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William Cross' Diaries
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Background to the Diaries

January 1 1881 Saturday/Warm and pleasant

January 2, 1881 Sunday/Stormy Blizzard

January 3, 1881 Monday/Clear and pleasant

January 4, 1881 Tuesday/Clear and pleasant

January 5, 1881 Wednesday/Warm and snowing; struck water

January 6, 1881 Thursday/Frost blizzard

January 7, 1881 Friday/Clear and cold

January 10, 1881 Monday/ Very cold a light flurry of snow all day

January 11, 1881 Tuesday/ Wind south, very cold, frxxx(?) plants in cellar

January 12, 1881 Wednesday/ Cold in the morning, pleasant afternoon, light flurry of snow at night

January 13, 1881 Thursday/ Pleasant but cold; Styles [*This may be F.M. Stile listed in the 1880 Fairmont Census] and Ralph [*This is Williams son] gone to Blue Earth with wheat

January 14, 1881 Friday/ Warm and pleasant; folks went to Imogene fishing; Rupert Jano and Jimmy Caston are here tonight.

January 15, 1881 Saturday/ Snow storm, light blizzard; watered the cattle at Billys [Is this William Hay-future husband of Williams daughter Anna-in the 1880 Fairmont census he is living with William?] pump

January 16, 1881 Sunday/ Cold south wind, drifted in the evening fearfully, snowed a little, getting warmer about 9 oclock at night

January 17, 1881 Monday / North west wind warm and pleasant

January 18 Tuesday/ South wind warm and pleasant; killed hog; Gream Burton came from Mains, stayed all night; played cards in the evening.

January 19, 1881 Wednesday/ South wind warm and pleasant; Bill Hodgeman [*He is listed in the 1880 Fairmont census as William Hodgeman with wife Ella and 1 year old son named William] got load of wood; cut down oak tree behind granary; Ada gone to Fairmont with Stile(?)

January 20, 1881 Thursday/ Went to Fairmont with Will and Gream; wind south warm, slight thaw

January 21, 1881 Friday/ South wind warm and pleasant; played pea knuckle at Bill Groffs[*This was a neighbor of Williams in the 1880 Fairmont census] in evening; wind N.W.; came home 10 oclock

January 22, 1881 Saturday/ Wind N.W., snowing slightly but warm, snowed all day, keeps warm

January 23, 1881 Sunday/ East wind warm; women gone to Mitchels; Mrs. Hoffman dying

January 24, 1881 Monday/ Warm and cloudy; filed saw for bxxx(?); Hattie gone to Fairmont to work;  Mrs Hoffman alive yet; Louisa went East Chain for groceries; Gream stayed at Fairmont

January 25, 1881 Tuesday/ Cloudy and cold; Main brought home farming mill; paid Stile two dollars; made hand sled; getting colder; Mrs. Martin came here

January 26, 1881 Wednesday/ West wind, frost, blizzard

January 27, 1881 Thursday/ Wind N.W., pleasant; went to town with Billy; got thermometer got 11/2 bushels of apples, 7 onions

January 28, 1881 Friday/ Wind S.E., cloudy and warm, snowstorm in afternoon; Ralph and Rupert came home; Katie Murry stopping here

January 29, 1881 Saturday/ Wind S.E., warm and cloudy; Ralph and Rupert Katie and Anna gone to P.O(?); thawing this evening; looks like rain

January 30, 1881 Monday/ Cool and pleasant; boys got load of ice; women, Katie and Anna gone over to Stiles; all alone; bad headache and sore throat; Mrs. Hoffman died

January 31, 1881 Tuesday/ Wind S.E., storming, light snow afternoon, snowing like blazes 10D. above zero; sick all night

February 1 Tuesday/ Pleasant but cool; D. Sheriff [ William Bird 1880 census] came with subpoena; had to go to court in the Cole case [Scharlott Cole age 23 servant 1880 census]; Hattie came home with us

February 2, 1881 Wednesday/ Great storm begins, wind S.E, drifting fearfully, not cold, drifted and blowed all day, still at it 9 oclock, getting ready for bed

February 3, 1881 Thursday/ Wind S.E, warm and cloudy, everything drifted up with snow, 13 above zero, drifted all night

February 4, 1881 Friday/ Wind S.E, drifting and snowing fearfully, the worst storm I ever saw from that quarter, 8 oclock at night, still storming, everything covered up

February 5, 1881 Saturday/ Storm still continues even worse, everything covered up, 20 above zero (10 oclock), stormed all day up to 10 oclock, warm

February 6, 1881 Sunday/ Warm and pleasant but cloudy till noon, commenced snowing and blowing like fury, 10 at night blowing and drifting as bad as ever

February 7, 1881 Monday/ Wind S.E, cloudy and warm, 35 above zero

February 8, 1881 Tuesday/ Wind S.E, sunshine and thawing

February 9, 1881 Wednesday/ Wind S.E, warm and pleasant; Main, Gream and Wickham came here and stopped a while; fixed chair

February 10, 1881 Thursday/ Wind S. E, warm and cloudy; Wickham brought a keg of whiskey on his back from Main

February 11, 1881 Friday/ Wind N.W, cloudy threatens to snow; Gream and Wickham came and stayed till 4 oclock

February 12, 1881 Saturday/ Wind N.W, frost, blizzard all day, 12 above zero all day; played cards part of day

February 13, 1881 Sunday/ Sunshine warm and pleasant

February 14, 1881 Monday/ Cold but pleasant; boys drawed wood with ponies; snowed in evening; Ada came home from Olders [*This is the Older family-Francis Older is the father with children Seth-age 22 and Nettie-age 12 in the 1880 census there were other children as well]

February 15, 1881 Tuesday/ Still snowing lightly, getting warmer; Rupert, Louisa and Billy gone to town with ponies

February 16, 1881 Wednesday/ Clear and cold, 20 below zero at daylight; Louisa gone to Maetin(?), stayed all night

February 17, 1881 Thursday/ Wind S.W and cloudy; going to town; got well buckets and rope; got home early; snowed a little

February 18, 1881 Friday/ Cold in the morning; went to bxwxdry(?) to get my order; filled Billys barn with hay

February 19, 1881 Saturday/ Wind south, cold but pleasant; Herman Miller was here in the evening and played cards

February 20, 1881 Sunday/ Clear and pleasant; Ralph gone to Blue Earth with Rupert

February 21, 1881 Monday/ Sunshine and pleasant 32 above zero all day, thawed a little

February 22, 1881 Tuesday/ Cloudy but warm afternoon, Drifting and snowing, getting colder

February 23, 1881 Wednesday/ 20 below zero at daylight, sunshine and pleasant; Louisa gone to Murrys visiting, stayed all might

February 24, 1881 Thursday/ Wind S., Sunshine and pleasant

February 25, 1881 Friday/ Pleasant but cold; Gream came here in the evening and stayed

February 26, 1881 Saturday/ Warm and pleasant, thawed all day, blowing in the evening; played cards at Groffs; Louisa came home

February 27, 1881 Sunday/ Clear and cold; stayed at home all day

February 28, 1881 Monday/ 14 below zero at sunrise, clear and pleasant, thawing slightly

March 1, 1881 Tuesday/ Cold S.E. wind; Bill Groff cleaned a load of wheat

March 2, 1881 Wednesday/ Wind N.E. cloudy, snowed part of the day, 4 oclock stopped snowing, 14 above zero; cut down big oak back of granary

March 3, 1881 Thursday/ Warm and cloudy, snowed a little and drifted all day; Ada gone to Murrys; Herman and Marion here all day

March 4, 1881 Friday/ Frost blizzard; reading all day

March 5, 1881 Saturday/ Warm and pleasant; Herman and Bill Chaney and Gream played cards all afternoon

March 6, 1881 Sunday/ Warm and pleasant; all the people on this street here; Provis(?) stayed all night; Charley stayed with Stiles

March 7, 1881 Monday/ Warm and thawing; Gream and Louisa went to town; Stiles sheep killed by wolves; sold load of corn; Billy gone to Winnebago

March 8, 1881 Tuesday/ Warm and pleasant; went to town with Chancey; Louisa came home with us; calf ran away; Gream stayed in town-Town meeting

March 9, 1881 Wednesday/ Warm and thawing; dug round apple tree; Bill Hodgman cut wood; Ralph and Charley found calf; Charley went home and Provis(?) came

March 10, 1881 Thursday/ Cloudy but warm; bought 2 b. potatoes from Chauncy [Chancy Jones age 40 in 1880 census]; women gone to Stiles; Hodgemans afterward; last day of school; storm of snow; fearful blizzard, all drifted up

March 11, 1881 Friday/ Fearful snow blizzard lasted all day and all night; not cold

March 12, 1881 Saturday/ Drifted and snowed all day; bed time warm but snowing yet; Provis here yet

March 13, 1881 Sunday/ Sunshine and pleasant; Provis, Stiles and James here to supper; Provis started home got stuck and came back

March 14, 1881 Monday/ Provis gone home; cloudy and frosty; 10 below zero in morning commenced snowing at 8 oclock; snowing and blizzard at bed time; sharp lightning in the evening

March 15, 1881 Tuesday/ Cloudy and warm, thawed a little, snowed in the night, 36 above zero part of the day

March 16, 1881 Wednesday/  Cloudy and warm, threatened snow; got corn dug out and in granary

March 17, 1881 Thursday/ Cloudy and cool; went to town with Billy, Gream came home with us

March 18, 1881 Friday/ Cloudy and cool; husked corn; Ralph and Charley went to East Chain; Ralph went to town with Billy, got Georges boots

March 19, 1881 Saturday/ Cloudy and cold; sold Billy load of corn; played cards at night; went to bed at 12 oclock

March 20, 1881 Sunday/ Sunshine and warm; Provis, Charley, Stile and James here to supper; got some flow(?) from Chauncy

March 21, 1881 Monday/ Cloudy and warm; Billy and Gram gone to town; Gream stayed the night; Billy paid me 5 dollars

March 22, 1881 Tuesday/ Sunshine and warm; Bill and Chancy got to town; Bill took three sacks of wheat; went on wolf hunt, got nothing

March 23, 1881 Wednesday/ Warm and pleasant; filled Billys barn; got 7 bushels of potatoes from Stile

March 24, 1881 Thursday/ Went to town, bought meat and Ralphs boots; Gream came home with us; warm and thawing

March 25, 1881 Friday/ Cloudy and cold; Ralph went to town with Style; Style and James here to supper

March 26, 1881 Saturday/ Clear and cold; Gream took dinner with Groff; Louisa sick all day and all night; dug out apple trees

March 27, 1881 Sunday/ South wind and thawing; Louisa still sick; Sherm Whitney here to supper; James too

March 28, 1881 Monday/ Warm and cloudy, 44 above zero; fenced hay stack; brought hog home from Billys

March 29, 1881 Tuesday/ Cool but pleasant; Gream, Billy and I went to town, Gream stayed to go to Winnebago; Anna got her shoes; cold N.W. wind

March 30, 1881 Wednesday/ Cool and pleasant, didnt thaw much; hay press got here this afternoon; Kate Murry came here and stayed

March 31, 1881 Thursday/ Cold and stormy, frost, blizzard, 13 above zero, getting colder at night; John went to Groffs to supper

April 1, 1881 Friday/ Morning 5 oclock 10 below zero; commenced pressing hay, finished; warmer tonight

April 2, 1881 Saturday/ Hay pressers left this morning; cloudy and warm; Ada and Katie gone to town with Chancy, Gream came home with them

April 3, 1881 Sunday/ Cloudy and warm, slight snow; Mell Carelton and the folks gone to Murrys; Provis and Charley came and stayed the evening

April 4, 1881 Monday/ Clear and cold, stayed dry; Provis brought Ralph from town; got Buffalo fish; played pea knuckle in evening; 4 above zero

April 5, 1881 Tuesday/ Went to town with Stile, saw 3 wolves; hay presser came and stayed all night; 11 above zero at bed time; Ralph gone home with Stile

April 6, 1881 Wednesday/ Hay pressers gone to Tenhassen; Mell came this afternoon and stayed all night; Ralph, Ada and Hattie gone to party at Fairmont

April 7, 1881 Thursday/ Warm and thawing; Styles and the folks went to Imaogene fishing; Mell went to Tenhassen; Mitchell was over; sold Bill Groff tree; snowed in afternoon

April 8, 1881 Friday/ Warm and cloudy, warmest day we have had this spring; Billys colt died

April 9, 1881 Saturday/ Sick as blazes; Billy and Hattie went to town; Gream went to Mains and came back; sick yet

April 10, 1881 Sunday/ Cloudy and warm, snowed part of the day; got a sheep of Stiles; Bill Hill took supper; stayed in evening; Style and James here; Hattie went to Martins(?) in morning, came back

April 11, 1881 Monday/ Snowing like blazes; Style traded pony for plough; John Tanner here after girl; Groff here in the evening

April 12, 1881 Tuesday/ Cold and wintery, 20 above zero in morning; Style traded for plough; Style and James here to supper

April 13, 1881 Wednesday/ Clear and pleasant; cut big basswood tree; Style and Ada went to town; wind changing around to the south

April 14, 1881 Thursday/ Wind south, cold but pleasant; Jim Burton got home, he and Harry Searl took dinner here; Mell Carelton got here to supper and stayed all night

April 15, 1881 Friday/ Pleasant and sunshine; went to town with Billy and Gream; Jim came home with us; bought 20 lbs. Pork; Anna went to town and stayed; got home half past 4

April 16, 1881 Saturday/ Warmest day of the season; Gream, Billy and Jim took supper with Groff; George Jones and William Hill took supper here; sawed wood this afternoon; thawing yet, bedtime

April 17, 1881 Sunday/ Warm and thawing; dog fight-Chunk and Rover

April 18, 1881 Monday/ Very warm; sawed and split wood all day; Marion Jones worked for me today; went to see waterfront; Ralph cut his finger; Gream sawed all day

April 19, 1881 Tuesday/ Cut oak tree and sawed wood; Ralph gone to Jackson with Mell

April 20, 1881 Wednesday/ Cut wood all day- Gream, Marion and I; Wallace and Caston got here and stayed all night; Anna came home from Fairmont

April 21, 1881 Thursday/ Cut wood until noon; Caston and Wallace went home; shot at 2 geese with Jims rifle

April 22, 1881 Friday/ Foggy and warm; Jim and Billy gone to town and stayed all night; Mill and Ralph got home from Jackson; Louisa and Ada went to see about P.O.

April 23, 1881 Saturday/ Mells horse sick; Gream and Billy gone to town; Gream stayed; horse no better; 75 above zero; snow mostly gone; Billys gun went off-Busted Bureau

April 24, 1881 Sunday/ Very warm, 80 above zero; lent Style 10 baskets of corn; Hattie and July(Julie?) gone to town; got P.O.; thunder and rain

April 25, 1881 Monday/ Cool and cloudy; Billy and Jim went to Styles after his things; Gream and the two Warner boys were here to supper

April 26, 1881 Tuesday/ Commenced dragging; Jim gone to town with Chancy; Provis and Charley were here to dinner

April 27, 1881 Wednesday/ Commenced sowing wheat, sowed 8 bushels by hand; Mr. Nut came to see Mells horse; Groff commenced sowing

April 28, 1881 Thursday/ Sowing wheat; broke leader; sold 30 bushels of wheat to John Spencer and 10 to Chauncy Jones for 90 cts(?) per bushel; got Billys boat out; Groff finished sowing

April 29, 1881 Friday/ Finished sowing wheat 10 oclock; got Billys team to drag; finished dragging; husked corn for Billy

April 30, 1881 Saturday/ Went to town with Billy, Groff and Mell; rained a little; John Huston stayed all night

May 1, 1881 Sunday/ Drawed in three loads of corn for Billy; rained in forenoon some

May 2, 1881 Monday/ Planted potatoes; Bessy came in; dragged corn stalks in afternoon; Gream got some clothes; Louisa went to town with Mell

May 3, 1881 Tuesday/ Helped Billy husk corn; burnt corn stalks; Gream and the two Warners were here to supper; Nelly had colt; Jim went to town; Groff sowed patch wheat

May 4, 1881 Wednesday/ Wind south; cold, looks like rain; Louisa went to the mill with Billy, Groff and John; Provis got fanning mill, brought it home

May 5, 1881 Thursday/ Sowed wheat for Billy; Louisa got bag of potatoes from Style; let Billy have 16 bushels seed wheat

May 6, 1881 Friday/ Took calves away from cows; Jim went to town, came home with Mell; Gream and Warner were here to see Murphys horse

May 7, 1881 Saturday/ Went to town, rained all the way home; Hattie came home with Mell

May 8, 1881 Sunday/ Gream and the Warners were here, bought Mells horse; Style got some seed corn

May 9, 1881 Monday/ Dragged corn stalks with Topsy; light rain; cleaned seed oats; Jim went to town with Mell

May 10, 1881 Tuesday/ Plowed garden spot; sold 8 bushels of oats to Groff; sowed 4 bushels of oats; thunderstorm

May 11, 1881 Wednesday/ Sowed oats, Mell and Ralph cultivated them in; Big thunder storm; Mell and girls went to Murrys, came home at bed time; Topsy had a colt

May 12, 1881 Thursday/ Killed hog; went to town with Mell and Groff; bought lb salt; Groff took load of wheat, 78 cts per bushel; got Billys clover seed

May 13, 1881 Friday/ Cut hog up; rained; Mell gone home; John Castion came here; children caught lots of fish; sowed timothy seed

May 14, 1881 Saturday/ Dragged oats with Jims team; took banking from house; Ada went to town with Chancy; Groff and John went to East Chain

May 15, 1881 Sunday/ Marvin Davis was here, Louisa and Ada went to Mains with him; Billy and Jim went to Lennys; Mell and Katie Murry came from Huntly

May 16, 1881 Monday/ Sent yearlings to herd; plowed all day; Mell plowed for Groff in forenoon; went to town with wheat in afternoon; Caston left in morning

May 17, 1881 Tuesday/ Finished sowing oats; cleaned house; Billy finished plowing for oats; Mell went to town

May 18, 1881 Wednesday/ Plowed all day; repaired wire fence; got postal card from Mike Miller; drizzly rain all day; Mell marked Groff corn land

May 19, 1881 Thursday/ Plowed all day; used Mells team in afternoon; Lenny Burton and wife here; let Billy have 21 bushels seed oats

May 20, 1881 Friday/ Ralph finished corn land; went to town with Mell

May 21, 1881 Saturday/ Marked corn land; planted some; Mitchell here; Mary Gordin here; Mell and Groff went to town; Hattie came home with Marion

May 22, 1881 Sunday/ Planted some corn; Jim went to Blue Earth; Bry(?) came from town; Style and brother took supper here

May 23, 1881 Monday/ Finished planting corn; folks all went to town with Mell; got pictures taken; fixed fence; Gream, Searl and Warner were here

May 24, 1881 Tuesday/ Looked school section over; burned grass; fixed fence at back of stable; set current bushes out; Groff gone to town to work

May 25, 1881 Wednesday/ Cleared briars off foot garden; Ralph and Mell gone to town with wheat; burned side of road; got 85 cts per bushel, had 5 lb bushels

May 26, 1881 Thursday/ Got seed potatoes from supply; fixed cultivation; Ralph gone home with Mell; mail changed from daily to tri-weekly

May 27, 1881 Friday/ Planted potatoes; rain-thunder and lightning; very hot; planted one row of corn; Chancey  [Is this Chauncy?] got whiskers shaved off

May 28, 1881 Saturday/ Cloudy and cool; went to town in afternoon; bought screen wire; John Huston rode home with us; got bread box

May 29, 1881 Sunday/ Cool and pleasant; Ralph started west; Charley Wickham here; Mr. And Mrs. M.C. Cruden here in the evening with Style; rained hard

May 30, 1881 Monday/ Planted prolific potatoes sixth row; sold 7 bags of wheat to Rice, 90 cts, Mell gone to Vill Millers; Billy commenced planting corn

May 31, 1881 Tuesday/ Cloudy and cool; went to mill with wheat for rice, 37 bushels

June 1, 1881 Wednesday/ Hoes potatoes; went to town; paid 2 taxes $30.35; Billy sold his black Maris to Lowe $25.01; thunder and rain with little hail

June 2, 1881 Thursday/ Cloudy and very cool; cut weeds in oats and wheat

June 3, 1881 Friday/ Planted few hills of corn gophers took; bought cultivation; went to town in evening with Billy, got spokes for wheel

June 4, 1881 Saturday/ Worked all day on cultivation; Louisa went to town, brought Mrs. Patxxx(?) home with her

June 5, 1881 Sunday/ Cool and pleasant; Bill and Chauncy down to Billy; Petree(?) came down; Jim took them home with Billys team; Hattie went to town

June 6, 1881 Monday/ Split 44 posts; commenced raining, nasty day; got 2.50 in change from Billy

June 7, 1881 Tuesday/ Went to town to Land Lake; Billy bought 40 acres of school section

June 8, 1881 Wednesday/ Made cultivation wheel; painted wheels; Louisa went to Murrys

June 9, 1881 Thursday/ Went to mill corn and wheat, Jim went with me; Topsy took horse; Abe Manchester came here

June 10, 1881 Friday/ Cultivated corn; Louisa went to Doyls; Charley went for her; Jim and Billy went to Blue Earth; Style lost his colt

June 11, 1881 Saturday/ Rained most all day, heavy wind in afternoon; started for town, came back; Abe went to town in morning

June 12, 1881 Sunday/ Clear and pleasant, showers and thunder; Jim and Billy came home; Mell came here; had strawberries for dinner; Stile hasnt found his colt yet

June 13, 1881 Monday/ Went to town with George Jones; paid Wososton(?) $30; came home and set posts for Billy

June 14, 1881 Tuesday/ Cultivated corn, finished; had strawberries for supper

June 15, 1881 Wednesday/ Done nothing all day; went to Style in evening; very hot; Lester and Lile and Hekly stopped here for drinks

June 16, 1881 Thursday/ Billy gone to town; went to town, took Ada and Hattie; got lumber for bee hive

June 17, 1881 Friday/ Cultivated potatoes; fixed boat and made bee hive; Hattie gone to town with Billy to go to Huntly to work

June 18, 1881 Saturday/ Cold, rain storm; Billy stayed in town; heavy south east wind; got red birds; fixed boat; Anna gone to town with Fred Jones; Mell came with colts

June 19, 1881 Sunday/ Thunder and rain all day; Mell stayed; Jim and I ate dinner with Groff; Charley Wickham gone home; Whitney got strawberries; had short cake 

June 20, 1881 Monday/ Mell gone to Center C??; Billy and Jim gone to town; Murphy stuck notice hay land; Mary picking berries; Jim came home on foot; Billy got Flax seed

June 21, 1881 Tuesday/ Cultivated corn; Billy and Jim went to town to show school; Marvin(?) stayed here over night; got letter from lawyer about Swick

June 22, 1881 Wednesday/ Cultivated corn; Mell came here to dinner and went home; Jim went to town on foot; Billy went in afternoon, stayed all night

June 23, 1881 Thursday/ Hoed potatoes; Billy sowed flax; Nellie took horse; hoed pop corn; got letter from Ralph; thunder lightning rain and hail

June 24, 1881 Friday/ Provis and Charley here; went to town with Billy; brought team home; Billy went to Blue Earth with Vareau(?)

June 25, 1881 Saturday/ Sharpened all my tools; made bee hives; George drawed wood; Jim went to town, stayed and Billy came home; 2 Stiles and James here in evening

June 26, 1881 Sunday/ Cloudy and cool; went to Stiles; Gream and Warner and Pople (people?) were here; Kate Murry and Jake Tanner were here; Jim came home

June 27, 1881 Monday/ Rained last night; finished bee hive; very hot-92 above zero, 3 oclock 96; the two Stiles and James here to supper

June 28, 1881 Tuesday/ Done nothing, to hot, 98 in the shade; Style got cultivator this morning

June 29, 1881 Wednesday/ Cultivated corn in forenoon; helped survey in afternoon awhile; tired; Hoffman [In a newspaper article dated 1938 it states that Wm Cross helped William Hoffman build his log cabin near his own.] stopped, coming from Fairmont a little tight

June 30, 1881 Thursday/ Cloudy and hot; going to finish surveying this morning; went to town in afternoon; bought hat

July 1, 1881 Friday/ Jim and I cultivated corn in forenoon; land sales after dinner; Billy and Jim gone to town; Frank Rogers and Marion here in evening

July 2, 1881 Saturday/ Cultivated corn in forenoon, finished in afternoon; very hot-90 degrees; President Garfield Shot(written very large)

July 3, 1881 Sunday/ Hot; Charley here; Louisa and children gone to Sunday school; shaved for first time in 8 years; settled with Billy, me $25                

July 4, 1881 Monday/ Went to town with Style; hot and dusty; came home in the afternoon, went back in the evening, got home 10 oclock

July 5, 1881 Tuesday/ Very hot and cloudy; Jim and Billy aint home yet; went to town; got horses shod; report President cant live

July 6, 1881 Wednesday/ Rain in morning, light; mowed road to well; looks like rain; Jim came home from town; rained heavy

July 7, 1881 Thursday/ Very hot; went to mill; left grist; Jim went with me; Turner here; Topsy took horse; Frank Rogers got Peter

July 8, 1881 Friday/ Hot and sultry, streaming rain; went to town, got load of lumber-518 feet, Jim and Billy went with me, Jim stayed

July 9, 1881 Saturday/ Raining this morning; drawed and sharpened posts, laid down board and posts; Jim bought Edwards sheep; Style had little wagon to town; rained hard in night

July 10, 1881 Sunday/ Cold and rainy; Charley here; Jim got his sheep and Whitney came home from Blue Earth

July 11, 1881 Monday/ Very hot; built board fence; Spicer took supper here, sent by Rich for tobacco

July 12, 1881 Tuesday/ Billy and Jim went to town; fixed fence; sharpened posts; Billy paid me $20, owes me 4 dollars yet

July 13, 1881 Wednesday/ Louisa and Ada went to town; Chauncy brought lumber for me

July 14, 1881 Thursday/ Jim and Louisa went to Whitneys, got puppy; brought Gessie home; built fence; got letter from Ralph

July 15, 1881 Friday/ Jim gone to Blue Earth with Provis, Mrs. White came and stayed and went berrying, made gate and hung it, stormed all night, thunder and lightning

July 16, 1881 Saturday/ Cloudy and hot; the women went to the school section berrying; Charley and Searl here; built fence; thunder, lightning and rain

July 17, 1881 Sunday/ Cool and pleasant; Petrie and S. Hill here to dinner and went berrying and boating; Gream here to dinner and the 2 Styles; Gessie went home; John here

July 18, 1881 Monday/ Went to town with Billy; bought well buckets and rope, bought 17 lbs of beef

July 19, 1881 Tuesday/ Billy, Jim and I worked on road. Cleared brush by cottonwoods, thunder and lightning and rain, sick all night

July 20, 1881 Wednesday/ Very hot, 94 below (above) zero; Chauncy here most of the day

July 21, 1881 Thursday/ Cloudy with now and then a shower; split and sharpened posts, Gad Kindal berrying in the woods with women, Mrs. White here, Gessie and Ann here to supper

July 22, 1881 Friday/ Hot, built fence, Billy gone to party, Louisa and Ada gone to school house to picnic, set mower up

July 23, 1881 Saturday/ Went to town with 22 bushels of wheat, 94 cts per lbs, got B?? salt for Jim, got home 10 oclock, Kate Murry stayed all night

July 24, 1881 Sunday/ Forenoon rainy, clear afternoon, set reaper up, Styles here in evening

July 25, 1881 Monday/ Commenced harvesting, Groff, Jim and Billy helped, Mell and Scott took dinner with me

July 26, 1881 Tuesday/ Harvesting, Groff, Jim and Billy helped, Mell got back at noon, worked in afternoon, Groff and Billy went to town in evening, Ralph got home

July 27, 1881 Wednesday/ Harvesting, Groff, Jim and Billy worked until 3 oclock, Mell worked with team, commenced on Groffs, Louisa and Anna gone to town, tapped keg of beer

July 28, 1881 Thursday/ Harvesting for Groff Ralph and I, Bill and Jim and Mell, George went to Careltons for horse, Billy gone to town with girls

July 29, 1881 Friday/  Finished Groffs wheat, 9 oclock went to Billys, finished binding 4 oclock, Ralph reaping 5 acre lot

July 30, 1881 Saturday/ Ralph finished cating(?) of Billy, Mell and Groff cleaned grist, Groff, Mell and Billy and I went to town, Ralph went to mill

July 30, 1881 Saturday/ Ralph finished cating(?) of Billy, Mell and Groff cleaned grist, Groff, Mell and Billy and I went to town, Ralph went to mill

July 31, 1881 Sunday/ Ralph and Mell went home, sent Mell $10, hung Styles oars, had swim in creek

August 1, 1881 Monday/ Cut oats, finished 4 oclock, worked for Groff until night, Bill and Groff helped

August 2, 1881 Tuesday/ Rained in morning; went to town, Mell, Jim, Chauncy and I finished Groffs oats 1/4 day

August 3, 1881 Wednesday/ Stacked wheat all day for me Groff, Jim, Billy and Mell, 96 above zero

August 4, 1881 Thursday/ Awful hot, finished stacking my wheat, Commenced Groffs, Ralph and I worked afternoon with team

August 5, 1881 Friday/ Ralph and I stacked for Groff all forenoon, with team commenced Billys, storm of wind and rain, Mell and George gone to town, Anna gone to Seth Olders, Mrs. White and Barns girls here

August 6, 1881 Saturday/ Went to town with Groff, Chauncy and Mell, Brought Mell wagon home, got lumber for box

August 7, 1881 Sunday/ Cool and pleasant, Ada gone to Whitneys with Style, Gream here, Billy gone to town

August 8, 1881 Monday/ Stacked for Billy in forenoon, for Groff in afternoon until 5oclock, stacked for me until dark, Ralph sick, Jim took horse home

August 9, 1881 Tuesday/ Groff and I finished my stack and fixed Groff stack in forenoon, finished reeping my oats

August 10, 1881 Wednesday/ Rainy and cool, Groff gone to town

August 11, 1881 Thursday/ Bound my oats and stacked them, Billy and Jim helped, Billy reaped his oats in afternoon, Jim helped stack

August 12, 1881 Friday/ Billy finished reaping his oats, Jim, Mell and Ada and I went to town with Nellie and oats

August 13, 1881 Saturday/ Cool and pleasant, Mell gone home, fixed stacks, Ada and Mrs. Jones went to town, almost frost-cold night, made wagon box for Mell

August 14, 1881 Sunday/ Cloudy and cool, Mary Groff and Louisa gone to grave yard horseback, Billy gone to town, Jim gone to Hodgemans to buy sheep

August 15, 1881 Monday/ Stacked oats for Billy, Ralph and I fixed Chauncys wagon wheels, Fred worked in my place while I fixed it

August 16, 1881 Tuesday/ Ralph and I stacked for Billy all day, Jim went to town, thunder lightning and rain in the night

August 17, 1881 Wednesday/ Windy and warm, cleaned out granary, Billy brought oats home, built part of Billys fence

August 18, 1881 Thursday/ Mowed the road, went to town in afternoon, got lumber for rack

August 19, 1881 Friday/ Built fence for Billy in forenoon, Ralph cocked hay, made wagon bolster

August 20, 1881 Saturday/ Raining in morning, Billy and Jim went to town, Mell and his brother-in-law stayed here all night

August 21, 1881 Sunday/ Pleasant and warm, Louisa went to Huntly with Mell, Hattie came home with Pat Murphy, Gream here with team, Billy got 8 chickens

August 22, 1881 Monday/ Made hay rack, commenced mowing Brok(?) Pitman went to town, Billy went with me

August 23, 1881 Tuesday/ Rained, Jim Billy and Ralph went to town, Gream was down here to supper, Jim got new buggy

August 24, 1881 Wednesday/  ?eney and Sally were here, Jim went to town, Ralph mowed hay

August 25, 1881 Thursday/ Ralph raked hay and we cocked it up, very hot, 96 below(above) zero

August 26, 1881 Friday/ Drawed 4 loads of hay, awful hot, Billy commenced mowing, rained in afternoon

August 27, 1881 Saturday/ Rained part of day, commenced plowing, Ralph went hunting with Style, George and I plowed

August 28, 1881 Sunday/ Cool and pleasant, Louisa came home, Gream here, Ralph went to Poverty Hall

August 29, 1881 Monday/ Ralph went to Thris???? For Seth, George and I stacked hay

August 30, 1881 Tuesday/ Ralph brought horses home, Jim and I went to Winnebago, stayed all night, Ralph plowed

August 31, 1881 Wednesday/ Ralph and Ada went to town, Jim and I came home from Winnebago

September 1, 1881 Thursday/ Plowed with two teams in forenoon, mowed in afternoon with one team, rained in the night

September 2, 1881 Friday/ Commenced raining in the morning, plowed a little, Mell came here, stayed all night

September 3, 1881 Saturday/ Stacked hay all day, Billy and Jim went to town, Mell and Anna went to Huntly

September 4, 1881 Sunday/ Billy, Jim, Ralph and I went hunting, got home 5 oclock, found Gream here, Billy and Jim went to town, Mell came here

September 5, 1881 Monday/ Rained all forenoon, put spokes in wheel for Mell, rained again

September 6, 1881 Tuesday/ Mell went to town, rained all day, Topsy sick, swelled leg, Mell traded horses

September 7, 1881 Wednesday/ Rained all day, Ralph went to town for a doctor for Erma Groff [*She was only 2 in the 1880 census], Bill came home

September 8, 1881 Thursday/ Filed wagon wheel for Mell, made honey box, Ralph mowed in the afternoon, Jim and Groff and George went hunting

September 9, 1881 Friday/ Ralph mowed all day, Mell came home

September 10, 1881 Saturday/ Mell and Ralph plowed in the afternoon, set wagon tire

September 11, 1881 Sunday/ Raked and cocked hay all day, Mell went home, Ada and Katie went to Fairmont, Nettie Older [*She is a child of Francis Older and is 12 years old in the 1880 census] came home with Ada

September 12, 1881 Monday/ Stacked hay, Jim and Billy commenced stacking hay, Seth came after Ralph to thresh for Frank Martin(?), Erma Groff better

September 13, 1881 Tuesday/ Ralph gone to thresh, George and I got one load of hay

September 14, 1881 Wednesday/ Stacked hay, very windy, Topsy getting better

September 15, 1881 Thursday/ Very windy, Ralph mowed all day, Got one load of hay

September 16, 1881 Friday/ Cold and rainy, rained all night

September 17, 1881 Saturday/ Ralph mowed in forenoon, broke sickle and went to town to get it fixed

September 18, 1881 Sunday/ Raked and cocked hay, two Stiles here in evening

September 19, 1881 Monday/ Went to town with Jim, paid taxes $13.56, bought some meat

September 20, 1881 Tuesday/ Stacked hay all day

September 21, 1881 Wednesday/ Ralph mowed a little, stacked two loads of hay for Billy, rained all rest of day

September 22, 1881 Thursday/ Wet and windy, Ralph mowing, Style and James here, Gream came here to stay, heard the President was dead

September 23, 1881 Friday/ Thunder and rain, racked and cocked 75 cocks of hay, thunder and rain in evening

September 24, 1881 Saturday/ Clear and pleasant, went to town, Jim went with me, got horses shod

September 25, 1881 Sunday/ Stacked hay all day, Turners two girls here

September 26, 1881 Monday/ Stacked hay in forenoon, mowed and cocked hay in afternoon, Chauncy broke Billys mower

September 27, 1881 Tuesday/ Mowed, raked and cocked hay all day, cows stayed out all night, white frost

September 28, 1881 Wednesday/ Stacked hay all day, Jim and Billy brought home 222(?) sheep from J. Smiths, rained in evening and all night

September 29, 1881 Thursday/ Wet and rainy, rained, thundered and lightning all day and terrible storm, heard Milo was coming here on Saturday, played pea knuckle, bed time all clear and starry

September 30, 1881 Friday/ Spread 200 cocks of hay and put them up again, helped Jim cock hay, nice day, Ralph cut for Jim in forenoon, broke pitman, Ada went to town and got it fixed

October 1, 1881 Saturday/ Clear and windy, mowed until noon, broke pitman

October 2, 1881 Sunday/ Misty and wet all day, brought home cattle from herd, raked a little hay

October 3, 1881 Monday/ Misty and damp, stacked hay all day, rained in evening, finished long stack

October 4, 1881 Tuesday/ Very windy, Billy went to town, got some lumber, Ralph went to town and brought Milo and wife home

October 5, 1881 Wednesday/ Stacked hay all day, Milo went to town, Billy and Jones boys stacked in afternoon, rained in evening, Milos wife went to Lowe's

October 6, 1881 Thursday/ Cold and rainy, Jim gone to town, young Wilkins brought wash over for Hattie, measured hay for Chauncy and Jim [*This is Williams birthday]

October 7, 1881 Friday/ Finished stacking hay, commenced raining at 4 oclock in afternoon, thunder and lightning

October 8, 1881 Saturday/ Went to town with Jim and Billy, Chauncy got load of lumber

October 9, 1881 Sunday/ Milo and wife came from Lowes, Turners two girls were here

October 10, 1881 Monday/ Ada took Milo and wife to town with horses, cut down big oak tree for posts

October 11, 1881 Tuesday/ Rained all day

October 12, 1881 Wednesday/ Killed hog in forenoon, split posts in afternoon, Hodgeman got some posts

October 13, 1881 Thursday/ Dug potatoes all day, Billy got small load of lumber

October 14, 1881 Friday/ Cold and rainy this morning, took bad cold, sick all night

October 15, 1881 Saturday/ Cold and rainy, Ralph and George cutting wood

October 16, 1881 Sunday/ Cloudy and cold, misty rain afternoon and all night

October 17, 1881 Monday/ Cold and misty, Ralph gone hunting with Nelly 

October 18, 1881 Tuesday/ Warm and pleasant, went to town, got lumber, roads very bad, left 500 fur(?) in town

October 19, 1881 Wednesday/ Ralph went to town and got lumber, Anna and Ada went to town and stayed to consort

October 20, 1881 Thursday/ Commenced building horse barn, Ada and Anna came home with Chauncy, Ralph gone to Seth Olders

October 21, 1881 Friday/ Worked on barn, Ralph gone to Seths to stack hay, rained all afternoon like the devil

October 22, 1881 Saturday/ Worked on barn, rained all day, saw threshers-coming next Wednesday, rained all night, George gone to Halls

October 23, 1881 Sunday/ Raining yet, Ralph, Anna and her mother went to Murrys visiting, Jim shot a goose, cloudy and misty yet at bed time

October 24, 1881 Monday/ Dry and pleasant, worked on barn

October 25, 1881 Tuesday/ Dry and pleasant, Louisa went to town, Mary Groff went with her

October 26, 1881 Wednesday/ Ralph went to mill, didnt get his grist

October 27, 1881 Thursday/ Ralph went to mill and got the grist, had trouble with Jim about sheep, fixed all my bags, commenced raining, rained all night

October 28, 1881 Friday/ Noon, raining yet

October 29, 1881 Saturday/ Mell came here and stayed all night, Hattie came with Bowdry

October 30, 1881 Sunday/ John Huston and Gream were here, Mell staid all day

October 31, 1881 Monday/ Mell husked corn in forenoon, went home after dinner, husked 4 loads

November 1, 1881 Tuesday/ Husked corn all day, husked four loads, Ralph went to Mitchells threshing

November 2, 1881 Wednesday/ Husked corn all day, husked four loads, Ralph came home   ????? afternoon

November 3, 1881 Thursday/ Husked corn all day, husked 4 loads, Fred Leigh [*He is listed as Fredrick Leigh age 26 in the 1880 Fairmont census-his wife was Jane-age 22] here to supper

November 4, 1881 Friday/ Husked 8 loads of corn, rained and snowed all afternoon, first snow of the season

November 5, 1881 Saturday/ Finished husking corn, went to the town with Billy, Kate Murry came home with us

November 6, 1881 Sunday/ Cloudy and cold, folks went to Murrys

November 7, 1881 Monday/ Banked house in morning, rained all day and part of night

November 8, 1881 Tuesday/ Mackins came here, went to town with Jim to election, paid Lowensbury(?) $30, Gream came home to stay all th??, folks went to dance at Poverty Hall

November 9, 1881 Wednesday/ Sunshine and pleasant, Louisa and Kate gone to town, George went too

November 10, 1881 Thursday/ Thrashed for Billy Hay came to my place

November 11, 1881 Friday/ 195 bushels, threshed my oats in forenoon, snowed most all day, Mell came and stayed all night, snowed all night, got stitch in back

November 12, 1881 Saturday/ Cold nasty blustery day, Bessy got hurt, Mell stitched it up, Wright was here and helped, Mell stayed all night, back no better, Dible went to East Chain

November 13, 1881 Sunday/ Very nasty, under foot cleared up in afternoon, Gream gone to Groffs to dinner, Ralph took Katie home with cutter [*or is it Cutter?]

November 14, 1881 Monday/  Emerson(?) came early Monday morning, fixed machine, cold, nasty day

November 15, 1881 Tuesday/ Thrashed my wheat, 174 bushels, wind blew fearfully

November 16, 1881 Wednesday/ Thrashed for Chauncy, 135 bushels of oats, 41 of wheat, thawed a little, moved to Groffs

November 17, 1881 Thursday/ Thrashed for Groff, Ralph and team, 80 bushels of oats, 131 of wheat, cold as blazes, fixed fence

November 18, 1881 Friday/ Fixed yard fence, Ralph helped Style thresh

November 19, 1881 Saturday/ Jim went to Edwards for buck

November 20, 1881 Sunday/ Boys skating on lake, Ada and Kate went with Murphy to see Sarah, Styles here in evening, George Hall here, Mell here for load of corn, broke his wagon

November 21, 1881 Monday/ Went to town with Jim, bought Ada and George skates, out on the lake at night, 2 Styles here in the evening, got medicine for Louisa

November 22, 1881 Tuesday/ Fine day, Billy went to town

November 23, 1881 Wednesday/ Went to mill, cold and windy, didnt get my grist

November 24, 1881 Thursday/ Ralph went to mill, got grist load, Fairmont boys down hunting, Hattie came here, stayed

November 25, 1881 Friday/ Fixed my stable, Mell came and stayed, all hands on the lake skating, Mary Groff [age 29 in 1880 census] and Tina [Tina Jones age 39 in 1880 census] here visiting, Chauncy went to mill

November 26, 1881 Saturday/ Gream, Jim and Billy went to town, Ralph and I sawed wood, drawed old posts up

November 27, 1881 Sunday/ A lovely day, lake covered with skaters all day, Lill and Loly here, old James here in evening George, Bob, Claud and Brown here

November 28, 1881 Monday/ Warm and pleasant, Topsy sick, Jim got his cow, Dan Page and Minner here

November 29, 1881 Tuesday/ Windy and cold, fixed hen house, Stiles here at night

November 30, 1881 Wednesday/ Snowing this morning, cleared up, splendid weather, repaired old barn, Jim and Billy went to town, sent for tobacco and tea

December 1, 1881 Thursday/ Warm and pleasant, Seth and Lile here in evening, all on the lake skating, went to Billys to see Jim about hay

December 2, 1881 Friday/ Went to Chauncys for lime, Bill and Chauncy gone to East Chain, George Scot passed here, Louisa gone to Chauncys visiting, warm, bed time snowing heavy

 December 3, 1881 Saturday/ Cloudy and warm Louisa and Gream went to town, got barrel of apples, little bit of sleighing

December 4, 1881 Sunday/ Milo and wife came here and stayed, warm and pleasant, the whole neighborhood here in evening, had some music

December 5, 1881 Monday/ Milo and wife here yet, warm and thawing, snow almost gone, Groff and folks and Jones boys here in evening, Chauncy bought buggy

December 6, 1881 Tuesday/ High winds but pleasant, settled with Billy and Jim, paid Jim 55 dollars for land, folks went to party at Poverty Hall, Billy cleaned grist

December 7, 1881 Wednesday/ Ralph gone to town to get horses shod, Milo and wife and Hattie gone home with him, commenced plastering, got horses shod

December 8, 1881 Thursday/ Not feeling well, pleasant day, done nothing, Billy here a little while, went to Lee corner stake, Greams dog Sailor disappeared

December 9, 1881 Friday/ Went to town, Gream went with me, bought ax and helve, got 50 lbs. Salt

December 10, 1881 Saturday/ Sawed wood on the lake, went on lake with team, snowed a little in evening

December 11, 1881 Sunday/ Dull and cloudy, about one inch of snow on ground, Lenny Burton here and stayed all night, rode white pony

December 12, 1881 Monday/ Milo came last night, is here yet, killed hog, Chauncy helped me butcher, Milo here yet, played cards at Groffs

December 13, 1881 Tuesday/ Lenny Burton gone home, cut hog up, clear and cold

December 14, 1881 Wednesday/ Cleaned 4 bags of wheat, went to town, sold for 106 cents, bought 100 lbs. of flower, got ax gumped(?), wagon rod fixed, Groff went with me and stayed, Milo went home

December 15, 1881 Thursday/ Cut and drawed 2 loads of wood, got at helve timber

December 16, 1881 Friday/ Made two ax helves, hung two axes, fixed fork in handle, Groff got load of wood from Billys with my team, Marion played cards with children

December 17, 1881 Saturday/ Fine day, Louisa and all the children went to Lake Imogene fishing, Ralph went to town to the show

December 18, 1881 Sunday/ All hands went to Imogene fishing, Milo was here, Gream and I alone all day

December 19, 1881 Monday/ Went to town with Style, Groff and Chauncy took pile driver to town, Billy and Jim in town, got papers for land made out

December 20, 1881 Tuesday/ Nice day, Mitchel and Minner here part of day, Marion here in evening, Ada gone to Whitneys with S???, Louisa was over to Stiles to bake bread

December 21, 1881 Wednesday/ Raining all forenoon and freezing a little, put in glass, Ralph and Marion gone to Whitneys to a dance, rained all night

December 22, 1881 Thursday/ Nice day, 34 degrees above zero, Ralph got home at 10 oclock, Fred and Henry here, Mr. Murphy here in evening, got flower, took supper, set corner stake

December 23, 1881 Friday/ Cut load wood, had toothache, young Lord came to Billys, Ralph, Anna and George went to Martins to dance

December 24, 1881 Saturday/ Fine morning, Ralph got load wood, Gream paid $10 for board, Ralph , Ada, and Anna going to town

December 25, 1881 Sunday/  X-Mus, Thawing and Muddy, Jones folks and the 2 Styles here all day, Milo here and Hattie, lots of fun, had oysters for supper, danced a little

December 26, 1881 Monday/ Went to town with Garret Doyle, bought pants and overalls, pleasant day, changed Annas shoes

December 27, 1881 Tuesday/ Pleasant, but windy, Harry Searl down to Billys, Gram [*notice that he is now spelling Gream as Gram]gone to town to stay with Harry Searl, folk all gone to stale(?) tonight

December 28, 1881 Wednesday/ Louisa and Hattie gone to Murphys to wash, got pig, Fletcher Hill got fanning mill, Mrs. Jones here, Billy Dible got wagon

December 29, 1881 Thursday/ Wind N.W. cold and frosty, pig got out and went home, made pig pen, 10 degrees at bed time, getting colder

December 30, 1881 Friday/ 4 above zero, cold N.W. wind, Ralph gone to town, all hand and Stiles and George Jones went to east Chain to a dance, very cold, came home on foot at 4 oclock in morning

December 31, 1881 Saturday/ Very sleepy all day, Milo went home this morning, Ralph and Milo played last night, got 8 dollars, cold as blazes, Billy here this evening, cold


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