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William Cross' Diaries
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[*In the front of this diary is written Leader Co Janesville, Rock Co, Wis also is Linseed Oil-2oz, Alcohol 2 oz, Spt Turpentine 2oz, Amonia 1oz, Oil Spike ozthen on the next page is written Grafting wax, 3 parts resin, 2 parts beeswax, 1 part lard at the bottom of this page is written Cholera cure-Equal parts Tincture Cayenne, Tincture of opium, Tincture of Rhubarb, Essence of peppermint, Spirits of camphor. Dose 15 to 30 drops in water, apply every 2 hours, next day grea??, next day wash-apply on again, apply 4 times, wash every ??? for a week 

January 1, 1884 Tuesday/ Cold and blustering all day; Ralph, Billy and girls went to town to party, Claude went with them; 2 below zero in morning; 12 below zero 8 oclock in evening

January 2, 1884 Wednesday/ Sunshine and pleasant, 16 below zero in morning; Ralph, Billy and girls got home at noon; Jed Stewart came and stayed all night

January 3, 1884 Thursday/ Clear and pleasant, 22 below zero in morning, averaged 14 all day, 20 at bedtime; Fred and Henry here in evening

January 4, 1884 Friday/ 31 below zero in morning, sunshine and clear, stayed at 31 all day, light blizzard in afternoon, the same at bedtime

January 5, 1884 Saturday/ Clear and pleasant, 32 below zero in morning; went to town with Billy

January 6, 1884 Sunday/ 18 below zero in morning, 10 degrees all day, pleasant; Billy pony badly lamed

January 7, 1884 Monday/ Cloudy but pleasant, 12 below zero in morning; getting ready to go to Jackson; went to Jackson

January 8, 1884 Tuesday/ Went to town with Mike, stayed all day; played pool; getting warmer

January 9, 1884 Wednesday/ Warm and pleasant; helped Mike get some wood

January 10, 1884 Thursday/ Cold and storming all day; Mell and Mike went to town; played cards in evening

January 11, 1884 Friday/ Cold south wind; came home from Jackson; snowed and drifted in afternoon

January 12, 1884 Saturday/ Warm and thawing; made new tongue for bobsleigh; Louisa went fishing to Imogene, didnt get any; Ralph went after her with sleigh

January 13, 1884 Sunday/ Warm and pleasant; young folks went to Doyles in evening; Henry and Fred here

January 14, 1884 Monday/ Cold N.W. wind; moved Styles house from McNearny place

January 15, 1884 Tuesday/ Getting warmer; busted oak logs with powder; Hattie and Billy went to town

January 16, 1884 Wednesday/ Ralph and Mell went to town; Fred and Henry here in evening

January 17, 1884 Thursday/ Warm and thawing; blocked up Styles building; played cards

January 18, 1884 Friday/ Cold and blustering; Nellie sick; George Jones here in evening; dancing

January 19, 1884 Saturday/ Clear and cold, 22 below zero in morning; Ralph and Mell took 4 sacks of wheat to town; got boiler

January 20, 1884 Sunday/ Pleasant day; fixed sleighs; house full in evening

January 21, 1884 Monday/ Worked on Billys house; thawed some; Milo was here and wife stayed short time

January 22, 1884 Tuesday/ Filed and set Billys saw; Mell went to Huntly; Billy and Ralph went to town in evening; C. Bowdry here, gave Louisa barometer; George went to East Chain to spelling

January 23, 1884 Wednesday/ drifting some, 14 below zero in morning; Ralph stayed last night with Billy; 22 below zero at bedtime

January 24, 1884 Thursday/ 30 below zero in morning

January 25, 1884 Friday/ Snowed little; went to town with Mell; Eb Millard came here; party at Billy Hays; Ganoe and Anna played; big crowd

January 26, 1884 Saturday/ Billy and I went to town; pleasant day, snowed in evening, drifted a little

January 27, 1884 Sunday/ Louisa went to East Chain; snowed all day; Ganoe and his wife here in evening; had lots of music

January 28, 1884 Monday/ Cut up oak tree, got up some of it; warm and thawing

January 29, 1884 Tuesday/ Thawing; Mell took load of wood to East Chain; Milo came after Hattie; Scot and Aclkey here with horse and cutter

January 30, 1884 Wednesday/ Little colder, 4 above zero; Crothers(?) girl here

January 31, 1884 Thursday/ Cold, cut and drawed wood; Mell went over and got some oats; Millard came here

February 1, 1884 Friday/ Thawing; cut wood for Billy; Mell and Millard went to East Chain; Ralph went to town with Old Bill

February 2, 1884 Saturday/ Thawing; all hands went to town; drove old Bill and Jim home; Fred Jones got home

February 3, 1884 Sunday/ House full all day; warm and pleasant

February 4, 1884 Monday/ Mell sold Old Bill and Jim; got load of ice; snowed in afternoon; snowing at bedtime; George and Fred here; not cold

February 5, 1884 Tuesday/ Mell and Louisa went to town; Billy and Ralph went to town

February 6, 1884 Wednesday/ Cold and blustering; Ada and Millard went to Pixlys; Mell went to Pixlys, brought Katie Murry home; young folks went to Rouses to party

February 7, 1884 Thursday/ Snowed all day, not cold; Mell took Katie Murry home; Fred and George here in evening; danced some; 6 degrees below zero in evening

February 8, 1884 Friday/ Mell took George and Anna to school; roads blocked with snow; Billy went to town to party, Hattie came home with him

February 9, 1884 Saturday/ 22 below zero in morning; Ralph, Billy, Mell and Millard gone to town, Ada went with them; Billy and Ralph came home 11 oclock

February 10, 1884 Sunday/ 10 degrees below zero in morning; Searl got hog, Milo was with him

February 11, 1884 Monday/ Mell and Millard went to East Chain; snowed all day

February 12, 1884 Tuesday/ Cold and blustering and snow all day; learned the game of Parcheesi; Mell and Louisa went to Bowdrys; got set of chairs from John; 12 degrees below zero at bed time

February 13, 1884 Wednesday/ 8 below zero in morning; Ralph and Billy gone to town

February 14, 1884 Thursday/ Stormed some; Millard and Mell went to Bud Nuts

February 15, 1884 Friday/ Cold and drifting all day; party at Billy Hays

February 16, 1884 Saturday/ All hands went to town; Mell and Millard stayed; Ferd Blanchard and wife came and stayed all night, Ferd went home Sunday morning, his wife stayed

February 17, 1884 Sunday/ Cold west wind, air full of frost; Ralph and Billy got load of ice from Imogene

February 18, 1884 Monday/ Ralph went to mill for Groff; Cold blustering day, thawed in afternoon

February 19, 1884 Tuesday/ Louisa washed; Ada and Carry went to Groffs visiting; cold blustering day; Charley Bowdry here

February 20, 1884 Wednesday/ Cold and blustering in forenoon, warm in afternoon; Ada and Carry went to Joness visiting; Katie Doyle came here; Ada came home; Hattie came from Murrys; Ralph went to town

February 21, 1884 Thursday/ Sick all day; Ferd came for Carry; Mell and Millard came home

February 22, 1884 Friday/ Billy, Hattie, and Ralph went to town to Firmans Ball, Mell and Katie went too

February 23, 1884 Saturday/ Dancers got home at night; snowed little

February 24, 1884 Sunday/ Fred Style here, brought his light rifle, had some shooting; all hands here to dinner; getting warmer

February 25, 1884 Monday/ West wind and thawing; boys got load of ice; took Billys shoes off; Ralph and Billy went to town and stayed all night;  ?iters girls here in evening; Mell and Millard went to Nuts

February 26, 1884 Tuesday/ Warm and pleasant, thawed all day; made ax helve for Billy; boys cut some wood 

February 27, 1884 Wednesday/ Cold and blustery, 6 degrees below zero in morning; Billy stayed here last night; frost and blizzard all day

February 28, 1884 Thursday/ 24 degrees below zero in morning, clear and pleasant

February 29, 1884 Friday/ Went to town with Fred Style; sick all afternoon; stayed at Ocidental all night

March 1, 1884 Saturday/ Came home with Bill ?ick (may be Pick or Peck) and wife, Tetrie and wife came along, all went back same night

March 2, 1884 Sunday/ The worst blizzard of the season all day, drifted badly

March 3, 1884 Monday/ Pleasant but cold; boys cut tree back of stable; Henry Style here in evening; Groff here, played Parcheesi all evening

March 4, 1884 Tuesday/ Cloudy but pleasant, commenced snowing, 10 oclock snowed all day; Ralph and Louisa went to town, Louisa intends to stay several days

March 5, 1884 Wednesday/ Billy and Hattie went to town; surprise party at Crow?ers; Fred and Henry here in evening; Mell and Milo here and took dinner; Cold but pleasant

March 6, 1884 Thursday/ Boys got 2 loads of wood; commenced snowing at noon, zero at bedtime

March 7, 1884 Friday/ Cold East wind, look like snow; boys sawing little wood; all hands went to Fairmont to party; Ralph and Anna played [*Ralph played fiddle and Anna played harp] , got home at 3 oclock

March 8, 1884 Saturday/ Warm and snowing slightly all day; Billys cow had calf

March 9, 1884 Sunday/ Sunshine and pleasant but cold; Billy and Hattie went to Halls in evening; Frank Freeman here and John Huston; wind blowing a gale all night

March 10, 1884 Monday/ Blowing and drifting like blazes, 28 above zero, still blowing great guns and thawing; Louisa came home with Style; looks like rain

March 11, 1884 Tuesday/ Last day of school; went to town meeting, came home in a blizzard, stormed until midnight

March 12, 1884 Wednesday/ Pleasant day but cold; young folks went to Fletcher Hills to party in evening

March 13, 1884 Thursday/ Pleasant and warm; Billy gone to town with oats to get coal from Groff

March 14, 1884 Friday/ Billy and Hattie gone to Blue Earth; party here in evening; thawing some

March 15, 1884 Saturday/ Pleasant and thawing; Charlie Math??? here, got 12 bushels of wheat; Ralph went to town; girls went to party at Crothers; George Titter here; Louisa went fishing

March 16, 1884 Sunday/ Warm and cloudy; Mell and Millard here, stayed all night; Billy and Hattie came home from Blue Earth, thawing

March 17, 1884 Monday/ Boys cut and drawed wood; thawed some, sleighing about gone; Millard took my light wagon, thawing

March 18, 1884 Tuesday/ Rained little all day; cleaned clock; Milo and Mike Miller came here, Mike stayed all night; played 66 in evening; knocked wolf teeth out of Tempest and Billys mouth; thawing

March 19, 1884 Wednesday/ Ralph took Mike to town with Billys team; snowed little all day; Katie Murry here little while; thawing

March 20, 1884 Thursday/ Damp, nasty day; Mell and Millard came here and stayed; fixed buggy for Millard; still thawing

March 21, 1884 Friday/ Cloudy and warm; boys cut and drawed basswood tree; Mell, Millard, Ralph, Ada, Anna; Flor???, and the 2 Style boys gone to Pixleys to party; 8 oclock in evening, raining like blazes

March 22, 1884 Saturday/ Went to town with Billy; George went to Whitneys

March 23, 1884 Sunday/ Millard and Mell went to town; pleasant day

March 24, 1884 Monday/ Cut some wood; Mell came home; pleasant day

March 25, 1884 Tuesday/ Got gun; cold north west wind; Mell and I went to town, got seed wheat; E. Carelton came home with us

March 26, 1884 Wednesday/ Mell took his brother down to his sisters; Anna, Ralph and Ada went to Pains to dance

March 27, 1884 Thursday/ Billy and I sawed wood all day; Mell went to town, got balance of seed wheat

March 28, 1884 Friday/ Mell and I sawed wood; all hands went to Fairmont to party, Ralph stayed

March 29, 1884 Saturday/ Mell went to Sherburn; Billy and I sawed wood; Hattie went to Wilkins

March 30, 1884 Sunday/ South East wind, blowed great guns; Billy went for Hattie

March 31, 1884 Monday/ Ralph and I cut wood all day; north wind and cold; Billy and Hattie went to town; Billy stayed all night

April 1, 1884 Tuesday/ Rained like blazes all day

April 2, 1884 Wednesday/ Mell went to Winnebago to mill; Mrs. Groff here visiting; I cut wood

April 3, 1884 Thursday/ Ada and mother went to Teaters visiting; Mell got home; commenced dragging for wheat

April 4, 1884 Friday/ Cut some wood; had party here in evening; Milo played; Billy sowed his oats on Jims place

April 5, 1884 Saturday/ Went to town, got new plow; Billy got his seed wheat; rained little in evening; Nellie had colt in the night

April 6, 1884 Sunday/ Cold north wind; Mell took Ralph to town to go to Minneapolis; snow blizzard in afternoon

April 7, 1884 Monday/ Mell drove Billy to Bowdrys and Tempest to East Chain; cold blustering day

April 8, 1884 Tuesday/ Commenced sowing wheat, sowed 6 bushels of ?ife; Mell dragged with the gray; cold northwest wind, spit snow

April 9, 1884 Wednesday/ Sowed wheat; Mell dragged with Betty and Nellie; cold northwest wind; Chauncy commenced sowing wheat

April 10, 1884 Thursday/ Finished sowing wheat; George dragged all day with Billy and Nellie

April 11, 1884 Friday/ Finished dragging wheat; commenced plowing in afternoon

April 12, 1884 Saturday/ Went to town; Mell went to Sherburn; I brought team home; Billy got 2 bushels of wheat in town; Milo mo? [* this could be moved or mowed]; Cold southeast wind   

April 13, 1884 Sunday/ Mell brought Soral horses home from Sherburn; cold southeast wind; let Style have 26 bushels oats; let C. Bowdry have 5 bushels of wheat and 1 bushel of Ser???ings; John got 1 bushel of same; rained little in evening

April 14, 1884 Monday/ Cold and rainy morning, rained all day

April 15, 1884 Tuesday/ Rained part of day, ploughed in afternoon

April 16, 1884 Wednesday/ Warm and pleasant; Ploughed all day; cleaned some oats

April 17, 1884 Thursday/ Cool but pleasant; finished plowing for oats

April 18, 1884 Friday/ Commenced sowing oats; heavy northwest wind and cold

April 19, 1884 Saturday/ Finished sowing oats; Mell went to town; Mrs. Winkins here visiting; wind fearful from northwest

April 20, 1884 Sunday/ Cold wind from northwest; Louisa and Mell went to Pixleys for plants; Shirley Barber went home; John Huston here after Lennys horse

April 21, 1884 Monday/ Planked my oat ground; northeast wind, cold as blazes; Mell and I went to town

April 22, 1884 Tuesday/ Drawed manure all day; Mell went to town

April 23, 1884 Wednesday/ Drawed manure all day; Mell went to East Chain for posts

April 24, 1884 Thursday/ Drawed manure; Mell came home at night

April 25, 1884 Friday/ Drawed manure; Ruble and wife here

April 26, 1884 Saturday/ Mell and I went to town; Billy and Hattie went to town

April 27, 1884 Sunday/ Cold and windy; Mell went to town with Millards horse

April 28, 1884 Monday/ went to town for fruit trees, Bill Groff went with me; Billy went to town

April 29, 1884 Tuesday/ Rained and blowed all day, thunderstorm in evening

April 30, 1884 Wednesday/ set out fruit trees; Bill and Chauncy went to Frank Rogers sale; Milo and wife here visiting

May 1, 1884 Thursday/ Finished setting fruit trees; Cold northwest wind; Billy gone to town

May 2, 1884 Friday/ Mell and Millard came here; Ada papered back room; got out manure

May 3, 1884 Saturday/ Mell and Millard went to Nuts; Ada finished papering

May 4, 1884 Sunday/ Millard left for Windorn; looks like rain; Mike and wife came here; Mell and Louisa went to Jim Wilson for roots

May 5, 1884 Monday/ Mike and Mell went to town, Billy and I went in afternoon

May 6, 1884 Tuesday/ Mike and Mell and the women folks went to East Chain visiting; I struck of sorn(?) lands; rained all afternoon 

May 7, 1884 Wednesday/ Plowed in forenoon; George plowed in afternoon; Mike at Groffs; had party in evening; Mike went home with Luke Nutter

May 8, 1884 Thursday/ Visited with Mike, let Mike have rifle; Mell went to Winnebago to mill

May 9, 1884 Friday/ Took Mike and wife to town to take cars, Ada went with us; helped Groff plant corn; Chauncy finished planting corn; Mell got home from mill

May 10, 1884 Saturday/ Finished plowing for corn; planked and dragged ground; Gessy Folet came here for horses; Mell went to town, got his buggy

May 11, 1884 Sunday/ Norwegians here to buy horses; played croquet some; Ada went home with Kate Murry

May 12, 1884 Monday/ Marked corn ground; Mell drove colts to Folets and back; Billy went to town; Groff went to town to work

May 13, 1884 Tuesday/ Commenced planting corn; Billy and Mell gone to town; George went to Doyles for corn; got seed corn from Stile

May 14, 1884 Wednesday/ Finished planting corn at 10 oclock

May 15, 1884 Thursday/ Mell got Billy shod; went to Bill Ringers [* this could be bell ringers]; started breaking plow for Style

May 16, 1884 Friday/ Mell started for pipestone; Charley Bowdry here; Fred got Bran and Shorts, five bags full

May 17, 1884 Saturday/ Planted my potatoes; Lola Hall here

May 18, 1884 Sunday/ Milo here and stayed all night; Bob Hall here for receipt

May 19, 1884 Monday/ Got load of hay for Billy; Milo went to East Chain; burnt hay land; assessor here; let Milo have 3 bags of oats

May 20, 1884 Tuesday/ Worked on road; rained in evening

May 21, 1884 Wednesday/ Rained most all day; put in 4 new fork handles; made new nick yoke for buggy and evener for dowble whifeltras [* I have no idea what this is-if anyone knows-please let me know!!!]

May 22, 1884 Thursday/ Billy Chauncy and I played sixty six in forenoon; rained most all day; fixed churn; made whiffeltrers

May 23, 1884 Friday/ Sold 16 posts to Mitchell for 3 dollars; helped get Styles colt fixed; Charley Whitney and boys here all evening; Cloudy, rained little

May 24, 1884 Saturday/ Cloudy and rainy this morning, went to Styles, took clamps and colt, fixed wire fence, covered raspberries with manure

May 25, 1884 Sunday/ Cool and cloudy all day, John Huston and Albert Hill here, Style boys here in evening, Featherstone stopped here, went to Styles folks, all went to Sunday school

May 26, 1884 Monday/ Worked on road part of forenoon, Charley Bowdry and Keeler here, worked on road in afternoon, James McMacurden got home from England, Bessie had calf

May 27, 1884 Tuesday/ Worked on road in forenoon, finished road work, Herman Miller came here and stayed all night, Milo here, Charley got cut on wire fence-swelled leg

May 28, 1884 Wednesday/ Whitney and wife here visiting, Charley Bowdry got four bags of wheat, Julya (Julia?) Martin went home with Doyle, Kate Murry went home, let Whitney have 3 bags of potatoes

May 29, 1884 Thursday/ Got wire from Style, built fence at foot of garden, got 40 pound gross weight of wire, Billy helped me fix wire fence, Louisa and George went fishing to Imogene. Ada went to Mitchells visiting.

May 30, 1884 Friday/ Finished building fence, cleaned load of wheat

May 31, 1884 Saturday/ Cool, went to town with 28 bu of wheat, got 70 cents, paid my taxes $18.25, tried hard to rain

June 1, 1884 Sunday/ Cool and cloudy, found 6 little pigs this morning in the pen, lots of people here, Milo and wife, John Mitchell, Mary Mitchell and Bert Rouse

June 2, 1884 Monday/ Cool, Commenced cultivating corn, Billys pony had colt, Hoffman here, Bob Hall brought colts to pasture, Anna went to Charley Bowdrys for groceries, Anna and George went to Murrys, stayed all night

June 3, 1884 Tuesday/ Cool, Milo ploughed his garden, Anna, Ada, and Kate Murry went to town to go to Jackson, hoed my Garden potatoes

June 4, 1884 Wednesday/ Billy ploughed piece of breaking, Nancy acted bad, hung screen door

June 5, 1884 Thursday/ Set posts to tie horses to, chored little, didnt do much of anything

June 6, 1884 Friday/ Cultivated my corn 2nd time, very warm, 90 degrees above zero, Pircey and Roids here in morning, Milo and wife here, planted his potatoes

June 7, 1884 Saturday/ Finished my corn, cultivated my potatoes, very warm, fixed cellar way

June 8, 1884 Sunday/ Very warm until night, got cool, no one here but John, helped Groff build fence, Billys horse got out and run away over the prairie, rained in the night

June 9, 1884 Monday/ Windy and cold, Louisa gone to Charley Bowdrys with butter, fixed the fence at outlet, Bill Hay here in morning

June 10, 1884 Tuesday/ Went to East Chain, worked on Hoffmans house

June 11, 1884 Wednesday/ Worked on Hoffmans house

June 12, 1884 Thursday/ Worked for Hoffman

June 13, 1884 Friday/ Worked for Hoffman

June 14, 1884 Saturday/ Worked for Hoffman, came home, found house full of dancing (18 no.)

June 15, 1884 Sunday/ All hands went crane hunting, cool and pleasant, S.E. wind, blowing quite hard, took dinner with Groff

June 16, 1884 Monday/ Worked for Hoffman, cultivated my corn the 3rd time, rain all around, got none

June 17, 1884 Tuesday/ Worked for Hoffman, rain all around got none

June 18, 1884 Wednesday/ Finished working for Hoffman, rained all around, got none

June 19, 1884 Thursday/ Very hot, Style commenced surveying his land, looks like rain, Ada and Louisa went to town with Nellie and buggy

June 20, 1884 Friday/ Built hog pen, very hot, Headly here, rain all around, us not a drop, Chauncy and wife here in evening, Style still surveying

June 21, 1884 Saturday/ Hot and cloudy, went to town with John Rich, came home with Teater, Anna and George went to town with gooseberries

June 22, 1884 Sunday/ Hot and looks like rain, John Huston here, Chauncy and Groff here, got $10 from Style

June 23, 1884 Monday/ Went to town with Billy, got Lennys horse, very hot, sent strawberries to Sherburn and Jackson

June 24, 1884 Tuesday/ Cultivated my potatoes, to hot, done nothing balance of day, 94 above zero, turned calves into pasture

June 25, 1884 Wednesday/ Cool and cloudy, cultivated corn in forenoon, Louisa gone to town in afternoon with team, let Style have 12 bushels of oats

June 26, 1884 Thursday/ Seta Hill, Mrs. Wilson, Mary Murphy, and Caroline Weber here, cultivated corn, very hot and windy

June 27, 1884 Friday/ Went to East Chain, got horses shod, had ax fixed, very hot, finished cultivating corn the 4th time

June 28, 1884 Saturday/ Went to town, Ada, Anna and Flora went with me, sold gooseberries

June 29, 1884 Sunday/ Very hot and sultry, Dan Wilkins and wife, Billy and Kate Doyle here, Kate Murry and Pixley here, Herman Miller, Groff, John Huston and Albers here.

June 30, 1884 Monday/ 98 degrees above zero, very hot, let Style have 14 bushels of oats, Billy helping Chauncy draw stone, went to town with Henry, had splendid shower of rain

July 1, 1884 Tuesday/ Pleasant and cool, Mitchell here, got some plants, cultivated my potatoes

July 2, 1884 Wednesday/ Louisas mother and Mr. Gilmore came here from Ohio visiting, Milo brought them from town

July 3, 1884 Thursday/ Cultivated my corn, finished, George went to town, got suit of clothes

July 4, 1884 Friday/ Went to town, had dull day, went to Pixleys in evening, stayed until midnight, Anna played, Fred Style went with me

July 5, 1884 Saturday/ Herman Miller here and stayed all night, everyone sleepy

July 6, 1884 Sunday/ Herman Miller went home, Groff went to town with him

July 7, 1884 Monday/ Went to town, got wagon fellows for one wheel, Billy went with me

July 8, 1884 Tuesday/ Fixed wagon wheel, Louisa and mother went to Fosses visiting

July 9, 1884 Wednesday/ Filled one wagon wheel and set tire. Louisa and her mother came home from Fosses, Mrs. White came here, Nancy cut on wire fence

July 10, 1884 Thursday/ Mrs. White here, all hands went berrying, Old Nellie little sick, Mrs. White gone home, turned Billy into pasture

July 11, 1884 Friday/ Raked little hay, showery all day, last day of school, fixed one hind wheel of wagon

July 12, 1884 Saturday/ Billy and I cocked some hay, went to town with George Jones, Mr. Gilmore went with Billy Doyle, got wagon rod

July 13, 1884 Sunday/ Cool and pleasant, Mr. Petrie and wife visiting at Groffs, Lenny Burton sent after Polly

July 14, 1884 Monday/ Got letter from Ralph, Louisa and I went to town, took Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore up to take the cars for Mapleton, got old Dick to work, got letter for Billy, Ada went to Coltons to work.

July 15, 1884 Tuesday/ Mowed hay part of day, Billy went to town and got self binder

July 16, 1884 Wednesday/ Cut Timothy hay, raked and cocked, folks went berrying, rained most all night, light drizzly showers. 

July 17, 1884 Thursday/ Took Tommy away from his mother, Billy went to town for his binder, drove Peter and Dolly, fixed my hay rack, drizzly and cloudy but warm, Old Dicks leg swelled again, cocked some hay, took Spotty to Styles, got wet as blazes

July 18, 1884 Friday/ Cool and pleasant, Billy gone to town for self binder, got home alright, Louisa and Anna gone to school section after berries, Mrs. Wilson here for gooseberries, got one load of hay in Billys barn, looks like rain, Milo came and stayed the night

July 19, 1884 Saturday/ Set Billys binder up and cut half acre of wheat. I got in seven loads of Timothy hay, Louisa went to school section for berries, Mrs. Wilson here after gooseberries, let Style have 2 bushels of oats

July 20, 1884 Sunday/ Stacked hay most all day, very warm, took Vicky to Styles

July 21, 1884 Monday/ Commenced cutting oats for Billy, very warm, rained in afternoon, blowed fearfully

July 22, 1884 Tuesday/ Cut oats for Billy all day, 94 above zero

July 23, 1884 Wednesday/ Ada and I went to town with Old Dick, got pork and cheese, finished Billys oats on Jims and commenced my wheat, very warm, Chauncy commenced cutting oats on Groffs, very hot

July 24, 1884 Thursday/ Cut wheat all day, Ada went to town, got twine, very hot, 94 above zero, rained quite a shower

July 25, 1884 Friday/ Cut wheat part of forenoon, broke down, went to East Chain, got fixed, finished my wheat, went 4 times around my oats, Ada gone to Chauncys to work, thunderstorm in evening, 96 above zero part of day

July 26, 1884 Saturday/ Cut oats all day with 5 horses didnt quite finished, cooler

July 27, 1884 Sunday/ Cool and pleasant, folks all gone to Sunday school

July 28, 1884 Monday/ Finished my oats and cut balance of day for Billy

July 29, 1884 Tuesday/ Finished cutting Billys oats

July 30, 1884 Wednesday/ Cut wheat on Billys breaking(?), rained little at noon, Mr. Billows and wife here from Kansas, cut wheat in afternoon

July 31, 1884 Thursday/ Finished cutting Billys wheat on breaking at noon, got 3 loads of hay, Billy and I went to town in afternoon

August 1, 1884 Friday/ Stacked Billys oats on Jims place, very windy, John Huston helped us

August 2, 1884 Saturday/ Showery and wet all day, done nothing, Ada, Anna, Flora, and John went to town with Billys team, George went to Charleys for oil

August 3, 1884 Sunday/ Took Groff part way to town, Met Milo brought him home with me

August 4, 1884 Monday/ Stacked my oats, Milo helped

August 5, 1884 Tuesday/ Rained little, stacked my wheat, Milo helped, Billy took Milo home, got gallon whiskey

August 6, 1884 Wednesday/ Went to East Chain to mill, took 5 sacks of wheat, stacked oats for Billy in afternoon, Billy finished cutting his wheat in forenoon, took Nellie to East Chain

August 7, 1884 Thursday/ Stacked oats for Billy in forenoon, sick all afternoon, John put up one stack, took down part of it next day, Mell came home from Dakota

August 8, 1884 Friday/ Finished Billys oats, Billy went to mill, I got my grist, had plow sharpened, Ada went to town with Mell

August 9, 1884 Saturday/ Stacked Billys wheat, all through stacking

August 10, 1884 Sunday/ Mell and Louisa got to East Chain, Billy and Huston gone to Lennys to get his house

August 11, 1884 Monday/ Louisa went to Murrys and stayed all night, mell went to town, Billy broke his mower and went to town, I commenced fixing my light wagon, Ada sold her steer

August 12, 1884 Tuesday/ Billy mowed all day, I worked on wagon, let Style have 4 sacks of oats

August 13, 1884 Wednesday/ Raked and cocked hay for Billy, went to East Chain with wagon wheels, cocked hay in evening

August 14, 1884 Thursday/ Mell mowed all day for me, I went to town, got wagon tire, George killed pelican

August 15, 1884 Friday/ Mell mowed in forenoon, Billy and John gone hunting, blowed all day, put up 150 cocks of hay, George raked all afternoon, Mell and Ada went to town so did John, rained little in night, got my wagon tire home

August 16, 1884 Saturday/ Cloudy and windy, looks like rain, 10 oclock commenced hauling hay, to wet, raked and cocked, rained heavy, Mell went to town and stayed all night, Jim Burton here to dinner, took his cow home

August 17, 1884 Sunday/ Cloudy and misty, Louisa and Billy gone to Pixleys

August 18, 1884 Monday/ Went to East Chain, got my wagon fixed

August 19, 1884 Tuesday/ Painted my wagon, Ada gone to Murrys, Mell and I went to town, drove Billy and Billys colt, blowed fearfully in night

August 20, 1884 Wednesday/ Rained little in morning, stacked hay all day, Al Davis and wife from St. Louis here to dinner, Mell gone to town to send for machine extries(?)

August 21, 1884 Thursday/ Stacked Billys hay and part of mine, Billy went to town, man bought school section, commenced hauling lumber for his house, Davis and wife here to dinner

August 22, 1884 Friday/ Billy and Davis gone hunting, Mell and George gone to town, I put hangers on my stack, Fred Style here in evening

August 23, 1884 Saturday/ Cut little hay, stacked some, Ada came home from Murrys, Petrie came home with Groff

August 24, 1884 Sunday/ Rained most all day, Jim Burton here after his calf, bought Jims house, Petrie stayed here all night

August 25, 1884 Monday/ Mell, gruff and Petrie went to town, commenced plowing, very dry

August 26, 1884 Tuesday/ Mell mowed, I cocked, George plowed, Billy went to town

August 27, 1884 Wednesday/ drawed hay all day, Mell threshed for Mitchell in afternoon, machine broke down, rained little, John and his mother moved to Lennys house

August 28, 1884 Thursday/ George plowed all day, fixed Billys pump, very hot-90 above zero, heavy wind at night, thunder and lightning

August 29, 1884 Friday/ Mell mowed some

August 30, 1884 Saturday/ Mell went to town, Herman Miller came home with him

August 31, 1884 Sunday/ Mell took Herman to town

September 1, 1884 Monday/ Hattie and Girty Grant here all day

September 2, 1884 Tuesday/ Mell threshed for Mitchell, I painted his buggy

September 3, 1884 Wednesday/ Threshed for Teeter all day

September 4, 1884 Thursday/ Finished Teeters threshing in forenoon, moved to Chauncys, threshed in afternoon

September 5, 1884 Friday/ Finished Chauncys threshing in forenoon, brought machine here

September 6, 1884 Saturday/ Rained in morning, pleasant day

September 7, 1884 Sunday/ Threshers came here at night

September 8, 1884 Monday/ Threshed my oats and one stack of wheat, rained all afternoon fearfully

September 9, 1884 Tuesday/ Threshers went home, Carlos(or Cartos) took my buggy looking for jobs, Lola Hall here, went to Lukes to dance

September 10, 1884 Wednesday/ Carlos went home, Mell and I went to town, got meat and sugar

September 11, 1884 Thursday/ Commenced and finished my wheat, 220 bushels and 403 of wheat

September 12, 1884 Friday/ Threshed for Billy

September 13, 1884 Saturday/ Finished threshing for Billy, moved to Hills and threshed one setting of oats

September 14, 1884 Sunday/ Cloudy and rainy in morning

September 15, 1884 Monday/  Helped Hill thresh in forenoon, very windy, look like rain, George plowed

September 16, 1884 Tuesday/ Finished plowing for wheat, Mell drove colts to town, took load of damp wheat to Jims house to dry

September 17, 1884 Wednesday/ Mell started for Dakota, Billy gone to town with load of wheat, George gone hunting ducks

September 18, 1884 Thursday/ Very windy and cool, finished my plowing, Kate Hall here, helped Billy fix his colt stable

September 19, 1884 Friday/ Billy cut 2 loads of hay for me

September 20, 1884 Saturday/ Helped Style thresh, fixed stacks, drew 2 loads of hay

September 21, 1884 Sunday/ nothing written

September 22, 1884, Monday/ Helped Style finish thresh in forenoon, he had 1300 bushels of oats and 144 of wheat

September 23, 1884 Tuesday/ Style took his wood to town, Billy cut hay in forenoon, we drew it in afternoon, filled his barn

September 24, 1884 Wednesday/ First day of fair, cleaned 22 bushels of wheat, rained some

September 25, 1884 Thursday/ Took load of wheat to town, Louisa and Anna and Flora went with me, George went too and stayed all night

September 26, 1884 Friday/ Went to fair, took all the folks, drove colts, got caught in rain, stayed all night

September 27, 1884 Saturday/ Came home this morning, done nothing, I drove Billys team and he drove mine

September 28, 1884 Sunday/ John Hall, Lucy Leat and Hattie here

September 29, 1884 Monday/ Took Louisa and Ada to town to go to Jackson to fair, husked load of corn, Lola hall came to stay with Anna, thunder and lightning but no rain, Gream and wife arrived from England

September 30, 1884 Tuesday/ Billy took load of oats to town, I put plank in Nellies stall and fixed the stable, cool and pleasant

October 1, 1884 Wednesday/ Rained all day, went to town after Ada and her mother, saw Gream and Jim

October 2, 1884 Thursday/ Pleasant and windy, George took Lola home, Fred Houseman here to buy cow, didnt sell

October 3, 1884 Friday/ Done nothing all day, Billy went to town, stayed all night, had party here in evening

October 4, 1884 Saturday/ Went to town, John Huston went with me, very muddy, drove colts

October 5, 1884 Sunday/ Windy and cool, Mr. Robinson(?) and Kate, Jule and Mary Murry here all afternoon, Mitchell and wife and Bills wife here visiting

October 6, 1884 Monday/ Cool and pleasant, George plowing for Billy

October 7, 1884 Tuesday/ Billy went to Winnebago to mill, rained in afternoon, very cold

October 8, 1884 Wednesday/ Took seeling(?) of Jims house, George plowed for Billy, Billy got home from Winnebago with grist, Henry Style came in evening to tell us Ralph was sick

October 9, 1884 Thursday/ Heard Ralph was sick, went to town to see about it, think tis a hoax [this is written think tis ahoaks]

October 10, 1884 Friday/ Finished taking ceiling out of Jims house, George plowed for Billy while he went to heard for cattle, Claude Turner came here and stayed

October 11, 1884 Saturday/ Cool and pleasant, Claude gone hunting, Kate Murry stayed here

October 12, 1884 Sunday/ nothing written

October 13, 1884 Monday/ Claude Turner commenced grubing for Bill Groff

October 14, 1884 Tuesday/ Kate Murry of Fairmont came here and stayed, Anna and Kate went visiting to East Chain

October 15, 1884 Wednesday/ Dug my potatoes, Billy and Claude helped me, 40 bushels in cellar, about 15 in pit

October 16, 1884 Thursday/ nothing written

October 17, 1884 Friday/ Young folks went to Lukes to party, OConner and Mrs. Murry came after Miss Murry and took her home

October 18, 1884 Saturday/ Billy went to town, took Kate Murry with him, Fred Harlow here after Ada

October 19, 1884 Sunday/ Miss Lausen and a whole houseful of company here

October 20, 1884 Monday/ Husked load of corn, drawed some manure, rained in afternoon  

October 21, 1884 Tuesday/ Went to town, Ada went to Eiding house to work republican convention

October 22, 1884 Wednesday/ Drew manure all day, Claude Turner helped me, drew in 2 loads of corn for Groff, first frost of the season, froze quite hard

October 23, 1884 Thursday/ Drawed manure with one wagon, Claude gone to work for Chauncy, Billy drawed load of good for Mr. Schultz for our town, hard frost, froze inch ice

October 24, 1884 Friday/ Finished hauling manure from horse barn, Billy hauled some wood, Joe Hide and wife here to buy colt, little sick

October 25, 1884 Saturday/ Commenced husking corn, Billy helped me

October 26, 1884 Sunday/ House full of people all day

October 27, 1884 Monday/ Husked corn, Claude helped in afternoon, Billy all day

October 28, 1884 Tuesday/ Husked corn all day, Billy and Claude helped, Ada came home on Tuesday

October 29, 1884 Wednesday/ Finished husking corn, Billy and Claude helped me, the two German women here in evening

October 30, 1884 Thursday/ Went to town with Billy, took 5 sacks of wheat 53 cents per bushel, got lumber for hen house, Louisa went to Ackleys visiting

October 31, 1884 Friday/ Worked on hen house, Ben Voreise(?) here, folks all went to Pixleys, Anna went home with Lukes folks

November 1, 1884 Saturday/ Finished my hen house, Billy helped me, Claude didnt come home today, 10 oclock-must go to bed

November 2, 1884 Sunday/ Lola Hall here and John Hustin, Milo went past here, him and his wife went to Wilkins

November 3, 1884 Monday/ Beautiful day, Teeter and Groff cleaned grist for mill, commenced to build back house, Groff had team to bank house, Billy helped him

November 4, 1884 Tuesday/ Went to town to election

November 5, 1884 Wednesday-November 22, 1884 Saturday/ Nothing written

November 23, 1884 Sunday/ Two weeks ago Groff went to wells to work and I have worked on the old house ever since, coldest day of the season, down to zero this morning, rain and sleet, Style boys traded horses

November 24, 1884 Monday/ Icy and cold, got little wood, Groff came home, 5 below zero in morning, got work bench in, George Jones here in evening and Groff

November 25, 1884 Tuesday/ Threatens to snow, warmer, Lawson folks here in evening, made hen house door, cut down oak tree

November 26, 1884 Wednesday/ Drawed and cut wood all day, Laundry Queen man here-done washing

November 27, 1884 Thursday/ Billy and I sawed wood all day, girls went to party at Rob Hills

November 28, 1884 Friday/ Cloudy and warm, built fence around stack

November 29, 1884 Saturday/ nothing written

November 30, 1884 Sunday/ Nothing written

December 1, 1884 Monday/ Billy ?? for Groff, killed Bills hog, fixed yard fence

December 2, 1884 Tuesday/ Cut oak tree on lake shore, drawed some wood, Claude Turner and a stranger came and stayed all night, sold Bessie and heifer to Houseman for 50?

December 3, 1884 Wednesday/ Fred Houseman came and got 2 cows, Billy helped drive them, Claude and friend here yet

December 4, 1884 Thursday/ Claude and friend gone to town, Bill and I cut some wood, Ada and her mother gone to Fletchers Hill visiting

December 5, 1884 Friday/ Misty and frosty all day, boys skating, cased door, Anna went to party at Betzia

December 6, 1884 Saturday/ Foggy and rainy, Billy, Louisa and Ada went to town, Claude and George went to Imogene fishing, rain and sleet all day, tied the cows up the first time this fall

December 7, 1884 Sunday/ nothing written

December 8, 1884 Monday/ Mrs. Martin came here, Billy went to town, Fred Style came after his harness, warm and pleasant

December 9, 1884 Tuesday/ Billy hasnt got back yet, Bill Groff gone to Wells to work, Hill got my bob sled to take hogs to town

December 10, 1884 Wednesday/ Ralph and Herman came home from St. Paul

December 11, 1884 Thursday/ Billy and I went to town, Ralph and Herman went to Jackson with Nellie and Cutter

December 12, 1884 Friday/ Billy got 3 loads of ice, all hands went to Wilsons to party, Mrs. Martin went home with Dorothy

December 13, 1884 Saturday/ Billy and Lenny went to town, George sold his rats, snowed all night, drifted some

December 14, 1884 Sunday/ Jed Stewart here, brought some pop corn, John Huston here, pleasant day

December 15, 1884 Monday/ Clear and cold down to zero, Pain and Henry Betts here for Ralph and Anna to play, Billy went to town, got new suit of clothes

December 16, 1884 Tuesday/ Clear and cold, 8 degrees below zero, George Jones and Henry Style, Lenna and her mother all here in evening, colder

December 17, 1884 Wednesday/ Coldest morning of the season, 12 degrees below zero in morning, Lola Hall came to stay all night, 12 degrees below at bedtime, Claude and Bob here, Billy went to town, Mr. Lausen moved to his new house, let Shultz have bag of corn 

December 18, 1884 Thursday/ 4 degrees below zero at 8 oclock in morning, sunshine and pleasant, Herman and Ralph came from Jackson, drove Nellie and Old Bill Mells horse, Ada went home with Lola, 10 degrees below zero all day, 18 below at bedtime

December 19, 1884 Friday/ South East wind, cold as blazes, Anna and boys went to Pixleys to party, froze all the plants in the house

December 20, 1884 Saturday/ Blustery South East wind but warmer, Ralph gone to town with Cutter, came home late, Billy came home and went back again, Bill Groff came home from Wells

December 21, 1884 Sunday/ Quite warm, snowed most all day, boys drove colts

December 22, 1884 Monday/ Clear and cold, drifting little, 14 below zero in morning, Henry Style and Groff here in evening, played Parcheesi and 6?, 10 below zero at bedtime

December 23, 1884 Tuesday/ Cloudy and threatens snow, Ralph gone to Doyles to ask them to party, killed hog, Billy came home, 2 degrees below zero at bedtime

December 24, 1884 Wednesday/ 18 below zero in morning, Ralph gone to Hustons for syrup, Mell came here from Dakota

December 25, 1884 Thursday/ Had party, good time, Billy gone to town to stay day or two, 10 degrees below zero all day

December 26, 1884 Friday/ Wind south, cold as blazes and drifting, 15 above zero at bedtime

December 27, 1884 Saturday/ Young folks went to town, Ralph stayed all night, Mell left for Dakota, quite warm

December 28, 1884 Sunday/ Fletcher and wife and Rupert Ganoe here, cloudy and warm, Ralph came home, Groff folks all here

December 29, 1884 Monday/ Cut oak tree, got 2 loads of wood, all hands went to Se??ers visiting, cloudy and warm, Rupert stayed all night

December 30, 1884 Tuesday/ Cloudy but warm, young folks all gone to town to party at Ocidental, warm but blustering, Ada started for Jackson

December 31, 1884 Wednesday/ Blizzard all last night and all day today, folks came home this afternoon, still stormy, Louisa went to Schultzs visiting, Fred and Groff here, threw dice


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