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William Cross' Diaries
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Background to the Diaries

January 1, 1883 Monday/ Went to work on mill, folks went to Whitneys to party

January 2, 1883 Tuesday/ Worked on mill, very cold

January 3, 1883 Wednesday/ Came home sick, Mell went to Winnebago, took grist

January 4, 1883 Thursday/ Cold, snowed most all day, Mell came home, got grist, brought plow and sleighs

January 5, 1883 Friday/ Cold and pleasant, club dance a fi?al

January 6, 1883 Saturday/ Went to East Chain, got onions, Henry went with us, Groff came home with us, Dela Foster came home with the boys

January 7, 1883 Sunday/ Still cold

January 8, 1883 Monday/ ?oe Foster came to ??ury, Dela went home, made ax helve, ground axes and tools

January 9, 1883 Tuesday/ 40 above zero, snowed, got load of wood, worked on sleigh

January 10, 1883 Wednesday/ Stormy drifted some, getting colder, 10 below zero at bed time

January 11, 1883 Thursday/ Ralph went to town, windy and cold

January 12, 1883 Friday/ Ralph, Mell, Milo and Chauncy, went to town, got lost coming home in a blizzard, Anna went to Wilk?? To party, stayed all night

January 13, 1883 Saturday/ Drifted and stormed all day, Groff came home from mill, cold

January 14, 1883 Sunday/ Ralph went to Murrys, folks went to East Chain, got little dog, cold

January 15, 1883 Monday/ Ralph and Milo went to town, worked on sleigh, warm 

January 16, 1883 Tuesday/ Worked on sleigh, Foster and wife here, busted big log, warm

January 17, 1883 Wednesday/ Ralph and Mell cut wood all day, Chauncy and Bill here, card party

January 18, 1883 Thursday/ Boys worked on big log all day, commenced snowing, light blizzard all night

January 19, 1883 Friday/ Stormy and cold, 19 below zero in morning, blizzard all day, 4 oclock 12 below zero, card party, bed time 16 below zero

January 20, 1883 Saturday/ 22 below zero in morning, 8 at bedtime, boys started to town and came back, roads drifted full

January 21, 1883 Sunday/ 22 below zero in morning, air full of frost, from 16 to 20 all day

January 22, 1883 Monday/ 30 below zero at daylight, cold all day, boys went to town, Dell Foster and P?t Myris came here, 16 degrees at bedtime

January 23, 1883 Tuesday/ 26 below zero at daylight, light snow, warmer at night, Mell took load of hay to town

January 24, 1883 Wednesday/ Cut oak tree in yard, Mell and girls went to Murrys, finished one bobsled, 10 degrees above zero, snowed little

January 25, 1883 Thursday/ 24 degrees below zero, sunshine and pleasant, Mell and I went to town, Groff went to mill

January 26, 1883 Friday/ Foggy, looks like snow, 6 above zero, snowed all day, party A fi?le[could be a z or j or g same as Friday the 5th], warmer at night

January 27, 1883 Saturday/ Sunshine and pleasant, worked on bobsled, Mell and Ralph went to town, Del went home, Rupert ?an?[this could be Gano] here, Anna and George went to East Chain, 20 degrees above zero all day, Groff came home from mill, got some fish

January 28, 1883 Sunday/ Very pleasant day

January 29, 1883 Monday/ Went to East Chain, got feed ground, cold south wind, snowing at bed time, got some fish

January 30, 1883 Tuesday/ Blizzard all day, took children to school and went after them, not cold

January 31, 1883 Wednesday/ Cold and drifting, 10 degrees below zero at bed time

February 1, 1883 Thursday/ 26 below zero in morning, Mell and Ralph went to town, worked on bobsled, looks like snow

February 2, 1883 Friday/ Got some wood, stormed and drifted all day

February 3, 1883 Saturday/ Cold S.E. wind, 26 below zero in morning, played cards part of the day

February 4, 1883 Sunday/ 32 below zero in morning, Ralph, Ada and Louisa gone to town, Ada commenced work for Colten

February 5, 1883 Monday/ 22 below zero morning, pleasant day, getting warmer, 31 above zero at 5 oclock, finished bobsled, boys got log of wood

February 6, 1883 Tuesday/ 4 below zero in morning, 18 above in afternoon, very pleasant, Ralph gone to C. Leets, Chauncy and gruff gone to town

February 7, 1883 Wednesday/ Mell and I went to town, Ralph got his pay from Leet

February 8, 1883 Thursday/ Mary Tine and Mrs. Jones, Ralph went to town; pleasant

February 9, 1883 Friday/ Ralph and Foster here, Ralph went back with Foster; George went to Murrys with medicine; pleasant

February 10, 1883 Saturday/ Mell, Milo and I went to town, brought home sleigh; pleasant

February 11, 1883 Sunday/ Louisa went to Murrys; Mell went to mill; I went to Jim Burtons; pleasant

February 12, 1883 Monday/ Mell went to town; got box lumber for box; 34 above

February 13, 1883 Tuesday/ Warm and cloudy; made sleigh box; Mell and Louisa went to Pixley and Murry got pig weighed-90 lbs; rained almost all night; Vick had calf in night; 38 above zero

February 14, 1883 Wednesday/ Snowing this morning; Louisa washed

February 15, 1883 Thursday/ 52 above zero, cloudy and warm; Mell and Jimmy went to town for coal; rained all afternoon

February 16, 1883 Friday/ Blizzard this morning, 4 above zero at sun rise, stormed all day until 3 oclock in the morning

February 17, 1883 Saturday/ Sunshine and pleasant, 10 below zero in morning; Mell went to town; Ada came home with him

February 18, 1883 Sunday/ Pleasant day; Ralph and Della Foster came here, stayed all day; Ada went home with them

February 19, 1883 Monday/ Cut big oak tree in front of woods; cold N.W. wind; Rouse horse sick

February 20, 1883 Tuesday/ Cut and drawed top of tree to house; Groff and two Jones boys here in evening

February 21, 1883 Wednesday/ Took Louisa and Milos wife to Wilkins visiting; went to mill; Ralph here; Topsy got swelled leg; snowing like blazes

February 22, 1883 Thursday / Pleasant and warm; Mell took corn to Jimmy M???[could be Murry], five sacks; put Topsy in big stall

February 23, 1883 Friday/ Blizzard from S.E., drifted all day, rained part of night

February 24, 1883 Saturday/ Snowed and drifted from N.W. all day, not cold

February 25, 1883 Sunday/ Sunshine and pleasant

February 26, 1883 Monday/ Mell and I went to town; Gream gave me dairy; sold four bushels of wheat, 93 cents per bushel

February 27, 1883 Tuesday/ Warm and pleasant; mowed all day; Topsy died in evening

February 28, 1883 Wednesday/ Took snow off stable; buried Topsy; Mell and Anna gone to Murrys; sold C. Bowdry 2 bushels of wheat

March 1, 1883 Thursday/ Cloudy and warm, snowed a little

March 2, 1883 Friday/ Mell took Louisa to Murrys; brought Anna home

March 3, 1883 Saturday/ Mell went to town; brought Ada and Mrs. Petrie home and Petrie stayed all night

March 4, 1883 Sunday/ Mell took Ada and Petrie home; Ralph and Dell Foster here; went home after dark

March 5, 1883 Monday/ Took Louisa to Murrys; Ralph and Claud Turner came home; snowed a little

March 6, 1883 Tuesday/ Louisa came home from Murrys; Scot Carlton came here; colder

March 7, 1883 Wednesday/ 10 degrees below zero in morning; boys gone after boat with sleigh; Mrs. Murry died 8 oclock

March 8, 1883 Thursday/ Mrs. Murry buried today; Scot and Ralph gone to town; Jim Lasby died; Jim Burton here in evening

March 9, 1883 Friday/ West wind and thawing; Mell gone to Murrys with corn for Jimmy

March 10, 1883 Saturday/ Mell, Ralph and Louisa gone to Lasbys funeral

March 11, 1883 Sunday/ Pleasant day and warm

March 12, 1883 Monday/ Mell and Ralph drawed wood; Pleasant day

March 13, 1883 Tuesday/ All hands went to town meeting; Claud went with us

March 14, 1883 Wednesday/ Mell went to East Chain and got some flour

March 15, 1883 Thursday/ Fixed wagon wheel for Mell; Boys sawed some wood; Mell went to Pixleys

March 16, 1883 Friday/ Made plow beam for Jim Burton; ? went to Pixleys; children went to East Chain to expedition

March 17, 1883 Saturday/ Louisa went fishing; sawed wood all afternoon

March 18, 1883 Sunday/ Anna and George went to Hustons for papers; cold N.W. wind

March 19, 1883 Monday/ 4 degrees below zero in morning; sawed wood all day; Groff cut his head with an ax

March 20, 1883 Tuesday/ Sawed wood in forenoon; Mell went to Iowa; cut down red elm tree in afternoon; Ralph and Anna went to singing school

March 21, 1883 Wednesday/ Ralph, Milo and I cut wood all day; cold N.W. wind

March 22, 1883 Thursday/ Ralph and I sawed wood in forenoon; Ralph went to town in afternoon

March 23, 1883 Friday/ Worked on Milos house; Ralph got home, warmer

March 24, 1883 Saturday/ Cloudy and warm, south wind; done nothing; George went to Pixleys for sugar; Ralph helping Milo on house; Mell came home

March 25, 1883 Sunday/ Kate Murry here; warm, snowed in afternoon; Mell took Kate home

March 26, 1883 Monday/ Worked on Milos house; cold as blazes; boys sawed wood

March 27, 1883 Tuesday/ Mell and I went to town; court commenced; Louisa and Ralph went to East Chain

March 28, 1883 Wednesday/ Mell gone to town; Ralph and I sawed wood; Ralph went to Burnt Out Lake to dance

March 29, 1883 Thursday/ Worked on Milos house; Ralph went to town

March 30, 1883 Friday/ Worked on Milos house

March 31, 1883 Saturday/ Sawed wood; Rubles brought girls home

April 1, 1883 Sunday/ Rupert Ganoe here; stayed all night

April 2, 1883 Monday/ Cut wood a little while; Ralph and Rupert went to Blue Earth; Mell and girls went to town

April 3, 1883 Tuesday/ Mell went to town; helped Milo move into his new house

April 4, 1883 Wednesday/ Thunder and misty weather; commenced dragging; Ralph came home

April 5, 1883 Thursday/ Ackleys folks here visiting; all hands dragged some

April 6, 1883 Friday/ Misty, looks like rain; dance in evening; Scot Carlton here

April 7, 1883 Saturday/ Ralph took Ada to town; she came home to stay; Ralph gone for seeder

April 8, 1883 Sunday/ Pleasant day; nothing going on; dull day; Ralph got home with seeder

April 9, 1883 Monday/ Commenced sowing wheat; afternoon sowed 91/2 bushels and drawed it in; rained in night

April 10, 1883 Tuesday/ Rained and snowed all day, fearful day; white heifer had calf

April 11, 1883 Wednesday/ Billy moved home; beautiful morning; sowed wheat in afternoon

April 12, 1883 Thursday/ Finished seeding on Jims place; wet and raining in afternoon; Ralph gone to Fairmont

April 13, 1883 Friday/ 86 above zero; dragged in forenoon; seeded in afternoon; Ralph gone to town to go to Minneapolis, him and Fred Jones; rained all night

April 14, 1883 Saturday/ Mell and I went to town; roads awful, blowing; Great Guns Lake all open

April 15, 1883 Sunday/ Windy and cold; Dan Wilkins here in morning; yearling bull came here

April 16, 1883 Monday/ Finished sowing wheat except breaking; Bessie had calf

April 17, 1883 Tuesday/ Sowed breaking in forenoon; Mell gone to town to clean his seed oats; looks like rain; big prairie fire; Prentice house burnt [This would be Orin Prentice-Williams neighbor. It is remarked in a newspaper article dated 1938 that William Cross helped Orin Prentice build his log home]

April 18, 1883 Wednesday/ Commenced plowing corn stubble; Mell gone horse trading

April 19, 1883 Thursday/ Mell gone to town; Scot came here with sick horse; stayed all night; let Billy have 28 bushels of oats for seed

April 20, 1883 Friday/ Let Chauncy have 10 bushels of oats for Groff; Ada and mother gone to Leets visiting; Mell gone to town, took corn plow

April 21, 1883 Saturday/ Fearful wind; Fred Style home

April 22, 1883 Sunday/ Gessy [Could this be Jessy?] Folet and girls here; had music; Fred Style here in evening

April 23, 1883 Monday/ Mell and Ada and Kate went to Murrys; Mell, Scot and I went to town

April 24, 1883 Tuesday/ Ruble came for Ada; John Gorman here; white washed house; Mr. Nut came for steer

April 25, 1883 Wednesday/ Milo and I sowed oats for Mell; 28 acres; George cultivated

April 26, 1883 Thursday/ Sowed my oats; Billy helped me in the afternoon

April 27, 1883 Friday/ Dragged my oats; took 16 bushels of wheat to mill; let Hoffman have six bushels of ears of corn

April 28, 1883 Saturday/ Anna went to town; Hattie came home with her

April 29, 1883 Sunday/ Ruble brought Ada home; Leets folks here; Scot here; Fred Style here

April 30, 1883 Monday/ Jim Burton here for trees; commenced plowing for corn

May 1, 1883 Tuesday/ Drawed manure; 10 loads, rained in afternoon

May 2, 1883 Wednesday/ Cloudy and rainy; got grist from E.C.; Billy shut Murphys cattle up and went to town; Mell and Chauncy gone to town; cold

May 3, 1883 Thursday/ Rainy and cold in morning; justice of the peace here and fined Murphy

May 4, 1883 Friday/ All hands went to party at Pixleys; Anna, Milo and Luke played

May 5, 1883 Saturday/ Went to town with Chauncy; Mell, Ada and Katie went to Ann Folets

May 6, 1883 Sunday/ Ela Matson here visiting

May 7, 1883 Monday/ George plowed all day; Mell gone over to the lake to work

May 8, 1883 Tuesday/ Drawed manure all day; Milo helped me; thunder and rain all night

May 9, 1883 Wednesday/ Cloudy, threatens rain; George plowing; Scot came here; rained fearfully in afternoon  

May 10, 1883 Thursday/ Milo and George drawed all day and I made pair of whifeltrees [this is his exact spelling, I am not sure what this is]; Billy went to town

May 11, 1883 Friday/ George plowed all day; Mell came home at night; Milo helped Billy

May 12, 1883 Saturday/ Cattle went to Lard; George finished plowing in forenoon; Mell and I drawed manure; Louisa, Ada and Anna went to town in afternoon; Mell went to East Chain; Groff came home with women

May 13, 1883 Sunday/ Rained and blowed fearfully all day, still continues at bedtime; Louisa and Anna went to grave yard; George went to Nuts for corn; Italian beggar here, gave him one dollar; Scot came here and stayed; Mell lost hind part of his wagon in outlet; Curriers cattle here again, girl came after them

May 14, 1883 Monday/ Rained most all day; salted colts; Scot left; played cards; John Huston here; Currier here looking for his cattle; 10 oclock cloudy and warm; moon shines little

May 15, 1883 Tuesday/ Mell and I plowed Bill Groffs corn land; pleasant day; let Hoffman have 3 bushels ears of corn

May 16, 1883 Wednesday/ Mell took snowball and calf to town; dragged my corn land; school teacher here; Kate Murry here

May 17, 1883 Thursday/ Rained all day; started to E.C.; stayed all day to Billys

May 18, 1883 Friday/ Went to East Chain; got plows fixed; rained and blowed some

May 19, 1883 Saturday/ Got 2 pigs from Style; went to town with Billy; rained some; paid post office draft to bullia?d

May 20, 1883 Sunday/ Groff, Mill and I went to Billys part of day; rainy

May 21, 1883 Monday/ Marked corn ground; Milo planted Groffs corn and potatoes

May 22, 1883 Tuesday/ Planted corn all day alone; Louisa planted sorghum; warm all day

May 23, 1883 Wednesday/ Finished planting corn; went to town with Billy; PS

May 24, 1883 Thursday/ Cloudy and rainy; Billy marked his corn ground; helped Billy plant in afternoon

May 25, 1883 Friday/ Scot here; planted my potatoes; George came home; Billy finished planting corn

May 26, 1883 Saturday/ Got oats from Jim; went to town with Billy; Billy bought pony from Marston [this could be Maston]; Jim paid me $20

May 27, 1883 Sunday/ Cold and light rain; Louisa, Ada and Anna gone to Jim Wilsons

May 28, 1883 Monday/ Helped Billy build a fence

May 29, 1883 Tuesday/ Got Billy shod; went to mill with grist, Mell went to Iowa; papered kitchen

May 30, 1883 Wednesday/ Went to town and paid taxes and interest; paid Woleston $10; got my watch; got Anna pair of shoes

May 31, 1883 Thursday/ Went to mill; got grist; Louisa went to Doyles visiting; got $1.15 for wheat balance due

June 1, 1883 Friday/ Hot and windy; took potatoes out of cellar; painted bobsleds; dance at Pixleys

June 2, 1883 Saturday/ Mell and I went to town; rained all day

June 3, 1883 Sunday/ All hands here; played croquet all day

June 4, 1883 Monday/ Fixed Styles granary; Mr. Carelton and wife cane and stayed all night, Dan Wilkins and wife here

June 5, 1883 Tuesday/ Mr. and Mrs. Carelton left; painted some

June 6, 1883 Wednesday/ Louisa took Carry home to Fairmont

June 7, 1883 Thursday/ Louisa got little lamb; warm day; John Huston here; finished painting wagon

June 8, 1883 Friday/ Rained most all day; children didnt tend school

June 9, 1883 Saturday/ Louisa went to Hills visiting; went to town; Groff came home with me; Whitney here; got potatoes; Ada went to Blue Earth

June 10, 1883 Sunday/ Pleasant day; Louisa and Anna went to Pixleys; played croquet some; Ada came home from Blue Earth

June 11, 1883 Monday/ Mell went to town; Billy took posts to East Chain; commenced cultivating corn; painted light wagon; Mell traded pony for Old Bill

June 12, 1883 Tuesday/ Finished cultivating one way; fixed cellar; cool and windy

June 13, 1883 Wednesday/ Sowed timothy for Billy; Mrs. Ruble and Jones here visiting; all hands went to Bowdreys in afternoon; Louisa got glass dishes from Pixleys; Lenny and Gream here to dinner

June 14, 1883 Thursday/ Hoed potatoes in garden; Mr. Ball came and stayed all night

June 15, 1883 Friday/ Plowed for turnips; cut weeds on wheat; 84 degrees of heat; artist took sketch of place

June 16, 1883 Saturday/ School picnic; fixed cultivator; very hot

June 17, 1883 Sunday/ House full to dinner; warm day

June 18, 1883 Monday/ Commenced cultivating; rained little; Ada took Milo and wife to town to go to Wisconsin

June 19, 1883 Tuesday/ George cultivated corn; I mowed and pulled weeds

June 20, 1883 Wednesday/ Worked on road with team; rained little; all hands went to Ackleys to party

June 21, 1883 Thursday/ George cultivated; I worked on road; very warm

June 22, 1883 Friday/ Very hot; cultivated potatoes; hoed cane; Mell cultivated for Groff, Billy went to East Chain

June 23, 1883 Saturday/ Went to town in afternoon; Milo came home with me; brought ham

June 24, 1883 Sunday/ Had strawberries for dinner; Gream and Jim here; Louisa took Gream, Milo and Ada to town; sent Ralphs fiddle to him

June 25, 1883 Monday/ Sowed rutabagas and grass seed; finished hoeing cane; Frank Rogers and Fred here; Billy and Mell cultivated Mells corn

June 26, 1883 Tuesday/ Anna helping Margaret; ?ine Jones and mother here visiting

June 27, 1883 Wednesday/ Went to East Chain in morning to get cultivator fixed; cultivated rest of day; Luke Nuter and boys here in evening; had music

June 28, 1883 Thursday/ Cultivated corn; very hot, 90 degrees, Mr. Ball went away, spliced plow beam for Billy

June 29, 1883 Friday/ Finished cultivating 3rd time; hoed some corn

June 30, 1883 Saturday/ Billy finished breaking; Anna, Flora and Billy went to town; let Style have 19 baskets of corn; Ada came home with Billy

July 1, 1883 Sunday/ Jed Stewart and mother, Kate Murry and Rosprid?, Petrie and wife all here; very hot, 100 above zero

July 2, 1883 Monday/ Cultivated little; very hot, 99 above zero; done nothing in afternoon

July 3, 1883 Tuesday/ Went to town; George got clothes; 98 above zero; Mell and Hattie came home with me, J???? Miller came; rained in night

July 4, 1883 Wednesday/ Went to East Chain, came home and went again in evening; cool and pleasant; Anna and Milo played

July 5, 1883 Thursday/ Took Hattie and Milo to town

July 6, 1883 Friday/ [nothing written]

July 7, 1883 Saturday [nothing written]

July 8, 1883 Sunday [nothing written]

July 9, 1883 Monday/ Hoed cane; very warm, 88 above zero

July 10, 1883 Tuesday/ Finished hoeing cane; 88 above zero

July 11, 1883 Wednesday/ Commenced cultivating corn 5th time,; very warm; rain, thunder and lightning in evening; school teacher here

July 12, 1883 Thursday/ Cultivated corn; very warm; thunder and lightning all day; rain in evening; fixed fence in lake

July 13, 1883 Friday/ Very warm in morning; cloudy and cooler at noon; finished cultivating corn

July 14, 1883 Saturday/ Mell and I went to town; Louisa, Anna, and Ada went Strawberrying to Orins

July 15, 1883 Sunday/ Played croquet all day

July 16, 1883 Monday/ Billy and Louisa, Anna and George went hunting crane

July 17, 1883 Tuesday/ Hoed some corn; very hot

July 18, 1883 Wednesday/ All hands went to Ackleys visiting

July 19, 1883 Thursday/ Billy and I went to Millers for oats, got 26 bushels, Mell went to Winnebago for rake for mower

July 20, 1883 Friday/ Very hot, 95 above zero; done nothing; Mell got home

July 21, 1883 Saturday/ Went to town in evening; 94 above zero; fixed hay rake; got oil

July 22, 1883 Sunday/ Rained all day, thunder and lightning in evening

July 23, 1883 Monday/ Rained all day

July 24, 1883 Tuesday/ Cut my Timothy hay

July 25, 1883 Wednesday/ Mell went for his machine

July 26, 1883 Thursday/ Raked my hay; went to town with Billy in afternoon, Ada went

July 27, 1883 Friday/ Sick all day; Louisa and Anna went berrying

July 28, 1883 Saturday/ All hands went to the Sirens; Ada and I went in evening

July 29, 1883 Sunday/ Cool and rainy; Dan Wilkens here; played croquet; Milo came here

July 30, 1883 Monday/ Commenced cultivating wheat; Mell and Milo helped me; Billy helped in afternoon, Mell gone to town

July 31, 1883 Tuesday/ Cut wheat, Milo, Mell, and Billy helped all day; John Huston in afternoon; took white cow to Styles; Scot came at night

August 1, 1883 Wednesday/ Cut oats on Jims and wheat at home; Milo worked all day; John, Scot, Billy and Mell-each one half day; little shower

August 2, 1883 Thursday/ Cut wheat all day; Milo, John, Scot, and Mell and Billy worked all day; Mell and John went to town

August 3, 1883 Friday/ Finished cutting wheat; bound oats on Jims; Scot and Milo worked all day; Mell and John day; cut 4 times round Billys Timothy hay

August 4, 1883 Saturday/ Cut Billys Timothy hay; went to town in afternoon; Hattie came home with us

August 5, 1883 Sunday/ Ada took Hattie home; Nelly hurt her knee

August 6, 1883 Monday/ Worked on machine

August 7, 1883 Tuesday/ Rained all day

August 8, 1883 Wednesday/ Cloudy and wet; worked on machine

August 9, 1883 Thursday/ Commenced cutting oats; worked 2 hours; to green yet

August 10, 1883 Friday/ Bound Billys oats in afternoon; Chauncy cut his oats on Bills

August 11, 1883 Saturday/ Cut oats day; rained rest of day

August 12, 1883 Sunday/ Dan Wilkins and a lot more played croquet

August 13, 1883 Monday/ Finished my oats in forenoon; cut for Billy in afternoon

August 14, 1883 Tuesday/ Cut for Billy 2 hours; rained; Billy and Milo went to town

August 15, 1883 Wednesday/ Cut oats for Billy

August 16, 1883 Thursday/ Finished cutting Billys oats 3 oclock in afternoon; very hot; Billy went to town

August 17, 1883 Friday/ Cut Groffs road; party in evening; Scot helped Mell

August 18, 1883 Saturday/ Put up our hay; I, Billy, and Milo went to town

August 19, 1883 Sunday/ Mell fixed his horse po??; Dan Wilkins here

August 20, 1883 Monday/ Stacked 10 acres of my wheat

August 21, 1883 Tuesday/ Mell commenced threshing for Bowdry; high winds and little hail; very warm

August 22, 1883 Wednesday/ Commenced threshing at noon

August 23, 1883 Thursday/ Finished threshing at noon; 167 bushels of oats, 196 of wheat; stacked wheat afternoon

August 24, 1883 Friday/ Threshed for Wilkins all day

August 25, 1883 Saturday/ Stacked my oats

August 26, 1883 Sunday/ Billy gone to Jims; finished stacking wheat

August 27, 1883 Monday/ Stacked oats for Billy; very hot; Scot done the stacking

August 28, 1883 Tuesday/ Finished stacking oats and Timothy 3 o clock in afternoon

August 29, 1883 Wednesday/ Mowed load hay; Louisa went to mill in afternoon; Ada went to Styles to work

August 30, 1883 Thursday/ Milo and I went to town; very warm; Scot went with us

August 31, 1883 Friday/ Milo mowed and I fixed Sulkys wheel for Scot; he went to where Mell was threshing

September 1, 1883 Saturday/ Cocked hay most all day; Dorothy came for his wagon; Mell came home; went to school meeting

September 2, 1883 Sunday/ Ada rode to town; played Croquet all day

September 3, 1883 Monday/ Milo mowed; Ada went to Styles

September 4, 1883 Tuesday/ Got Styles mower; Milo cut hay; went to town in afternoon

September 5, 1883 Wednesday/ Milo mowed in forenoon; all hands cocked hay

September 6, 1883 Thursday/ Stacked hay, 2 loads; thunder and lightning

September 7, 1883 Friday/ Milo went to town; hard frost; cold and gloomy

September 8, 1883 Saturday/ Stacked hay all day; frost again; Billy helped me; then he went to town

September 9, 1883 Sunday/ All the women folk went to Whitneys; Ella, Ida, and Anna Goldsmith here  

September 10, 1883 Monday/ Stacked hay; windy as blazes; Billy helped me

September 11, 1883 Tuesday/ Stacked hay for Billy; women folks went to East Chain; got Billy shod

September 12, 1883 Wednesday/ Ann(?) Folet here; Louisa and Anna went to Groffs; cocked hay; Fred Style took supper here

September 13, 1883 Thursday/ Stacked hay; women folks went to quilting at Bowdrys

September 14, 1883 Friday/ Mell found old Bill Young; Constance and wife here

September 15, 1883 Saturday/ Threshed for Style in forenoon; rained in afternoon

September 16, 1883 Sunday/ Women folks went (??)lem?ing; Anna and her mother went to church

September 17, 1883 Monday/ Threshed for Style in forenoon; girls went to halls visiting; George went to Jackson with Old Bill

September 18, 1883 Tuesday/ Sick all day; done nothing

September 19, 1883 Wednesday/ Milo gone to Pixlys; I mowed 2 hours; Ella and Ida here visiting; girls came home from Halls; Anna and I got in 2 loads of hay; Henry and Anna Goldsmith here in evening

September 20, 1883 Thursday/ Done nothing; rained and blowed all day; George got home from Jackson-got me new pipe

September 21, 1883 Friday/ Done nothing; rained most all day; Ada took Ella and Ada home; dance at Pixlys

September 22, 1883 Saturday/ Stripped Sorghum and drawed one load; went to town with 6 bushels of wheat

September 23, 1883 Sunday/ Rained most all day; Billy went to Millers

September 24, 1883 Monday/ Drew cane all day; Lola and Lill came here visiting; George went to Pixlys with Groff

September 25, 1883 Tuesday/ Moved Milo to town; first day of fair

September 26, 1883 Wednesday/ Louisa and I went to the fair; run Billy

September 27, 1883 Thursday/ Went to Bowdrys sale; stayed all day

September 28, 1883 Friday/ Sawed some wood; Louisa went to East Chain to mill; very cold; Scot and women folk went to dance at Pixlys

September 29, 1883 Saturday/ Billy and I went to town

September 30, 1883 Sunday/ [nothing written]

October 1, 1883 Monday/ [nothing written]

October 2, 1883 Tuesday/ [nothing written]

October 3, 1883 Wednesday/ [nothing written]

October 4, 1883 Thursday/ [nothing written]

October 5, 1883 Friday/ [nothing written]

October 6, 1883 Saturday/ [nothing written]

October 7, 1883 Sunday/ [nothing written]

October 8, 1883 Monday/ Went to Pixleys to work on school house

October 9, 1883 Tuesday/ Worked on school house

October 10, 1883 Wednesday/ Worked on school house

October 11, 1883 Thursday/ Worked on school house

October 12, 1883 Friday/ Went to town to races; run little Billy; got 3(?) money

October 13, 1883 Saturday/ Went to town to meet Lucus More

October 14, 1883 Sunday/ Cold and windy

October 15, 1883 Monday/Went to town to work; Lucus and Louisa went with us

October 16, 1883 Tuesday/ Worked on Tanners barn

October 17, 1883 Wednesday/ Rained all day; came home with Chauncy

October 18, 1883 Thursday/ Went to town, Lucus More and Mell went with me

October 19, 1883 Friday/ Worked on Tanners barn

October 20, 1883 Saturday/ Worked on Tanners barn

October 21, 1883 Sunday/ Snowed all day

October 22, 1883 Monday/ Went to town to work; done nothing

October 23, 1883 Tuesday/ Worked on Harlows barn

October 24, 1883 Wednesday/ Worked on harlows barn; started home; heard boys broke down; went back

October 25, 1883 Thursday/ Worked on Harlows barn

October 26, 1883 Friday/ Worked on Harlows barn

October 27, 1883 Saturday/ Races busted; came home with Mell; Hattie came with George Jones

October 28, 1883 Sunday/ Went to Sagers(?) ; fixed fanning mill

October 29, 1883 Monday/ Scot helped Mitchell thresh; Boy(?) threshed for Sager; helped start the machine

October 30, 1883 Tuesday/ Commenced threshing for Billy; broke down, got another horse power

October 31, 1883 Wednesday/ Thrashed for Billy Hay

November 1, 1883 Thursday/ Thrashed my oats; 402 bushels-and part of wheat

November 2, 1883 Friday/ Finished my wheat-197 bushels; commenced for Chauncy

November 3, 1883 Saturday/ Finished threshing for Chauncy

November 4, 1883 Sunday/ Threshers here part of day; played croquet

November 5, 1883 Monday/ Threshed for Mr. Teater(?); boys gone to Curreys

November 6, 1883 Tuesday/ Went to town to election; home late

November 7, 1883 Wednesday/ Scot cut oak tree; sawed part of it; made ax handle; Louisa gone to Murrys to stay all night

November 8, 1883 Thursday/ Worked on road for groff

November 9, 1883 Friday/ Cut and drew wood all day; Gream came with livery team, stayed all night [this date was circled]

November 10, 1883 Saturday/ Went to town with Gream, came home with Chauncy; got lb yard

November 11, 1883 Sunday/ Cold and windy; Frank McN????y and 2 men from Blue earth here and took dinner

November 12, 1883 Monday/ Everything froze solid; drew load of corn and wood for Groff; banked house; George gone to Murrys

November 13, 1883 Tuesday/ Cold and windy; went to town with Billy; came home late; very cold and windy; heard Cora Gano was dead; Hattie came down on foot; got letter from Ralph; Currier brought home boys; left $18.20 for Mell

November 14, 1883 Wednesday/ Cold and windy; finished banking house; Scot came back; wrote letter to Ralph; Wilkins left $12.51 for Mell; no thaw yet, froze solid

November 15, 1883 Thursday/ Wind gone down, getting warmer; Scot went to mill, Mell came home; took 6 bushels to mill

November 16, 1883 Friday/ Went to town with 20 bushels of wheat, sold for 60 cents per bushel; got lumber for cow barn; went to Luke Nutters to Oyster party

November 17, 1883 Saturday/ Split post for barn; picked 2 loads of corn; went to town with Billy in evening; got Anna pair of shoes

November 18, 1883 Sunday/ Chauncy and Bill Groff here; played croquet; getting quite warm

November 19, 1883 Monday/ Worked on cow barn; children commenced school; Hattie went to town with Dan, came back again; Billy went to town, got lumber and coal; raining at bed time

November 20, 1883 Tuesday/ Finished cow barn; Billy and Louisa went over to the Dutchmans; Style had three sheep killed by wolves; warm

November 21, 1883 Wednesday/ Covered both barns; Hattie and Ada gone to Murrys, Louisa took them over; Henry Style here to supper; Billy and Sherly here in evening, had pop corn; warm

November 22, 1883 Thursday/ Husked corn all day; Fred and John husked all day; cloudy and cold at night; all hands husked 51 rows

November 23, 1883 Friday/ Husked corn in ofrenoon; went to town to dance at ?Ocidental?

November 24, 1883 Saturday/ Done nothing

November 25, 1883 Sunday/ John Huston here

November 26, 1883 Monday/ Went to town with Mell, got pair of mittens for Billy; very cold wind; down to zero in morning

November 27, 1883 Tuesday/ Husked corn all alone; Style husked; Groff finished husking

November 28, 1883 Wednesday/ Drawed in 2 loads of corn; helped Groff butcher

November 29, 1883 Thursday/ Finished husking corn; Ada, Anna and Billy went to Pixlys to Thanksgiving party; sold Dutchman 12 hens and rooster

November 30, 1883 Friday/ Cleaned 14 bushels of wheat

December 1, 1883 Saturday/ Went to town with wheat, got 62 cents; paid John Huston 5 dollars; Ralph came home with me

December 2, 1883 Sunday/ Hattie here; Milo and wife down to Dans visiting

December 3, 1883 Monday/ Got 2 loads of wood; killed hog; like summer

December 4, 1883 Tuesday/ Folks all went to town; fixed stable manger; house full in evening; warm as summer day; Billy fixed his house

December 5, 1883 Wednesday/ Fixed stove pipe; Ralph and Mell went to town; Ralph stayed all night; Billy got barrel of salt; warm and pleasant; Ralph and Mell came home at midnight; Scot went away and stayed all night

December 6, 1883 Thursday/ Cold rain from S.E., mist and rain all day; Billy, Ralph and the girls gone to town to club dance

December 7, 1883 Friday/ Cold, storming, and blustery all day; Ralph and Mell went to Lukes to party; wind N.W.

December 8, 1883 Saturday/ Billy and I went to East Chain; snowed few minutes; Billy broke buggy wheel

December 9, 1883 Sunday/ Played Pea Knuckle at Billys; Hattie and Kate Murry here

December 10, 1883 Monday/ Mell and Scot and Ralph went to town, stayed until 2 oclock; got new ax made, ax helve got file; warm as spring

December 11, 1883 Tuesday/ Cut up big oak log; helped Billy butcher; very warm

December 12, 1883 Wednesday/ Feeling bad all day; Scot and Mell gone to Iowa; Ralph rode Billy to town; Anna and her mother went to Lyein???; Billy went to town, got gallon of oil

December 13, 1883 Thursday/ Fixed Billys buggy tongue; cold day; Mell came back from Iowa

December 14, 1883 Friday/ Got load of ice; got lumber from Billys; Ralph went to town on Billys pony; quite cold

December 15, 1883 Saturday/ Cold wind; Frank Davis here in afternoon; folks went to singing school; Dan got Ralphs skates; snowed all night; drifted little; Billy got 5 lb nails for me

December 16, 1883 Sunday/ Cold day; Lenny and Jim Burton here, stayed all night

December 17, 1883 Monday/ Cold and blustering all day; pulled old stable down; fixed hen house; clear and cold in evening

December 18, 1883 Tuesday/ 11 degrees below zero in morning; Ralph and Mell took 2 loads of hay to town, got home 9 oclock

December 19, 1883 Wednesday/ 19 degrees below zero at sunrise, clear and still; Chauncy and Bill got Jims cow; cleaned grist for Winnebago mill; put biting bridle on Tempest  

December 20, 1883 Thursday/ 4 degrees below zero in morning, warm and pleasant in afternoon; Groff killed cow, 111 lbs, got ; Ralph went to town, stayed till 5 oclock in morning; Mell went to mill to the river with 20 bushels of wheat

December 21, 1883 Friday/ Beautiful morning, 18 above zero; Chauncy and I played cards little while; Louisa visiting at Groffs

December 22, 1883 Saturday/ 10 degrees below zero in morning; went to town with Chauncy snowed all afternoon; windy and cold; Mell got home with grist; snowed all night

December 23, 1883 Sunday/ Snowed little in morning, cleared up, 20 above zero in morning; all hands went to Murrys; good sleighing

December 24, 1883 Monday/ All hands went to Pixlys to Christmas tree in evening

December 25, 1883 Tuesday/ Had Christmas dinner here; Groffs folks and Fred Style here; all hands went to Pixlys to party; Anna played to harp

December 26, 1883 Wednesday/ All hands very sleepy; done nothing; stormed little

December 27, 1883 Thursday/ Mell went to town, got load of coal for Groff

December 28, 1883 Friday/ Ralph and Mell took load of hay to town; Claude Turner came home with the boys; Carrie and Fred here to dinner

December 29, 1883 Saturday/ George went to town with Style, Ralph went in evening, got home 2 oclock

December 30, 1883 Sunday/ Ralph and Claude went to Halls, Bob hall here; stormy

December 31, 1883 Monday/ Ralph went to town with 6 bags of wheat, got 70 cents per bushel; snowed little all day, cold





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