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William Cross' Diaries
1911 map
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Background to the Diaries

January 1 1882, Sunday/ Cold but pleasant, took supper at Chauncy Jones, Rupert Gano here with horse and pheator(?)

January 2, 1882 Monday/ Pleasant, Louisa went to mill, helped Billy load hogs, Ralph and Hattie gone to party at Luke Nutters, 2 Stiles here

January 3, 1882 Tuesday/ Warm and pleasant, Hattie and Ada gone to Murrys with Katie to stay all night, looks like snow, 28 above zero at bed time

January 4, 1882 Wednesday/ Pleasant day, done nothing, got little wood, Louisa and I sawed two blocks of oak for big stove

January 5, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town on foot, came home with Chauncy, got wagon bolt made, got Ralph pair overalls, 28 above zero at bedtime, Arthur Lord came

January 6, 1882 Friday/ Very warm and pleasant, 48 above zero at noon, 38 at bedtime, Louisa and Ada went to town, Ada had 2 teeth pulled, Whitney here

January 7, 1882 Saturday/ Misty all day, Mr. Doyle here all day, All hands went to Imogene fishing, Henry Still went with his team, Marion here in evening, getting colder, 20 above zero

January 8, 1882 Sunday/ Pleasant day, Henry Still here, folks skating all day

January 9, 1882 Monday/ Went to town with Style, Gream came home with us, Louisa went to Poverty Hall, got soap, grease and chairs, cut big oak

January 10, 1882 Tuesday/ Snowed nearly all day, quite[sic] sleighing, got bad cold, almost sick

January 11, 1882 Wednesday/ Ralph and Gream sawed some wood, drawed 2 loads, Billy got bobsleighs to get load of corn from Kishers(?), deaf and dumb man here

January 12, 1882 Thursday/ Chilly south winds, Garret Doyle got 15 bushels of wheat for $1 ??? per bushel, Katie here with him, Louisa went to Pixlys for groceries

January 13, 1882 Friday/ Cold day, Gream and Billy went to town; spelling school at our school house, 2 degrees above at bed time

January 14, 1882 Saturday/ 4 degrees below zero at daylight, pleasant day, Ralph went to town, Style and James here in evening, sung songs, Groff paper came

January 15, 1882 Sunday/ Pleasant day, snowed a little in afternoon, snowball had calf, Stile and girls had sleigh ride, Groff and Marion and Billy here in evening, vaccinated the children

January 16, 1882 Monday/ 6 below zero at daylight (7), Gream went to town with Style to stay, Marion and his mother and 2 Styles here in evening, Elvis here to see cattle, 9 degrees below zero at bed time

January 17, 1882 Tuesday/ 10 degrees below zero at daylight, Roly here to invite to party, Louisa and Hattie gone to town, Louisa to stay until Friday

January 18, 1882 Wednesday/ Great Ball, 13 below zero at daylight, cold south wind, Ralph went to debating school, Flora Groff stayed with Anna, 2 Styles here in evening

January 19, 1882 Thursday/ Cold south wind, 2 above zero, in morning went with Style to see Provis, a sorry looking home, Ralph gone to Bowedrey(?) to party

January 20, 1882 Friday/ Went to town with Style, Louisa and Hattie came home with us, warm and pleasant, Styles and John and Marion here in evening

January 21, 1882 Saturday/ Cold north west wind, Ada gone to Olders to stay a week, Ralph gone to town to stay all night, Henry Style here in evening, warmer and still

January 22, 1882 Sunday/ Warm and pleasant, Milo and Nels Blines came here and Rupert and Ralph stayed all night

January 23, 1882 Monday/ Milo and I sawed wood, storming

January 24, 1882 Tuesday/ Ralph and I sawed wood, warm south wind, Styles boys and Marion here in evening

January 25, 1882 Wednesday/ Went to town with Style, stayed all night, tended court-Hall vs. Miller

January 26, 1882 Thursday/ Snowed hard in forenoon, clear in afternoon, came home with Chauncy

January 27, 1882 Friday/ Pleasant day, party here in evening, E.C. folks here, Luke Nuter here, very cold

January 28, 1882 Saturday/ 10 below zero in morning, wind N.W., Milo went home with Style, Ralph and Henry gone to Poverty Hall

January 29, 1882 Sunday/ Cold and windy, getting warmer, Style and James here, gave James pipe

January 30, 1882 Monday/ Went to town with Henry, called for ?????? for Murphy, wrote to Potter(?), got fiddle strings, saw the ponies, dont like them

January 31, 1882 Tuesday/ Went to town as witness, pleasant day

February 1, 1882 Wednesday/ Went to town, pleasant day

February 2, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town, pleasant day

February 3, 1882 Friday/ Stayed at home, pleasant day, party at Styles, good time

February 4, 1882 Saturday/ Stayed at home, pleasant day, Milo went home with Billy, Ada and Hattie went to town with Style

February 5, 1882 Sunday/ Warm day, all the folks to Lake Imogene fishing with Style, didnt get any, Katie Doyle here

February 6, 1882 Monday/ Very warm, cut down big oak tree back of stable, drawed 2 loads of wood, Hattie went home with Henry, Chauncy commenced on bridge

February 7, 1882 Tuesday/  Sick all day, beautiful weather

February 8, 1882 Wednesday/ Worked on bridge, Pleasant day

February 9, 1882 Thursday/ Warm day, raised bridge

February 10, 1882 Friday/ Went to town with Style, warm day, folks went fishing to East Chain

February 11, 1882 Saturday/ Very warm, 50 above zero

February 12, 1882 Sunday/ Warm and pleasant

February 13, 1882 Monday/ Warm and pleasant

February 14, 1882 Tuesday/ Went to town, paid for pony, warm and pleasant

February 15, 1882 Wednesday/ Ralph took steers to town, helped to move town(?) Lowe house (Vick came in)

February 16, 1882 Thursday/ Got cold as blazes, Mells baby had croup, still cold

February 17, 1882 Friday/ Went to town, Milo and wife went home, Louisa went with us, Dick Martin came home, snowed a little

February 18, 1882 Saturday/ Rain and sleet all day, Dick Martin here and stayed all night, Groff got lumber for well

February 19, 1882 Sunday/ 4 degrees below zero in morning, sunshine and pleasant, Gream and a lot more at Billys, cold all day

February 20, 1882 Monday/ Zero in morning, wind N.E. snowed all afternoon and all night, more snow fell than fell all winter before

February 21, 1882 Tuesday/ Blustery and snowing, 4 above zero, drifted all day, Marion and James boys played pea knuckle

February 22, 1882 Wednesday/ 12 degrees below zero in morning, sunshine and pleasant, Ralph gone to town, Milo Hattie and Dick Martin came home with him, party in evening, Huntly folks up

February 23, 1882 Thursday/ Beautiful day, took Ed Murphy down to Doyles, Louisa sa??led with Murphy, slept up stairs

February 24, 1882 Friday/ High south wind, sunshine, quite warm, Snowball took bull, still thawing at night

February 25, 1882 Saturday/ Warm and thawing, Ralph and Miner, Martin and Chauncy went to Blue Earth

February 26, 1882 Sunday/ Warm and cloudy, Ralph and Miner came home from Blue Earth, Milo and wife came and stayed all night

February 27, 1882 Monday/ Sawed wood part of day, very sloppy, bed time still thawing

February 28, 1882 Tuesday/ Sawed and drawed wood up from the lake, warm and sloppy

March 1, 1882 Wednesday/ Warm and sloppy, Groff and I split some posts, Debating Club at night, Billy Hay got my light wagon to go to town with sheep skins, Style boys here in evening

March 2, 1882 Thursday/ Very warm, Ada and Hattie gone to Bowdry visiting

March 3, 1882 Friday/ Cold, threatens to storm, party in the evening, 2 loads ???? Huntly here

March 4, 1882 Saturday/ Rain and sleet all day, Huntly ???? went home at ??? Fairmont La??? 5 oclock, Ada went ??? [*can not read as page covered with flap] 

March 5, 1882 Sunday/ Blowing a gale, very disagreeable, Milo and Ralph went to Martins, Jim Burton and Shirm Whiting here in evening and Groff

March 6, 1882 Monday/ Milo went home, Shirm went to school, Ralph and I sawed wood, Sherm came and stayed all night

March 7, 1882 Tuesday/ Shirm went home, sent by Baley for groceries, Ralph went to Poverty Hall, Miner came and stayed all night, Martins people left for Iowa, tried to snow all day

March 8, 1882 Wednesday/ Miner and Ralph gone to town, Louisa sick

March 9, 1882 Thursday/ Ralph went to town, helped Milo move, Hattie washed

March 10, 1882 Friday/ All hands went to East Chain to exhibition, Herman ???? and mother here visiting 

March 11, 1882 Saturday/ Herman and Ralph and I went to town, snowed all day slightly, Ada came home from Huntly

March 12, 1882 Sunday/ Herman and his mother went home, pleasant day

March 13, 1882 Monday/ Sawed wood Ralph and I, Groff made fish basket, warm and pleasant

March 14, 1882 Tuesday/ Town meeting, went to town, rained and hailed all day

March 15, 1882 Wednesday/ Warm and cloudy, cut some wood, Milo came here in evening

March 16, 1882 Thursday/ Miner and Ralph and I sawed wood, killed hog, rainy and nasty, hailed in the night

March 17, 1882 Friday/ Milo went home this morning, rained a little all day, Ralph and Minner gone to C. Bowdrys horse back, got 17 lbs. salt from Billy Hay

March 18, 1882 Saturday/ Cloudy and nasty, Ralph Hattie and Ada went to town, Hattie stayed, got shoes from shop, cut elm tree

March 19, 1882 Sunday/ Very nasty under foot, Provist went passed here with machine, Billy and Arthur gone to town, stayed all night, Groff went to East Chain to draw wheat for seed, George Hattie and Claud here

March 20, 1882 Monday/ Rained and hailed all night, Ralph fed pony and cow for Jim

March 21, 1882 Tuesday/ Fearful wind from N.W., done nothing

March 22, 1882 Wednesday/ Sawed wood all day, went to farmers club, Milo came home with me, lent Billy 4 lbs. oats

March 23, 1882 Thursday/ Milo helped cut wood in the afternoon, 8 above zero in morning

March 24, 1882 Friday/ Zero in the morning, drawed some wood, Louisa gone to Murry

March 25, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph and I went to town, saw Hoffman

March 26, 1882 Sunday/ Rained all day, Provist here

March 27, 1882 Monday/ Fixed stove, John and wife here, Ralph sick

March 28, 1882 Tuesday/ Ada gone to Halls, rained in the afternoon, John here yet, Mell came here

March 29, 1882 Wednesday/  ??cked Flora, heavy wind from N.W., John went home

March 30, 1882 Thursday/ Ralph sick, set wagon tire, fixed saw, Hattie came here, Mell went to Center Chain with Billy

March 31, 1882 Friday/ Pleasant day

April 1, 1882 Saturday/ Went to town with Chauncy, Mell came back from Center Chain, got Ralph pair of boots

April 2, 1882 Sunday/ Warm and Pleasant

April 3, 1882 Monday/ Pleasant day, made quarterly returns, stormed at night

April 4, 1882 Tuesday/ Pleasant, Anna came home, Billy got load of hay, Arthur took supper here, Ralph came home from Huntly, got powder flask from Jim, rained in night

April 5, 1882 Wednesday/ Cold, rain in this morning

April 6, 1882 Thursday/ Windy and cold, went to town with Chauncy

April 7, 1882 Friday/ Pleasant day, cut wood and drawed it

April 8, 1882 Saturday/ Cold and wet all day, Milo came here and stayed all night

April 9, 1882 Sunday/ Rained like blazed all day, horrible day

April 10, 1882 Monday/ Cold east wind, measured land for corn, Milo came after Louisa, Hattie very sick, cold night, froze solid

April 11, 1882 Tuesday/ Clear and cold in morning

April 12, 1882 Wednesday/ Pleasant day, fixed fence, split posts

April 13, 1882 Thursday/ Louisa came home, pleasant day

April 14, 1882 Friday/ Cold windy, went to town with Jim, sick all day, chill at night

April 15, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph cleared corn stalks, sick all day, Billy went to town

April 16, 1882 Sunday/ Pleasant day, Mell sick got ?????, the whole neighborhood here at night

April 17, 1882 Monday/ Commenced sowing wheat, sowed 18 bushels, Mell brought his colt here

April 18, 1882 Tuesday/ Finished sowing wheat, 22 bushels, dragged over half, rained fearfully

April 19, 1882 Wednesday/ Everything afloat, Ralph and Mell went to mill, Ralph gone to town to show, ???? gray now

April 20, 1882 Thursday/ Scowered plow in the forenoon, plowed for oats in afternoon, Louisa at Murphys stayed all night, Jim took his sheep home in wagons

April 21, 1882 Friday/ Jim moved to his place, cold south wind, plowing, Murphy gone to town for Mrs. Martin, Louisa came home from Murphys

April 22, 1882 Saturday/ Cold and wet all day, Mell and women folks went to Pixlys

April 23, 1882 Sunday/ Cold but pleasant

April 24, 1882 Monday/ Cold and cloudy, finished plowing corn stubble, Jim got 3 bushels of corn, Groff sowed wheat

April 25, 1882 Tuesday/ Cold and Cloudy

April 26, 1882 Wednesday/ Sowed 5 acres of oats, 14 bushels seed, Jim got 15 bushels of corn, Billy got 5 bushels of oats

April 27, 1882 Thursday/ Ralph, Mell and I went to town, Ralph came home sick, got nails for Groffs fence, Hattie came home with us, windy and cold

April 28, 1882 Friday/ Plowing for oats, Billy got Mells mare to plow with, Kate Hall gone home

April 29, 1882 Saturday/ Got crowbar, sharpened posts for fence

April 30, 1882 Sunday/ Pleasant, wind N.W.

May 1, 1882 Monday/ Plowed for oats, dug ditch

May 2, 1882 Tuesday/ Finished sowing oats, burned stubble

May 3, 1882 Wednesday/ Sawed 2 mud holes(?), Mell and Billy gone to town, warm

May 4, 1882 Thursday/ Worked for Doyle on house, Mell plowed with Sulkys plow, Katie Murry here, warm

May 5, 1882 Friday/ Warm and cloudy with showers, Mell gone home with Nelly and Betty

May 6, 1882 Saturday/ Plowed in forenoon, went to town in afternoon, brought Groff home

May 7, 1882 Sunday/ Cloudy and rained, cows crossed the lake   

May 8, 1882 Monday/ Built leach, Ralph plowed, thunderstorm and hail in the afternoon

May 9, 1882 Tuesday/ Plowed in forenoon, went to mill in afternoon, hot and thundery, Scot Carelton came and stayed all night

May 10, 1882 Wednesday/ Billy and Ralph plowed all day, finished plowing and warm

May 11, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town with Billy, rained all day and cold

May 12, 1882 Friday/ Killed hog, Ralph dragged some, Billy went to town and got cultivator

May 13, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph gone to Winnebago with colts, got 18 lbs salt from Billy, finished dragging corn ground

May 14, 1882 Sunday/ Pleasant day, home from Winnebago

May 15, 1882 Monday/ Marked and planted 5 acres of corn, warm

May 16, 1882 Tuesday/ Finished planting corn, Bill Groff built fence, Billy gave me pipe, Billy marked some, Louisa went to town, got pair of shoes, Milo came home with her

May 17, 1882 Wednesday/ Planted corn for Billy, plowed mud hole, Milo went to Doyles to work

May 18, 1882 Thursday/ Plowed little for Billy, rained most all day, children most well from measles

May 19, 1882 Friday/ Ralph worked for Billy, built Groffs fence on lime, old man Carelton here

May 20, 1882 Saturday/ Went to town, Mr. Carelton went home, Fred Style got fence wire

May 21, 1882 Sunday/ Jim and Gream here to dinner, Mell and Groff went to Center Chain

May 22, 1882 Monday/ Hard frost, planted potatoes in forenoon, let Style have 6 bags of damaged corn, sent George after Nellie, doctored Groffs cow

May 23, 1882 Tuesday/ Hard frost this morning, froze water

May 24, 1882 Wednesday/ Drove post, Ralph planted for Billy in afternoon

May 25, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town to land sale, Gream here, stayed all night, Old Mr. Carelton here, traded horses with Stodard

May 26, 1882 Friday/ Built fence with Style, Mell took his father to town

May 27, 1882 Saturday/ Built fence until noon

May 28, 1882 Sunday/ Scot Carelton here with stallion, Lenny Burton and wife here

May 29, 1882 Monday/ Billy took load of wheat to town for me

May 30, 1882 Tuesday/ Went to town, sold wheat, paid interest, got boat lumber, went to Doyles to party

May 31, 1882 Wednesday/ Didnt do anything, Scot went home, Topsy had colt in the night, Ralph went to show

June 1 1882, Thursday/ Made boat, Louisa Ada and Ralph went to show   

 (new book)

June 2 1882, Friday/ worked on boat

June 3, 1882 Saturday/ went to town, brought Groff home

June 4, 1882 Sunday/ Gream and fiddler to Billys, Jim here in evening, Nice music

June 5, 1882 Monday/ Drove posts on line

June 6, 1882 Tuesday/ Ralph worked on road with team, sharpened 60 posts, painted and cultivated, launched boat, Louisa went to Murrys

June 7, 1882 Wednesday/ Ralph worked on road, ??sisor here, Louisa came home, cleaned oats, shelled corn

June 8, 1882 Thursday/ Built fence in Lake, repaired light wagon

June 9, 1882 Friday/ Drove 52 posts, Billy got wire, commenced building, rained fearfully, Louisa Marge and Mrs. Jones went to Murrys with team

June 10, 1882 Saturday/ Built fence in forenoon, Ralph went to town in afternoon, got more wire 

June 11, 1882 Sunday/ Ada and Ralph went to Lennys folks not at home, two Pixlys and Katie Murry here, Nelly sick

June 12, 1882 Monday/ finished line fence, Ralph commenced cultivating corn, Ada gone to Jackson, Billy shearing sheep, Jim gone to mill, Nelly some better, Topsy took horse

June 13, 1882 Tuesday/ George herded for Style, heavy rain storm in evening

June 14, 1882 Wednesday/ Done nothing

June 15, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town, Chauncy went with me

June 16, 1882 Friday/ Cultivated corn

June 17, 1882 Saturday/ Ada came from Jackson, Ralph went to town and Billy came home in rain

June 18, 1882 Sunday/ Had strawberries for dinner, Scot Carelton here

June 19, 1882 Monday/ Mell here, went to Winnebago with Billy and Coalt

June 20, 1882 Tuesday/ Mell came back, Nutter, Mell and Billy took dinner here

June 21, 1882 Wednesday/ (nothing written for this day)

June 22, 1882 Thursday/ Very hot, Mrs. Martin here, Dos Nutter here

June 23, 1882 Friday/ Louisa, Mrs. Martin and Ralph went to Poverty Hall

June 24, 1882 Saturday/ All hands went to town, big storm in morning

June 25, 1882 Sunday/ Milo, Mell, Scot and Henry here, had strawberries for dinner

June 26, 1882 Monday/ Nutter here to dinner, made door and window frame for Billy

June 27, 1882 Tuesday/ Ralph cultivated corn, I hoed potatoes, Billy went to town

June 28, 1882 Wednesday/ Louisa, Ralph and Mary gone to town with berries

June 29, 1882 Thursday/ Cultivated corn, rained almost all day, fearful lightning in evening

June 30, 1882 Friday/ Warm and pleasant, fixed tow? poldles and breaking plow, GEA??T?? HANGED [this is Guiteau, Charles (1841-1882) the man who shot President James A. Garfield]

July 1, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph and Ada went to town, took 6 bushels of wheat, didnt sell

July 2, 1882 Sunday/ Mell, Jim, Gream and Style Boys here, Ralph and Fred went to camp meeting at Winnebago, rained in night

July 3, 1882 Monday/ Mill and I went to town

July 4, 1882 Tuesday/ All hands went to town, I and Louisa went in evening, had good time

July 5, 1882 Wednesday/ Done nothing

July 6, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town, got plow sharpened, Whitney and Milo came and stayed all night

July 7, 1882 Friday/ Got colts home from pasture, Whitney here, Ralph took him to East Chain, Billy went to Blue Earth with wool

July 8, 1882 Saturday/ Ada gone to town with Henry Style, Ralph broke all day, finished hoeing potatoes, Chauncy and Groff gone to Blue Earth, Milo gone home with Billy, Henry left Billy this morning

July 9, 1882 Sunday/ Pleasant day, Style here

July 10, 1882 Monday/ Cleared wheat, finished breaking, Mrs. Whitney and Lo?? Stayed all night

July 11, 1882 Tuesday/ Went to town, sold 22 bushels of wheat, got ??? salt, got wh???tres fixed

July 12, 1882 Wednesday/ Cultivated corn, rained some, women went berrying, got wet

July 13, 1882 Thursday/ Finished cultivating corn, went berrying again, showering, sowed rutabagas

July 14, 1882 Friday/ (nothing written)

July 15, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph and Hattie went to town

July 16, 1882 Sunday/ Louisa and Lucy Hall went berrying, Gream here

July 17, 1882 Monday/ Went to town, rained all day

July 18, 1882 Tuesday/ Ralph and I drawed manure all day

July 19, 1882 Wednesday/ Cut Timothy hay

July 20, 1882 Thursday/ Cut wild hay and raked Timothy, Louisa went to town, Mell came here

July 21, 1882 Friday/ Mell and I went to town, Ralph raked and cocked hay

July 22, 1882 Saturday/ drew 6 loads of hay, ?rade Bowdrys boat, Herman Miller here, Bill Groff lost his horse

July 23, 1882 Sunday/ Herman went home

July 24, 1882 Monday/ drawed 4 loads of hay, made pair of oars for my boat and pitched it, Mell, Ralph and Ada went to town, got home at midnight, 92 above zero

July 25, 1882 Tuesday/ Thunder in morning, mowed all day, rained at Fairmont, Mell and I went to town, bought pitchfork, rained almost all night, blew hard, very warm  

July 26, 1882 Wednesday/ Mowed in forenoon, Mell went horse trading, Hay to green to put up, raked a little, 93 above zero, looks like rain

July 27, 1882 Thursday/ Mowed a little in forenoon, raked and cocked all up in afternoon

July 28, 1882 Friday/ Stacked for Billy in forenoon, stacked 9 loads for me in afternoon

July 29, 1882 Saturday/ Stacked for Billy in afternoon, went to town in evening with Mell, rained most of the night

July 30, 1882 Sunday/ rain and sleet all day

July 31, 1882 Monday/ Set reaper up, fixed rakes and cradle, Mell and Louisa went to town ?ine went

Tuesday August 1st/ Cloudy and wet, Mell, Ralph and girls gone to town

August 2, 1882 Wednesday/ Stacked hay

August 3, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town, Mell traded horse with ????

August 4, 1882 Friday/ Made boat for Provis Wickham, Mell went to Winnebago

August 5, 1882 Saturday/ Mell came home, went to town in afternoon, Groff came home with Billy, showery all day

August 6, 1882 Sunday/ Cloudy and warm, played croquet in forenoon

August 7, 1882 Monday/ commenced harvesting, cut in forenoon, rain in afternoon, awful hot

August 8, 1882 Tuesday/ Cut and bound all day

August 9, 1882 Wednesday/ Finished cutting wheat at 9 oclock, went to town, Chauncy cut in afternoon

August 10, 1882 Thursday/ Chauncy finished cutting, Ralph and Mell bound, I took Ed Murphy to town, Carry went home with me

August 11, 1882 Friday/ Bound Chauncys oats, cut and bound 5 acres for me, Mell gone to Folets, Louisa gone with him to see Ann

August 12, 1882 Saturday/ Stacked one stack of wheat, very hot, Louisa came home

August 13, 1882 Sunday/ All hands went to Jims, Jim here in evening

August 14, 1882 Monday/ Very hot, 94 above zero, bound oats, Mell went to town, heavy wind in the night

August 15, 1882 Tuesday/ Finished cutting and binding oats, stacked one stack of oats

August 16, 1882 Wednesday/ Stacked wheat in forenoon, Mell and Ralph went to East Chain

August 17, 1882 Thursday/ Finished stacking, went to town in the afternoon 

August 18, 1882 Friday/ Helped Billy stack oats, Mell and Arthur went to Winnebago, got new harness

August 19, 1882 Saturday/ Done nothing all day, Ralph and Mell gone to town, Ada and Louisa gone to Poverty Hall horseback, Billy and Arthur gone to town, 96 above zero

August 20, 1882 Sunday/ Very hot, played croquet most all day

August 21, 1882 Monday/ Waited for machine, done nothing all day, very hot

August 22, 1882 Tuesday/ Threshed oats for Billy, broke down, didnt finish, Billy and Carlo? Went to town

August 23, 1882 Wednesday/ Finished for Billy and went to Chauncys, awful hot

August 24, 1882 Thursday/ Finished Chauncys and threshed 30 bushels of wheat for me, went to Bowdrys in afternoon

August 25, 1882 Friday/ Mowed hay, racked and cocked in afternoon, very hot

August 26, 1882 Saturday/ Stacked hay, Ralph cut hay, racked and cocked in afternoon, very hot, E?rnly Warner here to dinner

August 27, 1882 Sunday/ Very hot, cocked some hay in afternoon

August 28, 1882 Monday/ Sacked hay all day, 6 loads, Billy and Arthur gone to town

August 29, 1882 Tuesday/ Rained all day, cut some hay to top stacks, played croquet and pea knuckle

August 30, 1882 Wednesday/ Still cloudy and warm, Ralph mowed hay, Billy took hog to town

August 31, 1882 Thursday/ Stacked hay, 6 loads, Billy mowed, Mell gone to town

Friday September 1 1882/ Done nothing, music man here, Billy mowed in forenoon, Ralph mowed in evening, Mell gone to town

September 2, 1882 Saturday/ Stacked for Billy in forenoon, cocked Groffs hay in afternoon, rained a little

September 3, 1882 Sunday/ Boys went to Iowa hunting

September 4, 1882 Monday/ Stacked Groffs hay, Ralph and Ada went to town, Ada went with John and stayed

September 5, 1882 Tuesday/ Ralph mowed all forenoon, raked and cocked in evening, Herm Miller and wife here

September 6, 1882 Wednesday/ Stacked hay, Arthur helped, Arthur went to town in evening, horses ran away, broke buggy all to smash, Bill Searl here all night

September 7, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town, took Billys buggy up to get fixed, Groff came home

September 8, 1882 Friday/ All the children gone to circus

September 9, 1882 Saturday/ Finished stacking hay, Arthur and Groff went to town

September 10, 1882 Sunday/ Louisa and Ralph went to Murrys, Mell and Scot came and stayed all night

September 11, 1882 Monday/ Ralph gone to work for Edwards, I went to town, sold 6 bushels of wheat, 75 cents per bush

September 12, 1882 Tuesday/ mowed the road, Katie Murry here, Billy and Arthur here to dinner, one pig died last night

September 13, 1882 Wednesday/ Mowed weeds on field, fixed oat stack

September 14, 1882 Thursday/ Style threshed in afternoon

September 15, 1882 Friday/ Thrashed for Style in afternoon, Mell left for Iowa

September 16, 1882 Saturday/ went to town, Billy, Arthur, Chauncy, Louisa and Murry

September 17, 1882 Sunday/ Jim Burton here to dinner

September 18, 1882 Monday/ Took out 14 loads of manure

September 19, 1882 Tuesday/ Drawed 16 loads of manure, first cool day, frost

September 20, 1882 Wednesday/ Took out 16 loads of manure

September 21, 1882 Thursday/ 14 loads of manure

September 22, 1882 Friday/ 20 loads of manure, Ralph went to Mitchells, stayed all night and went next day to Blue Earth to fair

September 23, 1882 Saturday/ Went to town with 12 bushels of wheat, got 85 cents, got good shingles, drove Topsy and Nelly

September 24, 1882 Sunday/ Cold and cloudy, threatens rain, Hattie came here

September 25, 1882 Monday/ Billy and I shingled, Ralph drew manure

September 26, 1882 Tuesday/ Shingled in forenoon, went to town in afternoon, Gream came home with me

September 27, 1882 Wednesday/ drawed manure all day

September 28, 1882 Thursday/ Threshed in afternoon, 318 bushels of oats

September 29, 1882 Friday/ Threshed in forenoon, 228 bushels of wheat

September 30, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph helped Doyle thresh, Billy went to town, got beer, Louisa went to Murrys

Sunday 1 of October/ Went down to Billys played cards, came home played croquet, rained all day, Louisa came home, Ada stayed

October 2, 1882 Monday/ Hattie went home, rained a little

October 3, 1882 Tuesday/ Ada came home, Jim and Marion here to dinner

October 4, 1882 Wednesday/ Ralph and Henry and Mell went to Iowa hunting

October 5, 1882 Thursday/ Rained hard, Boys came home from Iowa

October 6, 1882 Friday/ Fair, Ralph plowed all day, went to town in evening

October 7, 1882 Saturday/ Mell and Louisa went to town (took P.O.) up, Hattie and S??sa came home with them, Fair

October 8, 1882 Sunday/ Had turkey for dinner, all hands here to dinner


October 9, 1882 Monday/ Ralph took Susan and Gream to town, plowed in afternoon, Mills came here in evening

October 10, 1882 Tuesday/ Dug potatoes, Mell went thrashing in afternoon, Murphy came after children in evening

October 11, 1882 Wednesday/ Awful high wind and rain, Billy, Henry and Arthur went hunting, Murphy came after children

October 12, 1882 Thursday/ Rained, Louisa went to Pixleys, Mill came home

October 13, 1882 Friday/ Louisa went to Chauncys visiting, finished digging potatoes

October 14, 1882 Saturday/ Went to town with 12 bushels of wheat, got 400 feet of lumber, Mell came home

October 15, 1882 Sunday/ Hattie and Henry here, Louisa came home from Murrys, rained in afternoon

October 16, 1882 Monday/ Took old flower up, Milo came in afternoon, Liza and Miss Matson here, Louisa got Gal??? Of Sorguhm

October 17, 1882 Tuesday/ Milo, Ralph, Billy and Arthur worked all day on cellar, Anna came home from Murrys

October 18, 1882 Wednesday/ Milo, Ralph and I laid floor, George plowed

October 19, 1882 Thursday/ Ralph went to town with 6 bushels wheat, got lumber, Milo went home

October 20, 1882 Friday/ George plowed, Ralph and Henry went hunting, Groff built stairway, Billy, Arthur and Harry came in evening

October 21, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph plowed went to town with Billy got lime and lumber

October 22, 1882 Sunday/ Ralph, George Jones and Ada went to East Chain horseback, C. Leet came after Ralph to work for him

October 23, 1882 Monday/ Two of my pigs sick, Myres girls and Mary Murphy here visiting, Minnie Myres stayed, George plowed all day, Arthur Lo?? Gone to Lea Mars

October 24, 1882 Tuesday/ Drawed in my potatoes

October 25, 1882 Wednesday/ Got my potatoes in

October 26, 1882 Thursday/ Ada and Minnie gone to Murrys

October 27, 1882 Friday/ Girls came home from Murrys party in evening, 25 numbers

October 28, 1882 Saturday/ Went to town with Billy in evening, Ada and Hattie went to town with H???y, Groff built his barn

October 29, 1882 Sunday/ Vill Miller and wife here, Gream came with Jones, took dinner here, had oysters

October 30, 1882 Monday/ Fixed cellar door, sick in night

October 31, 1882 Tuesday/ Done nothing all day, sick

Wednesday 1 November/ Finished plowing

November 2, 1882 Thursday/ Went to town with 8 bushels wheat, 82 cents, got lumber for stable, 250 feet, Ralph came home sick

November 3, 1882 Friday/ Plastered house partly

November 4, 1882 Saturday/ Rained all day and all night, high wind, Anna and Mell gone to town, Anna stayed all night

November 5, 1882 Sunday/ Wet and gloomy

November 6, 1882 Monday/ Finished plastering house, Hattie and Scot went home, George Hall here

November 7, 1882 Tuesday/ Went to election

November 8, 1882 Wednesday/ Commenced husking corn, Louisa went to mill, Ada went to town

November 9, 1882Thursday/ Husked corn all day, Billy went for grist

November 10, 1882 Friday/ Husked corn in forenoon, had party, 23 number, rained all night, lightning and thunder

November 11, 1882 Saturday/ Rained all day, Ralph went to town, froze up solid

November 12, 1882 Sunday/ Ada went to Rubles to work, Hattie went home

November 13, 1882 Monday/ Ralph, Mell and I husked corn

November 14, 1882 Tuesday/ Husked corn

November 15, 1882 Wednesday/ Finished husking corn at noon, Mell, Louisa and Ralph went to town

November 16, 1882 Thursday/ Husked corn for Billy

November 17, 1882 Friday/ Mell and I sawed some wood, Ralph husked for Style, Hoffman got 20 baskets of corn, Mell killed lame pig, Ralph and Mell gone to Luke Nutters to party

November 18, 1882 Saturday/ Went to town with turkey

November 19, 1882 Sunday/ Doc Foster wife and child here, Sam Jones and wife here and two of Whitings girls

November 20, 1882 Monday/ Commenced colt stable, killed hog, Billy came home and went back to town, got lumber

November 21, 1882 Tuesday/ Finished stable, Mell and Ralph husked corn for Style

November 22, 1882 Wednesday/ Finished plastering house, covered stable first, snow storm from N.E

November 23, 1882 Thursday/ Covered stable and banked house, Mell and Ralph gone to town, Stewart the globe man stayed here

November 24, 1882 Friday/ Louisa, Ada and Anna went to Fairmont to party

November 25, 1882 Saturday/ Cut wood, Ada went to Rubles, Ralph brought Mrs. Petrie home, Mr. Petrie came at night

November 26, 1882 Sunday/ All hands took dinner at Groffs

November 27, 1882 Monday/ Mell and Petrie went to town early in morning, Ralph took Mrs. Petrie home

November 28, 1882 Tuesday/ Louisa and Claude Turners set traps

November 29, 1882 Wednesday/ Worked for Hoffman on barn

November 30, 1882 Thursday/ Worked on Hoffmans barn, Miss Foster here

Friday 1 December/ All hands went to party at Fairmont, Del Foster [this must be Adeline Foster found in the 1920 Fairmont census as being age 69 with a son who is age 33. She would have been 32 when this diary was written]went home, cold as blazes

December 2, 1882 Saturday/ went to town for doc for Henry Stryes [is this Styles], brought Mell, Ralph and Mrs. Martin home

December 3, 1882 Sunday/ Mell and Ralph went to Sagers for traps, Style better and gone home, Snowball had calf

December 4, 1882 Monday/ Ralph commenced school, Mell helped Groff on well, traps found

December 5, 1882 Tuesday/ built fence around hay stacks, Ralph went to town, ? came home with him

December 6, 1882 Wednesday/ Cold, light blizzard in the afternoon, 14 degrees below zero at bed time

December 7, 1882 Thursday/ 24 degrees below zero at daylight, Ralph, Mell and Milo gone to town, Chauncy gone to town with my sleigh

December 8, 1882 Friday/ All hands gone to town to dance, Ada stayed

December 9, 1882 Saturday/ Ralph and Mell gone to town, Ralph and Milo gone to Huntly, Mell came home with Billy

December 10, 1882 Sunday/ Milo brought one load of goods to Billys stayed all night

December 11, 1882 Monday/ Ralph and Billy gone to town to move Milo, Mell helped Groff fix well

December 12, 1882 Tuesday/ Ralph and Louisa went to town, sold fur, Mell worked for Groff, snowed in afternoon

December 13, 1882 Wednesday/ Mell went to Winnebago, took some wheat, cut wood

December 14, 1882 Thursday/ Clear and cold, Billy sold his hogs, went to Milos in evening, 6 deg below zero

December 15, 1882 Friday/ Clear and cold, 16 deg below zero in morning, Mell came from Winnebago

December 16, 1882 Saturday/ I, Mell and Groff went to town, Chauncy walked, rode home with Henry

December 17, 1882 Sunday/ All hands went to Murrys, Ruble and wife came here

December 18, 1882 Monday/ Got ice, Ruble came for Groff and I to work on mill

December 19, 1882 Tuesday/ Groff and I went to the mill to work

December 20, 1882 Wednesday/ Ralph went to town, got buggy fixed, snowed all day, worked on mill

December 21, 1882 Thursday/ Henry brought Hattie home, worked on mill

December 22, 1882 Friday/ Ralph, Mell and ? went to town, gruff and I came home, got new blankets

December 23, 1882 Saturday/ I and gruff and wife went to town, Fosters and wife here all day, cut down big oak tree

December 24, 1882 Sunday/ Billy and Hall here, got some ice

December 25, 1882 Monday/ Doc here got some presents, all hands went to Fairmont to Ball

December 26, 1882 Tuesday/ Doc here and went to Murrys

December 27, 1882 Wednesday/ Went to mill to work, got there at 10 oclock

December 28, 1882 Thursday/ Worked on mill

December 29, 1882 Friday/ Worked on mill

December 30, 1882 Saturday/ Worked on mill

December 31, 1882 Sunday/ George, Anna and mother went to Murrys, Ada came home


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