 1, 1887 Friday/ 28 above, clear and warm, very nice day, Billy came and went back to town, took grist of feed to mill, Ralph gone to Nichols to stay all night, warmest day this spring, burnt slough today, cleaned granary out

April 2, 1887 Saturday/ 36 above, clear and pleasant, very warm, 72 above zero at noon, cleared ice away from north door, fixed pasture fence, Louisa and Ralph went to town, Ada came home with them, looks like rain, Billy came from town

April 3, 1887 Sunday/ 49 above, cloudy with cold north wind, commenced raining about 10 oclock, rained until 2, turned to snow, blinding blizzard until night, drifting badly at bedtime and cold

April 4, 1887 Monday/ 14 above, sunshine and pleasant, strong north west wind, snow not all gone yet, cut some wood, Billy went to town, Ralph went to Nichols tonight, Ada and Louisa at Groffs tonight, Ada got package from New York

April 5, 1887 Tuesday/ 20 above, cloudy with cool south wind, helped Billy draw his oats and shell his corn, Heron got Fanning mill, looks like rain, still blowing hard but thawing

April 6, 1887 Wednesday/ 31 above, clear and pleasant, Billy went to mill with feed, Ada gone to work for Ruble, Ralph commenced dragging for wheat, George Jones commenced seeding on Groffs place, snow all gone but some drifts, wind East

April 7, 1887 Thursday/ 28 above, clear and pleasant, south east wind, snow drifts almost gone, Ralph commenced sowing wheat, I commenced dragging on breaking, got 23 bushels of oats from Chauncy

April 8, 1887 Friday/ 44 above, sunshine and pleasant, strong south wind, finished Ralphs wheat and commenced sowing for me, got 27 bushels of oats from Chauncy, fixed scoop shovel, 80 above zero at noon, 60 at bedtime

April 9, 1887 Saturday/ 64 above, sunshine with strong south wind, finished sowing my wheat on breaking, Billy gone to town, dragged part of day with Ralphs team, Ada got letter from California from George (this is George Cross, Williams brother who lived in San Jose)

April 10, 1887 Sunday/ 24 above, clear and pleasant, snow drifts all gone, Lake partly open, prairie fire today, Billy brought his cutter from town today, Louisa got hens from Mrs. Groff

April 11, 1887 Monday/ 62 above, sunshine and pleasant, strong south wind, finished sowing my wheat, Ida Bowen came here to board Billy, sawed 10 acres of oats, Lake clear of ice, looks like rain

April 12, 1887 Tuesday/ 60 above, cloudy and warm, dragging for oats, George went to East Chain for Billy, seamered(?) my plough, kept my cows in pasture today, sprinkled rain this afternoon

April 13, 1887 Wednesday/ 60 above, pleasant day, ploughed Mrs. Groffs garden and dragged for oats, Billy finished sowing the field next to the road, fixed fence at foot of garden

April 14, 1887 Thursday/ 54 above, cloudy and warm, commenced sowing my oats, didnt finish south piece, rained part of afternoon, quite heavy shower, thunder and lightning, cleared up at bedtime

April 15, 1887 Friday/ 44 above, ground to wet to work, seeded little, to wet, Ada came home from East Chain

April 16, 1887 Saturday/ 42 above, cloudy and cold, Ralph seeding and George dragging, looks like rain, Billy plowed, finished my oats, Billy and Anna gone to town, set apple trees, planted potatoes, sowed my fancy oaks

April 17, 1887 Sunday/ 42 above, cloudy and cold, Jim Burton here to dinner

April 18, 1887 Monday/ clear and cool, light frost last night, finished dragging my oats, George dragged for Billy in afternoon, worked on fence for Billy, set Ralphs clock up, thumped my leg with hammer

April 19, 1887 Tuesday/ 60 above, warm and pleasant, built fence for Billy, Louisa went to town, Mrs. Groff went with her, took 2 sacks of wheat, Ralph cut sod

April 20, 1887 Wednesday/ 36 above, sunshine and pleasant, George dragged all day for Billy, took banking from house, turned colts to pasture, Kate Hall here visiting, George gone fishing

April 21, 1887 Thursday/ 40 above, cloudy with hard south wind, George ploughed and dragged for Billy, Ralph and Ada went to town, fixed fence at hay stack and at creek, commenced raining about dark, raining at bedtime

April 22, 1887 Friday/ cold rain this morning, rained part of last night and all day until 3 oclock, commenced snowing and snowed until dark, bad day, tied colts and cattle, wind north

April 23, 1887 Saturday/ cold north west wind, ground covered with snow, cold as blazes all day, helped Billy clean some oats he got from Tom Lowe, Ada and Louisa visiting at Groffs, George hurt his hand in corn sheller, Parker here after Ada to work

April 24, 1887 Sunday/ cloudy and cold, ground covered with snow this morning, north west wind and cold all day, Ada and Louisa went to Teeters visiting, knocked wolf teeth out of colts, Billy gone to town, Truman and George here

April 25, 1887 Monday/ clear with cool north wind, colts to pasture, Louisa went to East Chain with Mr. Teeter, got sack of potatoes, Ralph moved Nichols to town, drove the pony and Billys colt, Billy finished sowing oats

April 26, 1887 Tuesday/ cloudy and warm, rained and snowed little, sowed 4 acres of Groffs seed for Billy, Ralph got oats and corn from Herm, fixed fence in Lake

April 27, 1887 Wednesday/ cloudy and warm, went to town with Ralph, got Adas cloak, George went to mill with feed for Ralph, Henry Style and wife here today, rained quite hard in town, thunder and lightning

April 28, 1887 Thursday/ strong south wind, looks like rain, Ralph commenced breaking for Herm, Ada went to town in evening, got girls from Jackson and got home 10 oclock, built some fence for Billy, Greame here

April 29, 1887 Friday/ cloudy and warm, looks like rain all day, Billy and I drew manure all day, Harry Style here, Herm Foss here, had party, big crowd, nice time, blew hard all day and night

April 30, 1887 Saturday/ clear and pleasant with hard south wind, Herm, George and Ralph gone to East Chain, Flora Groff came home this afternoon, very warm, 86 above zero, strong south wind, boys went fishing, got nothing

May 1, 1887 Sunday/ warm and sultry with hard south wind, Herm still here, 92 above zero, dust blizzard, blew fearfully

May 2, 1887 Monday/ cold north west wind, commenced ploughing for corn, Billy gone to town, Ada brought Milly with her

May 3, 1887 Tuesday/ cold north west wind, George plowing, women folks gone to graveyard, getting warmer, shelled some corn

May 4, 1887 Wednesday/ Beautiful morning, Anna gone to town to take girls to on their way to Jackson, George went to mill with feed, got pony home, Mrs. Ackley here, Billy came from town, stranger here for trees, split 24 posts

May 5, 1887 Thursday/ warm and pleasant, no wind, plowed all day with 2 teams, Drietchman got corn planter, Chauncy commenced planting corn, burnt prairie last night and today, didnt burn good

May 6, 1887 Friday/ finished plowing for corn, helped Billy strike out some lands, tombstone man here to dinner, Ralph and Anna gone to town to play to party, nice day

May 7, 1887 Saturday/ very warm today, strong south wind, dragged my corn land, Billy and Anna gone to town, got sugar and tea, looks like some rain

May 8, 1887 Sunday/ hot and windy, Huston here, Milo down to Wilkins visiting, heard Mr. Keilor had sold out

May 9, 1887 Monday/ still and very warm, Billy marked my corn ground, sent cattle to herd, looks little like rain tonight, Jim here today, turned his old horse in pasture

May 10, 1887 Tuesday/ still and very warm, planted my corn, looks little like rain, Louisa gone fishing

May 11, 1887 Wednesday/ planted 8 rows of corn, fixed buggy for Ralph, plowed garden, Billy had teams to cut sod with, very warm, looks like rain

May 12, 1887 Thursday/ warm and pleasant, strong south wind, planted my potatoes and pop corn, Ralph got through breaking for Herm, looks like rain all afternoon

May 13, 1887 Friday/ commenced dragging my corn and potatoes, Louisa gone to town to get her carpet, Ralph and Cora gone too, got caught in the rain, commenced raining at 2 oclock, rained most of the afternoon hard, bedtime and raining yet with thunder and lightning, got letter from Fred

May 14, 1887 Saturday/ nice day and everything growing fast, got load of wood, boys went to East Chain, Louisa gone fishing, cool and pleasant this evening

May 15, 1887 Sunday/ warm and pleasant, Milo and family here visiting, Ada came with them and went back with them, Fletcher Hill went to see about his cattle in herd

May 16, 1887 Monday/ cool and pleasant, worked on road all day, George dragged my corn, looks like rain this afternoon and cold as blazes, brought Peter here to be taken care of, swelled legs

May 17, 1887 Tuesday/ worked on road till noon, cold wind, Billy sowed some oats and planted his corn

May 18, 1887 Wednesday/ cold with white frost this morning, built fence all day, put new carpet down today, got two bushels of potatoes from Herm, 80 cents per bushel, went after cows with pony

May 19, 1887 Thursday/ cool and windy, worked on fence, Chauncy here little while

May 20, 1887 Friday/ warm and windy, Ralph went to Winnebago to mill for me, got 465 lbs of flour, George broke in his place, fixed fence, Traucler staid here tonight with team, Ralph and Cora here, had some music

May 21, 1887 Saturday/ very warm, Ralph and George went to town, Frank Martin came home with them, they joined company of soldiers, tried hard to rain, hoed my potatoes in garden, slight shower

May 22, 1887 Sunday/ cool and pleasant, Ralph took Frank to town, folks went wolf hunting, played croquet some, quite cool tonight, George Jones got new horse yesterday, traded in town for it

May 23, 1887 Monday/ warm and pleasant, worked on road in forenoon, built bridge at Obermyers, George and Louisa went to mill with feed, Frank Jones here

May 24, 1887 Tuesday/ sunshine and pleasant, with cold west wind, commenced cultivating my corn, got letter from Hattie, shelled some corn

May 25, 1887 Wednesday/cool but pleasant, finished cultivating my corn the first time, Frank Jones brought lumber for boats, Louisa and Ralph and Cora fishing tonight, shelled all my corn, Ralph went to mill

May 26, 1887 Thursday/warm and pleasant, George went to mill with feed, 18 bushels, made boat for Frank Jones, Anna gone to Rubles visiting Lesty Teeter

May 27, 1887 Friday/cool and pleasant, didn't do anything to speak of, Frank Jones came for his boat, Louisa finished making soap and gone fishing, Anna came home from East Chain tonight

May 28, 1887 Saturday/very warm and cloudy, looks like rain, Anna, George and Ralph gone to town, didn't do but little today in

May 29, 1887 Sunday/cloudy, windy compliant cool, rainy little last night

May 30, 1887 Monday/cloudy and cold, Ralph and George gone to town decoration day, Billy took load of posts to Jim and it went to town, white cow had calf last night, strawberries for supper, the first we had

May 31, 1887 Tuesday/cloudy and cold, went to town, Louisa went with me, paid my taxes, got pair of shoes, to drove Ralph's team

June 1, 1887 Wednesday/warm and pleasant, made boat for Frank Jones, George took Mrs. Groff to town of this afternoon

June 2, 1887 Thursday/the very warm and cloudy, looks like rain, worked for Wilkins on house, Frank Jones came for boat, Ralph and George gone to town

June 3, 1887 Friday/warm and pleasant, George cultivated corn, Anna and Ralph gone to Foss's to play to party, women picking gooseberries and strawberries today

June 4, 1887 Saturday/quite cool but pleasant, cultivated until noon, finished second time through, Anna and Mrs. Groff went to town with old team, George to town all day, Rupert Ganoe here

June 5, 1887 Sunday/warm and pleasant, had strawberries for dinner, Greame and wife here, house full of people, George Nichols brought his buggy to get fixed, George went to Iowa Lake

June 6, 1887 Monday/very warm, 94 above 0, made beehive for Lamphur, Ralph went to town with Mrs. Nichols, drew all the wood to house, Louisa set cabbage plants in corn field

June 7, 1887 Tuesday/cloudy and very hot, didn't do much, too hot for anything, nice shower this afternoon, still looks like rain

June 8, 1887 Wednesday/cloudy and warm, built fence all day for Billy, Louisa went to town, Ada came home with her

June 9, 1887 Thursday/the very warm, Ralph went to town, looks like rain, got lumber for buggy box

June 10, 1887 Friday/cool and pleasant, cloudy all day, made buggy box, Ralph, Milo and Anna gone to Pixley's to play to party, Milo went with Ralph and left his horse here

June 11, 1887 Saturday/cloudy and rainy all day, Lamphur paid me for beehive, young folks all went to town, Ralph got buggy top

June 12, 1887 Sunday/rain last night, colts got out this morning, cloudy, John Huston here, Chauncy and Tine here, cloudy and wet all day

June  13, 1887 Monday/rained hard last night, cloudy this morning, took spotty off, plowed the road of, rain to hard, showers showery called a

June 14, 1887 Tuesday/very hot, 904 above 0, commenced cultivated in my corn the third time, Jim burden here, Ralph and George gone to town to drill, Assessors here today

June 15, 1887 Wednesday/warm and sold treat all day, cultivated corn, little Maggie sick, book tramp here

June 16, 1887 Thursday/fearfully warm, cultivated corn, Ralph took Ida and Maggie to town, Louisa gone fishing, Mrs. Nichols came home with Ralph

June 17, 1887 Friday/very warm, Ada and Mrs. Groff went to town, got pair shirts for me, painted buggy box, mowed garden

June 18, 1887 Saturday/cool and pleasant, looks like rain, commenced raining about nine o'clock, showery all day with thunder and lightning, Frank Jones and all of the Pixley's folks here to dinner, Seth Older and Lola here, picnic a fivel, all hands gone to Lowe's to dance, raining

June 19, 1887 Sunday/clear unpleasant, nice day, had big crowd last night at Lowe's, 36 in number, Milo came home with me and stayed till noon today, Frank Jones stayed too

June  20, 1887 Monday/warm and cloudy, showery ball afternoon, built fence for Billy, George and Ralph worked on road

June 21, 1887 Tuesday/windy and cooler, Cora had a baby last night, built fence for Billy, William Hill here from Dakota, showery this afternoon

June 22, 1887 Wednesday/cool and pleasant, built fence for Billy, I never commenced her school again, Jim here, Ralph and George cultivated corn part of day, Ralph gone to town, very windy, Milo here this morning

June 23, 1887 Thursday/quite cool all day, fixed Ralph's fence, colts all went across the lake, had hard time getting them back, brought mine home

June 24, 1887 Friday/cool and pleasant, made loader for Frank Jones, Mrs. Wing here visiting, young folks all gone to Lowe's to party, ditching man here

June 25, 1887 Saturday/cool and pleasant, folks all gone to town, Jim Burton and Holmes here, Jim got his horse, Ralph got Katie Keeler to work for him

June 26, 1887 Sunday/cool and pleasant, drove cows all across the lake, Milo and family all here, lot of young folks here, George Nichols came after his buggy

June 27, 1887 Monday/very warm, Billy, Ralph and I built about 80 rods of fence, commenced boat for Sweet

June 28, 1887 Tuesday/very warm, made boat for sweet, opened gate between pastures

June 29, 1887 Wednesday/very warm, Frank Jones here all night, Fletcher Hill.  shovel plough

June 30, 1887 Thursday/the very warm, went to town, Mrs. Obermyer's went with me, rain some, brought mower, drove Ralph's team, George cultivated, Sweet came for boat, got pair of overalls in town, set wagon to

July 1, 1887 Friday/very warm, went to East Chain to work on Bowery, worked all day, stayed all night

July 2, 1887 Saturday/very hot, worked till noon on Bowery, Frank brought me home, Ralph went to town, got new mower, Rubles paid me 2 dollars for boat, Herm Miller here tonight, George gone to town, not back yet

July 3, 1887 Sunday/cloudy and pleasant, Flora Groff here, Herm Foss here this morning, Frank Jones here after his provisions, George went home with him

July 4, 1887 Monday/cloudy and cool, all hands went to East Chain to celebration, had dull time, could dance at night, rain little, too or three times

July 5, 1887 Tuesday/hot to and still, slept part of day, George went to town to go to Mankato with soldiers

July 6, 1887 Wednesday/still and hot, started new mower, went nice, mowed road side and yard, 94 above 0, Frank Jones here and paid up all hands, brought home harp

July 7, 1887 Thursday/still and very hot, 98 above 0, cut my Timothy, Ada and Louisa gone to Jackson for a week's visit, bees swarmed

July 8, 1887 Friday/stacked four loads of hay, very warm, bees left for good, had nice little shower this afternoon, last day of school

July 9, 1887 Saturday/cool and pleasant, went to Dan Wilkins, got cradle, cut my Bonanza oats, Ralph mowing little, Ida gone home with Billy, went to town with Ralph, came home with George Jones

July 10, 1887 Sunday/cool and pleasant, dull day, no one here, Housenbach came for his mower, Chauncy's cows got into my pasture

July 11, 1887 Monday/nice cool breeze from South, got 24 bushels of oats from Clandening, paid him 4 dollars, owe him 2 more, very hot, 101 above zero in the shade, thunder, looks like rain tonight

July 12, 1887 Tuesday/rained like blazes last night, lightning and thunder awful, very warm today, helped fix binder, cut along road with cradle, Ralph took old lady home today, went for Nettie

July 13, 1887 Wednesday/commenced cutting my oats, very warm, light shower this afternoon, cut about five acres

July 14, 1887 Thursday/cut oats all day, very hot

July 15, 1887 Friday/cut oats, hot as blazes

July 16, 1887 Saturday/finished cutting my oats and cut some wheat, Ollie Petrie came here tonight and George got home from Mankato, got grey colt out of the lake tonight, very warm, looks like grain

July 17, 1887 Sunday/cloudy and cool, tried all day to rain

July 18, 1887 Monday/cool and pleasant, finished my four acres of wheat and commenced cutting Billy's oats, Hausenbach came after his colt, Billy got one half gallon whiskey

July 19, 1887 Tuesday/warm and pleasant, cut oats all day for Billy, Louisa and Ada went to town got tub of mackerill and groceries

July 20, 1887 Wednesday/hot and sultry, Billy finished cutting field next to house, made a new wagon tongue and hounds for my wagon

July 21, 1887 Thursday/cloudy and sultry, commenced stacking my oats, rained the like the devil, caught with stack open, bad job

July 22, 1887 Friday/cool and pleasant, cut two wheat for Ralph

July 23, 1887 Saturday/cool and pleasant, finished cutting Ralph's wheat

July 24, 1887 Sunday/cool and pleasant, cut eight times around my breaking wheat

July 25, 1887 Monday/very warm was nice way and, put of one stack of old, finished cutting my wheat, George went to town for Nutter, Ada went with him

July  26, 1887 Tuesday/very warm, stacked wheat for Ralph, Flora and Miss Rice here, Luke's wife and sister here

July 27, 1887 Wednesday/rained early this morning, cut this afternoon, set some wheat, fixed binder, fixed wire fence, very warm

July 28, 1887 Thursday/rained most all forenoon, Billy gone to town, Flora and old lady here to dinner, Ralph and I went to Jim's, Jim here tonight, Louisa went to East Chain with team

July 29, 1887 Friday/rained all day, done nothing, Ralph went to town, looks like rain tonight

July 30, 1887 Saturday/sunshine and pleasant, George and his mother went to town, I helped set up oats, Ada came home from town

July 31, 1887 Sunday/stacked wheat, once back, very warm day, got puppy home today

August 1, 1887 Monday/very warm, commenced stacking my wheat

August 2, 1887 Tuesday/finish stacking my wheat on breaking, Ralph went to town, got one half gallon of whiskey, got 24 bushels of oats off Jim, Aunt Mary here

August 3, 1887 Wednesday/very hot, rained, shower in morning, stacked wheat in afternoon for Ralph, had ripe watermelon

August 4, 1887 Thursday/very warm, finished stacking Ralph's and commenced my oats, Anna and Flora went to East Chain with old team

August 5, 1887 Friday/finished all my stacking, cool and windy, nice day to work

Aug. 6, 1887 Saturday/still and warm, commenced on Billy's oats to stack, Ralph gone to stack four Waggoner, chilly and almost frost last night

August 7, 1887 Sunday/ nice cool day, Billy and the girls went to Luke Nutters, set Be???? Up for Herm, Teeter and wife here a little while today, George went to town

August 8, 1887 Monday/ very warm, 102 in shade, stacked oats all day for Billy, rained before dark, Jim came for his stack cover

August 9, 1887 Tuesday/warm and muggy, rained part of this time all last night with lightning and thunder

August 10, 1887 Wednesday/rained little this morning, very hot and muggy, Ralph commenced plowing, Ralph gone to wagon to stack, Billy gone to town, weather looks better, Chauncy here to supper

August 11, 1887 Thursday/cool and pleasant, put up one stack of oats and cut some hay

August 12, 1887 Friday/cool and pleasant, stacked oats all day, folks all gone to East Chain to party, bedtime and raining

August 13, 1887 Saturday/rainy and cloudy all day, Jim here to dinner, Ralph gone to town, Arvilly Rice came home with him

August 14, 1887 Sunday/cloudy and cool all day, women folks all went to school section for plumbs, Milo and family here, Ralph gone to East Chain visiting, John here

August 15, 1887 Monday/cloudy and cool, commenced plowing the road up, Ralph and George helped John thresh in afternoon, Ann gone to Wilkins to help in threshing

August 16, 1887 Tuesday/cloudy and cool, stacked oats this afternoon, quite wet, Miss Rice here tonight, Anna gone to help Mrs. Wilkins

August 17, 1887 Wednesday/very warm, stacked oats all day, Ralph helped Teeter thresh, Mr. Teeter sold his farm

August 18, 1887 Thursday/cool and pleasant, finished stacking everything in the shape of grain, looks like rain

August 19, 1887 Friday/commenced mowing hat, looks like rain, Ethel Petrie here

August 20, 1887 Saturday/Louisa went to town, Ralph went to Blue Earth to mill, raked and cocked hay in afternoon, Luke Nutter and wife here, Anna went to town with Billy

August 21, 1887 Sunday/Pleasant day, Milo and his brother and Mr. Root here hunting, Billy and Anna gone to Nutters, Ralph gone to Penowers?, , Rose staid here all night

August 22, 1887 Monday/cloudy and cold and windy, Ralph mowed this afternoon on my land, Coltin folks here, Ada went home with them, cold enough for frost tonight

August 23, 1887 Tuesday/Cool and windy, stacked hay all day, Mr. Phillips from Wisconsin here little while, Ralphs team went to town in afternoon, Ethel Petrie went home

August 24, 1887 Wednesday/Cool and pleasant, stacked hay, boys went hunting in evening, cocked some hay

August 25, 1887 Thursday/Cloudy, looks like rain, mowed until noon, drizzly and wet all afternoon, took lineback cow over the lake to Styles, raining little at bedtime

August 26, 1887 Friday/Cloudy and cool, mowed all forenoon, cocked up in afternoon, 250 cocks, young folks went to East Chain to party, looked like rain all day

August 27, 1887 Saturday/cool and pleasant, George gone to help Herm thresh

August 28, 1887 Sunday/Cloudy, cold and windy, threatens rain, Ralph and George gone hunting, Nettie Peniger and her mother here

August 29, 1887 Monday/Ralph and I stacked hay all day, wind blew hard, Jim and Billy stacked, George gone threshing

August 30, 1887 Tuesday/Cloudy and rain all day, done nothing, Ralph and his mother got a lot of plumbs at Segars

August 31, 1887 Wednesday/Cloudy and hot, cut and cocked some hay, cut some hay for Mrs. Groff, George and his mother went to town, Ollie Petrie came here, Lola Hall here

September 1, 1887 Thursday/Cloudy and threatens rain, sprinkled a little in morning, very hot, stacked 6 loads of hay, Mrs. Petrie here, put up Mrs. Groffs hay this afternoon

September 2, 1887 Friday/Cloudy and cool, misty and rainy all day, helped Ralph get some poles, George and Flora gone to East Chain about school

September 3, 1887 Saturday/Cold and rainy all day, done nothing, Ralph went to town, took Rose home

September 4, 1887 Sunday/Cleared up and quite pleasant, set corner stake at east end of willow hedge, Louisa gone picking hazelnuts, George and Ralph gone hunting, fixed little clock

September 5, 1887 Monday/fixed my haystack, George mowed for Ralph in afternoon, hot and sultry, looks like rain

September 6, 1887 Tuesday/Very warm, stacked Mrs. Groffs hay, George cut and raked for Ralph, wind blows hard tonight, looks like rain, George Teeter worked for Billy today

September 7, 1887 Wednesday/Cool and pleasant, stacked 10 loads of hay for Ralph, George Hall helped Billy stack hay, Mr. Petrie here tonight

September 8, 1887 Thursday/Thunderstorm in morning, stacked 2 loads of hay, went to town with Billy, got lumber to fix granary

September 9, 1887 Friday/Finished stacking hay for Ralph, worked on granary, Ralph went to town for lumber, Old Nellie sick, think she will die

September 10, 1887 Saturday/Cloudy and cool, built horse barn for Ralph, cocked some hay, Anna went to town with Billy, Old Nellie sick yet, rained little tonight

September 11, 1887 Sunday/Cool and cloudy, Henry Style and wife here, Ralph mowed little, colts got into Styles hog pasture

September 12, 1887 Monday/Cloudy and warm, finished Ralphs stable, rained last night and this morning hard, warm tonight and looks like more rain

September 13, 1887 Tuesday/Clear and cool, Ralph mowed part of day, fixed granary, high wind from the west

September 14, 1887 Wednesday/Clear and still, nice day, stacked hay, got Lowes bull, Old Nellie died this afternoon, built one stack for me and one for Ralph

September 15, 1887 Thursday/Clear and cool, buried Old Nellie, drew 15 loads of manure out, cold tonight

September 16, 1887 Friday/Windy and cool, drawed manure all day, 23 loads

September 17, 1887 Saturday/Clear and cool, drew manure till afternoon then all hands went to town

September 18, 1887 Sunday/Sunshine and pleasant, Jim Burton here, rather dull day, looks like rain tonight

September 19, 1887 Monday/Pleasant but windy, threshed for Fletcher Hill, Ralph finished drawing manure for me, looks like rain, machine at Teeters

September 20, 1887 Tuesday/Very warm, fixed grain beans for Ralph, cleaned around stacks, George threshed for Teeter, Ralph helped Teeter in afternoon, thunder and looks like rain

September 21, 1887 Wednesday/Rained most all last night and most of the day but is clearing off tonight, Louisa signed for tow books today

September 22, 1887 Thursday/Cloudy but pleasant, Ralph went to town, got plow sharpened, Anna and Billy went to town, Ben Adams and Tinker took supper here

September 23, 1887 Friday/Cool and pleasant, frost last night, threshed for C. Jones, Louisa went to town and got meat for threshers, 20 lbs., Cora here all day, came home sick tonight [this was defiantly not Williams writing-it says he was sick, so Ada or Louisa probably wrote in his daybook for him]


September 24, 1887 Saturday/Cool and cloudy, threshed for Chauncy in forenoon, threshed my wheat in afternoon, 318 bushels, slight frost at night

September 25, 1887 Sunday/Clear and cool, Lucy Hill kicked by a colt and badly hurt, Ralph went to Luke Nutter’s bothered about getting help

September 26, 1887 Monday/Cloudy, looks like rain, threshed my oats, 780 bushels, threshed 2 stacks for Billy, rained the balance of the afternoon, Mr. Warner and family here

September 27, 1887 Tuesday/Cloudy and misty all day, threshed 4 stacks of oats, moved the machine out to the field to the oats stacks

September 28, 1887 Wednesday/nice day, threshed 1048 bushels of oats for Billy, moved, set and threshed 162 bushels of wheat

September 29, 1887 Thursday/pleasant morning, finished Billy’s wheat, 409 bushels and moved to Cregles, misty and cloudy all afternoon, George gone to town

September 30, 1887 Friday/Ralph went to town with load of wheat, cloudy and misty all day

October 1, 1887 Saturday/cool and pleasant, all the folks went to town to circus, I stayed at home, they got home at 8 o’clock at night

October 2, 1887 Sunday/ High wind all day, got cattle home from herd, Flora gone to East Chain to commence her school

October, 3 1887 Monday/ George went to Blue Earth to mill, took grist for Ralpf Mary and I, big calf died in woods

October 4, 1887 Tuesday/ George stacked hay for McCruden, Ralph plowed all day, skinned calf, sent hide to town by Lamp here got 85 cents, sharpened posts for Billy, Luke Nutter here for load of wood

October 5, 1887 Wednesday/ George plowed all day, built fence for Billy in forenoon, helped Ralph dig well in afternoon, looks like rain, Teeter’s folks moved to town

October 6, 1887 Thursday/ Windy and cloudy, looks like rain, Ada and Mrs. Groff went to town with pony and buggy, George plowed in forenoon, Ralph in afternoon

October 7, 1887 Friday/ cloudy and windy, George plowed all day, looks like rain, Anna went to East Chain for Flora

October 8, 1887 Saturday/ Cloudy and Misty, Boys went to help McCruden thresh, I went to town with load of wheat and got 52 cents per bushel (30 bushels), rained most all day, very nasty day, got Pony from Lamberton to use for awhile

October 9, 1887 Sunday/ cool and pleasant, helped Billy strike of lands for plowing, John here, Mr. Fenner and wife here little while, Billy took Flora to East Chain to school, yesterday paid Friffer and Burdick

October 10, 1887 Monday/ cloudy and cold, threshed for McCruden all day

October 11, 1887 Tuesday/ cold and windy, threshed for McCruden till noon, machine gone to Ian Denny’s

Oct 12, 1887 Wednesday/ cold and windy, plowed in afternoon, threshed for Lamphur in afternoon, Hoffman’s barn and granary burnt today

October 13, 1887 Thursday/ cold and windy, threshed for Lamphur all day, Henry Styles horses ran away and tore things badly, got on wire fence

October 14, 1887 Friday/ Pleasant day, threshed in forenoon for Lamphur and for Obermyer in afternoon, Louisa went to East Chain, Ralph went to town in afternoon with load of wheat, load of hay burnt on west side of lake

October 15, 1887 Saturday/ cloudy with strong wind, threshed all day for Obermyer, Ralph and George went to town with wheat, Oliver stayed with George tonight

October 16, 1887 Sunday/ cloudy and cold, Louisa and Mary went to Pages and to East Chain, fixed wagon wheel, John here

October 17, 1887 Monday/ very nice day, dug my potatoes, had about 30 bushells, George gone to work for George Jones

October 18, 1887 Tuesday/ Warm and pleasant, dragged road, drawed sorghum to pages, built hog pen for Billy, made whiffeltrim for buggy, folks gone to party at Androse, Anna and Ralph played

October 19, 1887 Wednesday/ cold and windy, threshed for Dickinson all day, Louisa and Mrs. Gruff made sorghum at pages

October 20, 1887 Thursday/ cold and windy, went to Pages for sorghum, got 28 gallons, finished threshing at Dickinson’s, Ralph plowed in afternoon, got Tuter’s Sulky plow

October 21, 1887 Friday/ cold and windy, went to Hills, got 3 pigs, got pig from Ralph, Louisa went to East Chain, Billy and Anna gone to town to party, Ralph and George gone to pages to party

October 22, 1887 Saturday/ Pleasant morning, went to town with load of wheat, Louisa and Mary went along, I went with Ralph, big snow storm all night, about 3 inches deep in morning

October 23, 1887 Sunday/ cloudy and stormy, not cold, nasty day, snow still on the ground

October 24, 1887 Monday/ cold North West wind, ground still covered with snow, cold, disagreeable day, got some wood, Ralph went to town with load of oats

October 25, 1887 Tuesday/ south wind and cold, ground still covered with snow, getting warmer tonight, lake froze all over

October 26, 1887 Wednesday/ cloudy but pleasant, Ralph and I drawed manure all day, George to work for Jones’ husking corn, getting warmer, Louisa very lame

October 27, 1887 Thursday/ cloudy and cold, thawed some, went to town with load of oats, got lumber for corncrib, 48 bushels 19 cents per bushel, paid Ward and Cadwell 2 dollars and 15 cents in full, Will Hope at Ralph’s

October 28, 1887 Friday/ warm and pleasant, snow all gone, lake partly open, Ralph commenced plowing, worked on corncrib most of the day, Billy went to town for lumber

October 29, 1887 Saturday/ Chilly and cold, worked on corncrib, Ralph and George went to town, got horse from Blenco to work, Billy and Anna went to town

October 30, 1887 Sunday/ windy but pleasant, dull day, Ralph husked load of corn

October 31, 1887 Monday/ went to work on Hoffman’s barn, beautiful day, commenced husking

November 1, 1887 Tuesday/ worked on barn, beautiful day

November 2, 1887 Wednesday/ worked on barn, nice day

November 3, 1887 Thursday/ worked on barn, nice, came home at night

November 4, 1887 Friday/ Husked one load of corn, had party at Billy’s, Herm Foss here, had sick horse

November 5, 1887 Saturday/ sent Blenco’s horse home by Billy, I plowed and the boys husked corn, Herm went home this morning, Ada came home tonight, boys fighting fire

November 6, 1887 Sunday/ Pleasant day, Bonks Hall got old mage

November 7, 1887 Monday/ cold north west wind, I plowed all day, boys husked corn

November 8, 1887 Tuesday/ still and cold, plowed all day, boys husked corn, commenced raining about sundown, bedtime snowing like blazes

November 9, 1887 Wednesday/ cloudy and warm, commenced banking house, covered corn crib, snow all gone, finished my plowing

November 10, 1887 Thursday/ Beautiful morning, plowing for Ralph, boys husking, plowed all day, Trine and old lady visiting here, Chauncy Jones finished husking today

November 11, 1887 Friday/ cool and pleasant, plowed for Ralph all day, boys husked corn, Flora came home, foot

November 12, 1887 Saturday/ plowed little in morning, helped finish my corn, Ralph and Ada went to town with load of corn, very nice day, George gone to Foss’ to work

November 13, 1887, Sunday/ cool and pleasant, Greame and parker here, plastered Billy’s house, Graeme here to breakfast, Jim here

November 14, 1887 Monday/ Ralph finished plowing today, worked around house all day, pleasant weather, Mr. Yomans came for old reaper.

November 15, 1887 Tuesday/ Very nice day, banked mine and Ralph’s house, Ralph husked for old James

November 16, 1887 Wednesday/ windy and cold, went to town with load of oats for Ralph, Mr. Lamphier paid me 2 dollars and 50 cents got bushels lime

November 17, 1887 Thursday/ cold north west wind, fixed stove door, folks commenced cleaning house, filled cellar way up, froze quite hard last night, lent Lamphier 10 sacks, Ralph husking for James

November 18, 1887 Friday/ windy and cold, went to town with 2 loads of corn, got 25 cents per bushel, paid Gilbert 2 dollars, Hully 1.50 and Burdie 2.24

November 19, 1887 Saturday/ cold and blustering all day, got some wood, Ralph went to town with load of wheat, George and Herm Foss here tonight

November 20, 1887 Sunday/ cool and pleasant, fixed Ralph’s kitchen, had some music at night

November 21, 1887 Monday/ warm and pleasant, beautiful day, set post for Billy, made fence for Mary Groff, Ralph went to town with wheat, Herm and George went with him, herm went home this afternoon, George gone to halls, Billy gone to town

November 22, 1887 Tuesday/ cold north east wind, went to East Chain, made and hung 3 storm doors for Hoffman

November 23, 1887 Wednesday/ cold north wind, sent 2 loads of corn to town, Louisa and Mrs. Gruff went along, got new 4 bushel measure

November 24, 1887 Thursday/ cloudy and warm, ground white with snow this morning, plastered and finished banking house today, had turkey for dinner, young folks all gone to town to party

November 25, 1887 Friday/ cloudy, snowing little most of the day, John and I worked on Dan’s house, bedtime and snowing some still and warm

November 26, 1887 Saturday/ cold and snowing, worked in forenoon for Dan, came home in storm, snowed and drifted all afternoon, Ralph and Ada went to town, paid mower, Nate and lent to Chicago for goods, snowing yet at bedtime

November 27, 1887 Sunday/ clear and cold, nice day, Mrs. Gruff paid me for 15 bushels of seed wheat 57 cents per bushel, put beans in cellar, 10 deg. Below zero this morning

November 28, 1887 Monday/ clear and pleasant, got 2 loads of wood and one of ice, 18 below zero this morning, ice about 8 inches thick on lake

November 29, 1887 Tuesday/ chilly north east wind, cut and drawed some wood, zero this morning, Parker finished plastering Billy’s house, Wilkins paid me one dollar for work, paid Tom Tinker 5 dollars on threshing account

November 30, 1887 Wednesday/ East wind, chilly but not very cold, finished banking house, made axe helve, Jones boys here in evening, Fred got home last night from Minneapolis, thawing little

December 1, 1887 Thursday/ east wind and raining this morning, changed to snow at noon, snowed all afternoon, turned to rain in evening, warm and thawing

December 2, 1887 Friday/ warm and foggy all day, trees covered with frost, dug sleigh crock out, split some posts to make spout for Hoffman barn, Louisa went to East Chain for Flora, George sick

December 3, 1887 Saturday/ rain and sleet with strong east wind, got load of wood, not cold, Ralph and I went to town got cloth for shirts and some pork

December 4, 1887 Sunday/ cold and blustering all day, very disagreeable day, Ralph took Flora to East Chain

December 5, 1887 Monday/ warm and pleasant, put on storm window, filed saw for Obermyer, thawed some today

December 6, 1887 Tuesday/ fixed storm window, Peter Doyle here most all day, Ralph, George and Truman and Fred all gone to Nutters to party, Nice day, sold Ada’s steers to Frank Park for 86 dollars

December 7, 1887 Wednesday/ foggy all day, trees covered with frost, got 2 loads of wood, quite warm, busy all day tinkering something

December 8, 1887 Thursday/ cloudy and warm, frost on trees yet, Ralph and George went to town with turkeys, got box from Chicago, thing all right, fixed Charlie’s light sleigh today

December 9, 1887 Friday/ cloudy and warm, frost still on the trees, Ralph Ada and Anna gone to town to party, Oliver here, played 66, Louisa went to East Chain for Flora, Herm Foss and Mr. Howe here from Winnebago

December 10, 1887 Saturday/ cloudy and warm, frost still on the trees, commenced boarding well at noon, commenced snowing at 4 o’clock and snowing at bedtime

December 11, 1887 Sunday/ cloudy and little colder, sun shining in the afternoon, lots of folks here, had music

December 12, 1887 Monday/ clear and pleasant, Ralph went to town with load of wheat, got lumber for well, ???? went 52 feet and got 18 feet of water, raining little at bedtime, paid well man 5 dollars

December 13, 1887 Tuesday/ warm and pleasant, 40 above zero, well diggers got through and left at 11 o’clock

December 14, 1887 Wednesday/ blustery but not cold, cut big oak tree on lake bank, made well curb, Ralph gone to Blue Earth to mill, took 8 stacks for him and the same for me

December 15, 1887 Thursday/ cloudy and warm, Mr. Parks came for steers, Ralph got home from Blue Earth

December 16, 1887 Friday/ pleasant day, fixed well to draw water, Louisa went for Flora, Anna went to town and got new cloak, going to send it back

December 17, 1887 Saturday/ cold but pleasant, went to town in afternoon to see about pump, got home at 9 o’clock

December 18, 1887 Sunday/ pleasant day, lots of folks here, rather dull

December 19, 1887 Monday/ colder and looks like snow, drawed wood part of day, cut tree for Mrs. Groff, Luke Nutter here, paid me one dollar, got load of wood, snowing little tonight

December 20, 1887 Tuesday/ almost down to zero and snowing, snowed and drifted all day, bed time and still snowing, Jones boys and Will Hill from Dakota here, getting colder, Visk? had calf

December 21, 1887 Wednesday/ snowed all day and drifted some, done nothing but chores, not cold, 12 above zero all day

December 22, 1887 Thursday/ clear and pleasant, quite warm, Will Hill here this morning, Anna went to town, snowing tonight, but warm

December 23, 1887 Friday/ snowing and drifting all day not cold, averaged 10 deg. above zero

December 24, 1887 Saturday/ snowing little in morning, cleared off, nice day, Louisa and Ada went to town, had Christmas tree at Mrs. Groffs, came home and had little dance, Herm Miller here

December 25, 1887 Sunday/ clear and pleasant, had big dinner, lots of folks here, splendid weather

December 26, 1887 Monday/ cold and stormy all day, snowed part of the day, Anna gone to town with Billy to party

December 27, 1887 Tuesday/ 6 below zero in morning, snowed and drifted all day, Ralph got Sli??? Irons from Crowher

December 28, 1887 Wednesday/ 18 below zero, cold and blustery all day, sawed little wood, Old James here tonight

December 29, 1887 Thursday/ 20 deg. below zero this morning but pleasant, took calf over to McCrufans, Ralph went to town with load of oats, Billy gone to Woleston’s party

December 30, 1887 Friday/ 6 above zero, wind south east blowing hard and drifting, regular blizzard all day, badly blocked up, not cold

December 31, 1887 Saturday/ warm but cloudy and snowing fast, all drifted up, snowed and drifted all day, 20 above zero in morning

(in the last pages of this diary are pages that must be way out of date, I believe they are from after Anna was married to Billy which would be c 1888-it looks like it was spring/summer as he says “last day of school and he mentions fishing and lots of rain) I will try to fit these pages in when I find where they go)


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