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William Cross' Diaries
Background to the Diaries
1911 map
Name Index in Diaries
Background to the Diaries

My grandfather, William Cross, was born in Old Kilpatrick, Scotland. He had 4 living children, Ada, Ralph, Anna and George.
These diaries are about life on a farm in Martin County, Minnesota. The family lived 4 miles from Fairmont, Minnesota on Rose Lake. Many of the people that William writes about are his close neighbors.
He continued to write daily until his death-on this date, his unmarried daughter, Ada, took over keeping track of weather, friends, and the daily activities on the farm.
An interesting point is the way in which the diaries were kept. William very seldom started a diary when it was meant to be started, at the first of the year. So he would begin the diary on the proper date but cross out the day of the week. Then when the next year started he would begin with the begining of the book and continue until he ran into the info he wrote the year before. makes for very difficult transcription, but shows that he was very frugal.
These diaries have made me not only understand what life was like in the late 1800's, but also made it possible for me to get to know a grandfather that I otherwise would have only known his name.
Thanks so much Grandpa!    

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